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what is your favorite colorRecently my relationship to color has opened up through conversations with a friend who had quite the opposite preferences towards colors than I did. A lot of fun came out of those conversations where we laughed, particularly at my, sometimes rigid relationship to colors. I have for quite some time been aware that I have a rather limited and restricted relationship to colors, you might even say that I am somewhat of a ‘fascist’ when it comes to colors and color-schemes, in that I will find some colors almost unacceptable, for example if my partner wants to bring a new color into our home.

Yesterday I listened to an amazing interview that explains how and why we create aversion and preferences towards specific colors on Eqafe and so in the coming blog-posts, I will walk through, release and redefine my energetic relationship to color, so that I can embrace all colors equally, see them for what they are and not hold any energetic or emotional reactions towards them.

I will start by identifying the specific relationship that I’ve created towards colors and the positive and negative charged (based on memories) that I’ve attached to them. I will then begin exploring first the relationship I’ve created towards colors that I’ve reacted negative to and the origin of that aversion.

Intense negative

  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Brown

Slightly negative

  • Red
  • Burgundy
  • Dark Green
  • Royal Blue
  • Beige
  • Salmon pink

Can be both negative and positive and neutral

  • Light Green
  • Pink
  • Light purple

Intense positive

  • Turquoise
  • Teal
  • White

Slightly Positive

  • Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Curry yellow
  • Light yellow
  • Military green

Transcended color reactions

  • Sun/Banana Yellow

Lets begin:

I have the most intensely negative relationship towards the colors Orange and Purple, followed by a dislike of brown unless brown is matched with other colors.

When looking at the memories that triggers these intense aversions, I realize that my relationship for example to the color orange that has been one of the strongest and most negative in my life, actually does not have anything to do with the physical color orange. Because for example, our entire apartment complex is painted in orange color schemes and that is not something I react towards. Interestingly however, I would react if I were to have that orange into my own apartment. And yet, when I confront myself with the real color orange, I have no issue – thus showing that the ‘issue’, is in my mind and in my mind alone. So I’ve been looking at what the origin is of my aversion towards orange, purple and brown. Interestingly enough, there are different memories popping up and therefore also affecting my relationship to that specific color.

With orange I feel almost sick, like I want to throw up. And last night when I was going to rest and looking at my resistance to the various colors, I had this image (or memory) come up of an orange blanket and an orange bucket where I would puke. The memory is still quite fuzzy, so I can’t confirm that either memory triggered my aversion towards orange, but it did however support me to realize how aversions towards colors can be created, whereas I actually previously thought that I simply had a very strong preference, but maybe puking into an orange bucket as a child triggered a negative relationship, since I slightly connect this color with being sick.

With purple however it is a different story. The resistance I experience towards purpose is also of a different nature. Purple I would say that I judge as being an ‘ugly color’, ‘not trendy’ – unless it is matched with specific other colors to neutralize its effect. This was exposed last week where I was buying candles with my partner, normally I will simply decide and but them for us, but this time my partner decided to get a purple candle. I tried arguing against it explaining how it won’t match our walls or bed but my partner was rather insistent and of course saw my color-aversion come up as a form of dictatorship towards what color candle to get. Eventually I came up with the compromise to buy all the colors they had, which made the color purple more acceptable to me, resulting in us now having 5 big candles placed on a small table in our bedroom. So within this it becomes evident how intense my relationship to color has been, and how I’ve simply accepted and defined it as something completely and entirely normal to obsess over. So with purple candle,, I judged it as ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘out of style’ and when I looked at my aversion towards this color, a memory popped up of me wearing a purple jumpsuit or pants to school that another student ridiculed as being old-fashioned and from there I decided to swear off all things purple.

It is interesting to see how the aversion towards orange and purple has different triggers and reactions due to the memory they are attached to and it is like these relationships become very personal, almost like the color IS the memory.

With the color brown I also see has had to do with judgments other people has had, though not personally towards me and therefore this color does not carry the same energetic charge within me, because it has more been through hearing people criticizing brown things that I’ve created this aversion. I grew up in the 80s and 90s and during this time in Denmark, there was a strong aversion towards anything resembling 60s and 70s style. Specifically in the 60s and 70s it was these very strong colors like brown and orange that was popular, so it created a general resistance in society where brown and orange was then seen as ‘dated’ and ‘archaic’. So I see that my reactions towards brown are more cultural and not as deep-seated. Then of course there is also the reference with brown to the taboo of feces, which adds another resistance to it on a cultural level.

Interestingly enough, I see that my slight aversion towards royal blue, beige and salmon pink also is a cultural aversion that stems from these colors being  popular colors in the 80s and so with me growing up primarily in the 90s, I then saw them as ahcaic and out of style.

My slight aversion towards other dark colors such as burgundy and dark green I see more having to do with me not being exposed to them as much growing up due to the fact that my mother had a distinct preference towards light, white and pastel colors.

In the next post I will continue with self-forgiveness and self-corrective statements on these negative reactions and in posts to come I will continue with the colors that I’ve created a positive energetic reaction towards.

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