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MomentumIn the last post I began to prepare the way before me in terms of integrating and living the words ‘determination’ and ‘discipline/self-discipline’ as inspired by seeing my partner’s effectiveness with living these words. It is now time to start implementing these words into my daily life and living application.

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Something I found interesting as I was looking at the words ‘determination’, ‘discipline/self-discipline’, ‘focus’ and ‘consistency’ is how they all fit together in the same type of expression or application. What I’ve started to see is that it all starts with determination, as my partner explained: to make a decision to move towards a goal or an outcome and then follow through with that. Discipline is then what is needed to maintain the determined decision, especially when and as long as the mind is still allowed to interfere, for example through ‘wants’ and preferences.

Discipline is what is needed to intervene when the “I don’t want to” thoughts for example come up, because as my partner explained: discipline is when you do something that you don’t necessarily want to do because you see the overall/long-term benefit of doing it. I also realized that this entire point, these words and their application – has to do with the decision to lived principled instead of preference-based.

These words serve as bridges when there are still mental preferences interfering with one’s principled living, where for example: when one lives the determination to live a specific principle absolutely, discipline will not be required because it is like an interceptive application through which one can correct one’s actions on a day to day basis. This doesn’t mean that discipline or self-discipline is then an ‘inferior’ or ‘lesser’ application or that its relevance is diminished simply because it is more a ‘bridge’ to absolute application rather than an expression of absolute application.

Because we obviously have to face the fact that most of us are still very much conditioned by and into the mind which means that our default movement is not yet self-movement but mind-movement, for which a form of constant intervention is then required until one is able to move oneself absolutely as an expression of oneself as living the principles that one has made the decision to live. Based on what I’ve found thus far, the words ‘focus’ and ‘consistency’ which I have yet to interview my partner about are more ‘outflows’ or physically lived expressions, for example of determination – however I also see that for those of us who haven’t either been programmed to automatically live these words or who live them as an innate expression of ourselves, it is required to include them in one’s determined decisions and the application of discipline. You could say that ‘focus’ and ‘consistency’ is the application/manifestation of self-discipline lived effectively.

I see areas of my life where I – and so my life in affect – can benefit greatly from directively implementing the word ‘determination’, ‘discipline’, ‘focus’ and ‘consistency’ – which are obviously especially the areas of my life where I have continuously allowed the mind to interfere, where I make decisions based on mental preferences rather than principles. So instead of now trying to implement these words on an existential level, which I see easily can become abstract, theoretical and overwhelming, I will begin by applying these words and their living applications, to the areas of my life and living where I see that they are needed the most.

For me to do this effectively I see that two specific points has to be clarified and cleared, like preparing the building of a new house where one has to make sure that the foundation is stable before laying the bricks that becomes the structure of the house. Firstly I see that since determination is the starting-point of the effective application of the words ‘discipline’, ‘focus’, and ‘consistency ‘ – or rather that without determination, the decision to live principled or to manifest a certain goal into reality – there is no point in living the words ‘discipline’, ‘focus’, and ‘consistency ‘. This is in itself interesting because I can see how I have in the past failed because I tried to live these words but without an absolutely clear and determined starting-point, for example because my decisions were based on ideas/beliefs/desires or in separation from myself for example through following another’s determination. Secondly, because I realize that living these words effectively, has to do with intervening the point of making decisions from within/as the mind – this is something that also requires awareness; to understand what it is I am doing.

For example: When I don’t want to do something that I am supposed to do, like something that I see would benefit me and others or even something that is required for me to effectively sustain myself financially or otherwise, I have to obviously understand ‘what’ and ‘who’ and ‘where’ that want is coming from – meaning: to understand that the ‘who’ that wants to NOT do what I’m supposed to do, is NOT ‘me’, is not ‘who I am’.

It might be who I’ve identified and defined myself as throughout my life, but since I am here walking this process to walk out of the mind and into life as a being that represents and lives the principle of what is best for all in equality and oneness, it is not who I decide to continue to be, live and exist as. I cannot even say that it is ‘who I am’, because where does these wants come from? Where does these resistances come from? If I have a preference to do or not do something where I am actually compromising my life and being and even abuse myself and so others, how can I then accept that “this is who I am”? And if it is indeed ‘who I am’ – it means that ‘who I am’ is something/someone that is abusive and compromising, which is obviously not what I would prefer.

