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Be preparedThroughout my life I have been a relatively disorganized person, especially when it comes to paperwork of all forms, like homework and tax returns and bills. I remember in school how I would just chunk the assignments down my backpack and they would crumble and get wet and dirty only to be forgotten in a sea of other papers.

Now with working as a teacher I saw early on how important it was that I got organized, mainly because of the extensive load of material I have to have an overview of as I teach over 40 students between the ages of 0 to 16. So I have been continuously organizing all the books and materials I use to teach the students to not get swamped in paperwork. Besides this, I had to find a way to keep track on what student is doing what work so I have created schedules for myself where I have an easy overview over the lessons of the week and also see what I need to prepare for, for the coming week. This schedule has been created out of necessity because otherwise I would forget students or forget bringing books to the lessons and I would show up completely unprepared. I tried ‘winging it’ for quite some time relying on an idea that I have an excellent memory and I’ve never really needed a calendar before, but it quickly became evident that the load of information I had to keep track off was simply too large for me to handle by keeping it all in my head.

What would also happen when I came to the lessons unprepared is that I would leave feeling ashamed and unsatisfied with myself and I could see how I was really just improvising and making stuff up as I went which was not cool for my students nor for me, because everything was very random and confusing for everyone. Another consequence of working this way would be that I would stand on the morning of having a lesson having nothing prepared and so I would have to quickly come up with something or would spend my nights preparing lessons which always seemed to short a time to actually get anything done. The reason for this is also because I am a new teacher and so I don’t have any experience or material to fall back on. So I have had to do a ton of research to find materials I could use, let alone concoct an effective lesson plan.

So what I have been working with over the last few months is to utilize all my school holidays like Christmas and Easter to prepare the coming period’s lesson plans. I have also relied heavily on learning from my colleagues and they way they structure their lessons as well as seeing what other teachers do online. The thing is though that my work is quite unique in that I usually work with students one-on-one or in small groups and the students are bi-lingual with two languages that are very similar. So this gives some unique challenges that I can only face and find solutions for by testing and trying things out in real time. Basically you could say that I am the living manifestation of the principle of learning by doing, simply because I have no other choice.

As I have been working towards getting more and more organized, I’ve also started being better at preparing lessons and actually coming up with some quite fun and enjoyable projects that both the kids, their parents and I like working with. It is not bulletproof in the respect that all the children like it all the time, but so far I have gotten quite cool feedback from both students and parents that they enjoy my lessons and the material.

What has happened since I have decided to become more organized is that I am much more prepared for the lessons. Every evening or at least every morning before I leave I will cross-reference my schedule and make sure I’ve got all the day’s lesson material prepared, that I’ve sent emails to all the parents I should sent to and generally have all my things in order. Since being more prepared I am enjoying my work a lot more as I have a point of stability within me as I start my day. I can also relax a lot more when I am at home because I don’t have all these things flying around aimlessly in my head. Before I would become so stressed because I felt like every morning and evening was dedicated to preparing lessons, where as now I have already prepared for an entire period of several weeks within one go, which means that I have more time to myself and can start and finish my day gracefully. This is nowhere near perfect and I still have a lot to learn, but it is quite satisfactory to be able to go to work and be stable and calm and satisfied with myself. The lessons are becoming better and better which also means that the students are learning more and it is a humbling experience to see how far I’ve come already from where I started, completely green and with ‘bad habits’ of disorganization.

I am grateful that I have been able to change my experience of myself within my job based on this one simple point of being more prepared. So that made me look at the point of being prepared in general, like being prepared for a job interview or being prepared to have a baby or bring in a new animal to one’s house. When we first brought our cats home for example, I thought I knew a lot about caring for cats, but as I started investigating, I saw how many mistakes I had made and how I could have prevented a lot of unnecessary consequences that actually compromised the cats as well as my partner and myself.

So the lesson that I have learned and that I’d like to share here is that being prepared as best as possible for whatever you are about to participate within is a cool and practical way to support yourself. An example of this can also be seen in a recent post I wrote about how I investigated the point of looking at buying essential oils, where, if I had not prepared myself effectively, clever marketing schemes could have easily fooled me into buying cheap and useless products or products at over prize. But because I decided to do thorough and careful research before making a purchase I was able to make a relatively informed decision. What is so cool about this, which is also why I am more satisfied in my job now after starting becoming more prepared, is that it is a form of self-empowerment. Through doing careful research and through preparing ourselves, we can more step into even unknown situations and direct them effectively. This obviously doesn’t mean that we now have full control over what happens, because that is certainly not the case, but for me, being prepared has assisted me to be more comfortable and stable and to trust myself within my work.

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