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tumblr_mehky0PLdB1rc4buho1_1280Today I am going to explore and practice living the word CENTERED. The way I understand the word ‘centered’ is that it is when you are here within the ‘core’ of yourself so to speak, walking from that point and into your day. Some people are naturally centered or grounded as it were. They move in a comfortable pace, they speak in a comfortable pace. If they are asked to do something they first check within their ‘core’ – if they can stand by what they are being asked to do within integrity. Basically they know who they are and they live from that as a center-point.

The reason why I want to practice living the word ‘centered’ or rather integrate this word into myself and my living as a living expression of who I am is because I am often not very centered. I tend to focus on my external reality to such an extent that I ‘loose touch’ with myself. That is another cool reference by the way, in terms of how to live the word centered, because what I can do as I practice living this word is to, during my day, ‘touch base’ with myself or ‘check in’ with myself and ‘re-center’ myself when and as I see that I have ‘lost contact’ with my center so to speak.

Let’s have a look at some definitions of what it means to be centered:

The dictionary definition:

1. Being at or placed in the center.
2. Having a specified center. Often used in combination: a soft-centered candy; a yellow-centered daisy.
3. Self-confident, stable, and well-balanced: “He’s a centered guy. He’s always seemed to know what he wanted, and gone after it in a concrete way” (Vanity Fair).

The etymological definition:

center (n.)
late 14c., “middle point of a circle; point round which something revolves,” from Old French centre (14c.), from Latin centrum “center,” originally fixed point of the two points of a drafting compass, from Greek kentron “sharp point, goad, sting of a wasp,” from kentein “stitch,” from PIE root *kent- “to prick” (cognates: Breton kentr “a spur,” Welsh cethr “nail,” Old High German hantag “sharp, pointed”).

center (v.)
1590s, “to concentrate at a center,” from center (n.). Related: Centered; centering. Meaning “to rest as at a center” is from 1620s. Sports sense of “to hit toward the center” is from 1890. To be centered on is from 1713. In combinations, -centered is attested by 1958.

Sounding the word

  • Sensed
  • Censored
  • Scent-heard
  • Sent-herd
  • Zen-Turd
  • Zen-heard
  • Sense-heard

Exploring the word

Being centered has a lot to do with being ’in balance’, in being, mind and body. This is also what one returns to in moments of chaos and crisis, an inner ’balance’ that makes sure that one doesn’t fall or tumble. It is a reference point within oneself.

Interestingly enough, being centered has a lot to do with how one move within and through the body and one can therefore utilize the body to remain/check whether one is indeed centered. Consider practices like Chi gong or Tai Chi or Aikido, they all rely on moving from a ‘center point’ within oneself through which balance in movement is created.

The word ‘centered’ is very much connected to the word ‘grounded’ but the word grounded is much more practical and clear in its definition. When you are grounded you have your ‘feet on the ground’, you are in touch with reality, whereas being ‘centered’ often is defined much more vaguely, especially due to how it is used in spirituality. You can then for instance be ‘centered’ on your emotions, which doesn’t cause for a very balanced or grounded human being and therefore I see it as pertinent to first clarify what the ‘center’ is that I am ‘centering’ myself within and as and through.

One cannot be centered without first having a clear standing within one’s center, the center being a decision of which I am. If I have decided who I am or whom I am creating myself as, then this becomes a consistent reference point for me to return to whenever things get ’unbalanced’.

In fact, we are always in some kind of relationship with various ‘centers’ on this planet, the sun being a pivotal center point in our universe and the center of gravity making sure we don’t float away into space. So being centered in a more ‘esoteric’ sense is then a matter of creating/deciding on a point around which one creates oneself and one’s life, a point that exactly keeps you grounded in the principles you decide to live. A sense of being centered thus serves the purpose of ensuring that you don’t float away into the space of your mind.

Now that I have defined what it means to be centered, to live the decision of who I am and how I will create myself as, I will have a look at how to practically start living this word. But before I can do that I first have to have a look at the question of deciding who I am and who I am going to create myself to be.

There is a distinct difference between asking ‘who I am’ and ‘deciding who I am’, because the first refers to whom we are the preprogramming we consist of and exist as in and through the mind as well as the history of how we as humanity came to be. It is the current status quo that in most instances is not very desirable or practical. If we on the other hand look at deciding who we are, we give ourselves a whole new creative ability to change and correct the parts of ourselves that we see aren’t best for all or best for ourselves.

Within not being centered, that is in a nutshell the point that is not yet standing: the decision of whom I am and whom I am going to create myself as. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t got a center-point, only that my center-point is in/as the mind and the purpose within which it was created – which then means that the decision of who I am is made before I was even born into this world and that I am living it as an automated response to a set of commands and programs pre-installed into my mind-being-body conglomerate.

You could then say that I am actually existing in a sort of ‘twilight zone’ between being fully centered in the mind (being unaware that it is possible to be live/anything else, identifying completely with the mind as self) and centering myself in/as/through my beingness through awareness in making a directive decision that overrides the pre-installed commands of the mind.

When I do not feel centered, it is then because I accept and allow myself to follow the mind’s commands rather than making directive decisions. Secondly, being ‘centered’ in the mind also doesn’t mean to be in ‘balance’ in any way as the mind thrives off of imbalance, the constant swinging of the mental pendulum.

So, practicing being centered from the perspective of moving out of the mind as the center around which I focus my living and who I am and into a center that is based on me deciding in awareness who I am going to be, has to do with initially ‘changing centers’ in moments where I’d instinctively go into the mind as my reference-point for making decisions.

This is what I understand: whom I am an individualized entity in human physical form that has been programmed with a mind, whose life force is channeled into the mind. The mind is a system created to harvest life-force substance through my passive agreement and permission within allowing the mind to be the director of me. When I identify with/as the mind I act and live as the mind. It is like in that series ‘Falling Skies’ where the aliens implant these ‘entities’ on people’s bodies and this makes them ‘proxies’ who does the aliens bidding. Everything the mind stands for is based on self-interest and greed and fear. It therefore seeks to destroy and separate and consume, no matter the consequences. It obviously doesn’t know any better – as a system that is how it was created. And then ones who created it seriously thought they were doing a good thing. They thought they were the center of the universe and that screwed with their perception.

Changing my Center

Ever since I can remember having awareness, I have had a part of me that saw the potential for what this earth can become. It is not something special or magical, it is simply the common sense of seeing how it would be natural to live in harmony with one another and with the earth, how wars are senseless and pointless, how no one should starve, how there is so much more to nature and animals than we realize, how we have a responsibility to take care of those in need.

The best way I can describe it is like the purest part of myself and by ‘pure’ I mean both ‘clear’ and ‘innocent’. This is the part of myself that I would like to grow and develop into being who I am. Being generous and humble and giving – not having a need to hold onto myself or not share myself, being playful and expressive without fear. Being clam and still within the sound of my being, expanding myself to discover the potential of what I am capable of becoming. Being creative and taking responsibility for being a creator or a co-creator of projects and processes in this world.

If this is the ‘end result’ as the ‘who I will create myself to be’, then ‘who I am as a decision’ is the process of getting there – who I decide to be now to transition from the self-interested, fear and greed based mind-being to a self-directed being with integrity. That is then what I will make my center-point, the reference-point from which I live.

So within how we are redefining it here, being centered just like being grounded is a matter of understanding and living according to the larger context one is in, the earth, humanity, the universe and existence as a whole.

Redefinition of being CENTERED

A stable reference point from which one live within and through oneself