So in a way you could say that this is about getting my priorities straight, about changing who I am and thus changing my preferences from being based on preprogrammed and learned patterns that are compromising and abusive (which this entire world is an example of) – to preferences that priorities a life that is best for all and a ‘self’ that is supportive, expansive, grounded and that makes decisions towards becoming and living my utmost potential.

So this is what I see is required, in those moments of making the decision to apply self-discipline for example: that it is a decision in that moment of ‘who I am’ and I see that this intervention in awareness is required, where I make myself aware that the ‘who’ that wants to sabotage or compromise or abuse is not who I am but a set of patterns and behaviors that has been learned and programmed. Simply because “that’s how I’ve always been” it doesn’t mean that I have to forever live as this.

And the thing is: there is so much to do in this world to change the current situation, there is not a moment to waste, there is no point of waiting for change to come. So I actually see how living these words is an important and imperative part of my process – and the process of all of us – to walk from accepting ourselves as moving on the momentum of the mind, to stop that momentum, however ‘convenient’ and ‘comfortable’ it may feel, to begin the process of creating a momentum of principled living. So a momentum in this context is the physical movement, for example of a wheel, where it is first placed into motion by an external force like a hand pushing it into motion, but due to the physics of the wheel’s mechanics and the general physical laws of nature it will eventually gain a ‘self-movement’ – a momentum where it runs and moves without having to be pushed – it becomes effortless, one turning of the wheel propels the next.

It is the exact same we’ve been living, where we’ve followed the momentum of the mind, making it very easy for us to simply ‘jump on the bandwagon’ so to speak, because we didn’t have to do anything. We could simply ‘jump’ on the mind and let it move ourselves for us. Now we have to stop and intervene that momentum, so that we can create a new momentum that is based on principled self-movement. However – that cannot be initiated without the initial push and in the context of the process I am walking here, that is the word ‘determination’ and its supportive applications of ‘discipline/self-discipline’, ‘focus’ and ‘consistency’.

In terms of the practical implementation and application of the words ‘determination’ and ‘discipline/self-discipline’, I’ve been looking at lot at how to effectively implement these words into my life. And what I realized after several days of pondering back and forth was that I had gone into a resistance towards actually living these words. I was starting to see it as very difficult and complicated and I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to follow through with it. So what I see is that the practical application is actually very simple. It is simply a matter of doing it.

So my practical application commitment has to do with specific areas of my life as I mentioned that I see would benefit greatly from me living the words effectively. An example could be a project that one would like to undertake but where one has been slow in moving oneself to actually get it done. Here I make the commitment to utilize the principle of accumulation – which is something my partner has introduced me to – where, all that is needed is often to do a little bit every day to slowly but surely start accumulating results. Another example could be behaviors that one sees are compromising/abusive for oneself, for example towards eating things that are not supportive for one’s physical body. Here I commit myself to apply the point of bringing myself to the awareness of ‘who’ it is that is carrying a preference to do something onto my own body that is not supportive and then making the decision and determination to support my body. I also commit myself to make clear goals for myself – which is the point of making a determined decision where I make it clear for myself why I am applying a certain principle and choosing that over the mind’s preference, so that I can consistently adhere to this decision and then utilize self-discipline in those moments of ‘wavering’ where I stop the momentum of the mind and push the momentum of principle into application. Here I also see that it is relevant to understand that because the momentum of the mind is already in motion, it will be ‘spinning’ faster, more intense and with more force than the new momentum of principle. This is also exactly why discipline/self-discipline may be required in the beginning because the movement of self, based on principle is not yet ‘self-moving’ and therefore requires to be consistently pushed until it – and one – is self-moving.

So this is the first part of my self-corrective process. I will apply what I have learned and realized to two specific areas of my life and will take it from there in terms of seeing where adjustments may be required. I will write down and specify for myself what exactly it is I am doing, what principles it is I am deciding to live and why, what it is I am intervening, what goals I have and what commitments I will make to effectively implement these principles into my life and living.

I realize that I require stopping the momentum of the mind so that I can initiate the momentum of principled living and self-movement. I realize that stopping of the mind’s momentum as well as the initiation of the principled momentum of self-movement requires a push because the mind’s momentum because it is already running with an automated’ force’ and the principled momentum because it is not yet running. This is exactly what I see is the entire purpose of living the words determination, discipline/self-discipline, focus and consistency.

Something additional that was shown to me today by a friend is that the starting-point of even walking determination comes from a decision within/of/as self and that in the context of the process that I’m walking here, the point for me especially – also in relation to seeing my partner as an example: is to slow myself down and through and within that slow down the mind, stop rushing in the mind so that I can move and make decisions based on common sense.

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