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Living the Word DeterminationIn this post I am going to walk a redefinition of the word ‘Determination’ from a word that I have existed in separation to, to a Living Word of Self-Expression that I can Stand by and As within myself.

The reason why I decided on this word is because I have found that I have a tendency to get distracted from keeping my ‘eyes on the ball/target’ of what I have decided to go for and to within that not stand determined in my decision to move on/with a specific point, for which I would then become wavering and uncertain within my own standing. Redefining the word determination is thus here specifically in relation to committing myself to embrace the word and expression thereof in a living application – becoming determination/determined.

Specifically I see how I can change the word determination to a Living Word of application in relation to my daily activities where I realize that I only have so much time available and there are certain things I have committed myself to doing. To stand determined within that is thus to, whenever I see that I am accepting and allowing myself to want to distract myself away from what I’ve committed myself to do – to in that moment immediately direct myself back to what I have committed myself to do. And then the same goes for participating in thoughts as well, as that would be the first point of ‘distraction’ where I separate myself from my physical actions.

I will here be working with redefining the word through investigating the dictionary and etymological definitions as well as through playing with the sound of the word.

Dictionary definitions

de·ter·mi·na·tion (dĭ-tûr′mə-nā′shən)

In relation to the dictionary definitions I am working here with these specific dimensions

a. The act of making or arriving at a decision.

b. The decision reached.

In this context, determination is a process of following something through from beginning to end. It’s a full circle. Determination comes from making a decision and I see how in some instances with points that I would like to change in my life, I haven’t actually made an absolute decision to change the points. So it is more like an ‘intention’ but without a real follow-through. Determination is thus the following through of a decision.

a. Firmness of purpose; resolve: approached the task with determination and energy.

b. A fixed intention or resolution: returned to school with a determination to finish.

In this context, determination is also a commitment to follow through with a decision made based on a specific purpose. Without the purpose, without the commitment, the decision cannot stand determined to be followed through.

a. The settling of a question or case by an authoritative decision or pronouncement, especially by a judicial body: The choice of a foster home was left to the determination of the court.

This dimension is interesting because it has to do with standing as the authority and ‘law-maker’ over my own decisions. As such I can see that if I haven’t followed through with something, it means I haven’t placed myself as the authority over the decision. As such I realize that I have separated myself from decision-making believing that it is enough to for example say I will do something – whereas I haven’t stood as the authority of that decision. This is something I see that I can work with practically through be clear and self-honest when I make decisions, to place myself as the authority of my decisions and to not pretend like I’m making decisions when I am in fact not. This can obviously be cross-referenced by looking at whether I follow through or not. If not, then I now that I have to go back to the drawing board and actually make a real decision.
a. The ascertaining or fixing of the quantity, quality, position, or character of something: a determination of the ship’s longitude; a determination of the mass of the universe.

b. The result of such ascertaining.

5. A fixed movement or tendency toward an object or end.

6. Logic

a. The defining of a concept through its constituent elements.

b. The qualification of a concept or proposition to render it more definite or specific.

This aspect or dimension of determination is also interesting and practically supportive to have a look at, because I am here looking at the specificity within decision-making in terms of being very clear on what I am deciding, how I am deciding it and why I am deciding it. I see that I’ve had a tendency to make superficial and callous decisions and ‘commitments’ and to then be surprised and disappointed when they fall through – when in fact I didn’t actually look at all the dimensions involved with the decision and accordingly direct myself within and through it.

Etymology of the word ‘determine’

determine (v.)

mid-14c., “to come to an end,” also “to settle, decide” (late 14c.), from Old French determiner (12c.) or directly from Latin determinare “to enclose, bound, set limits to,” from de- “off” (see de-) + terminare “to mark the end or boundary,” from terminus “end, limit” (see terminus). Sense of “coming to a firm decision” (to do something) is from mid-15c. Related: Determined; determining; determiner.

Something interesting that I see within the etymological definition is the aspect of determination that has to do with ‘setting boundaries’. In a way I would actually say that this is the core-point within how and why I haven’t lived the word determination as an absolute expression of myself. Throughout my life I have more sought to break and cross boundaries and I have resisted and resented any form of boundary. Little did I know or realize that I within doing so was acting from within and as the boundaries of my mind. I have realized how supportive boundaries can be, especially when looking at a growth and development process of something new. An example can be how when I repot plants, it is important to not repot them in a new pot that is too big. For them to settle effectively in their new environment, it is supportive to have ‘close quarters’ because it enables them to focus on what they are supposed to do which is to for example develop a new root network. Some plants also like being ‘root bound’ which means that they like to touch the bottom of the pot and thus be ‘grounded’ which they can’t do if the pot is too big. So instead one gradually increase the size of the pot slowly but surely and as such expand the boundaries in proportions to the developmental process of the plant. Instead in my life I have lived with an aim of having no boundaries. And it has caused me to become unsettled, ungrounded and unfocused. So I see how an important part of living the word determination has to do with setting effective boundaries for myself as a point of self-support where I allow myself to grow and develop until I am ready to expand. With changing how I eat for instance, I have found it supportive to make clear rules for myself so that there is no discussion or debate about whether I should eat something. As I have established that this way of eating is effective, I can then start experimenting and test whether the food items I have taken out of my diet are in fact supportive for my body or not. I have found with certain food items for example that I can eat them in small quantities or that I shouldn’t mix them with certain other food items. And so I can slowly but surely expand my way of eating to be more flexible – but initially I had to set boundaries for myself to ground myself in my decision to change how I ate.

Playing with the sound of the word determination to further expand on my redefinition

de·ter·mi·na·tion (dĭ-tûr′mə-nā′shən)


What happens when I don’t stand determined is that I take a ‘detour’ where I become distracted from having my ‘eyes on the ball’ and then have to re-establish whatever commitment or decision I made. The consequence of this is that I’ve wasted time. As such I see that the point here is to respect my ‘no’, my ‘nay’ and as such ‘shun’ the detour. Within this I see how it is important that I remind myself of the consequences of what happens when I step off the path I’ve set for myself.


‘Deter’ means to “discourage (someone) from doing something by instilling doubt or fear of the consequences.” As such I see how I have discouraged myself and doubted myself within the decisions I would make and the commitments I would make, as I’ve mentioned earlier because I would make shallow decisions and then not stand by them. I also see how, because I’ve previously gone back on my word, I’ve come to distrust myself and doubt my ability to make clear and self-honest decisions and more importantly: to stand by them. I see how I’ve come to accept and define myself as a person that doesn’t stick to their words, a person that doesn’t finish way they start. This obviously discourages me from living determination within giving up before I have even started. As such – I see how it is important to on one hand prove to myself that I can trust myself to make decisions and stand by them and on the other hand to also let go of this acceptance definition of myself. Because I see how I’ve used it as a backdoor and justification to ‘get out of trouble’ within always having the option of opting out because ‘that’s just how I am’. No – it is not how I am. I am here giving myself practical tools to live the word determination in an effective way. And thus, there are no excuses to not stand by my word. I simply have to now walk the practical correction and actually start living the word Determination as an expression of whom I am.


I see this as becoming the leader of myself that I decide to move myself based on the commitments I have made and to thus not accept and allow any form of distraction from that. Because a distraction isn’t an ‘innocent’ little ‘straying off the path’. It is in fact walking against my commitments, sabotaging them and thus myself and my development of self-trust. So I see within this how I have to become the leader of myself as a nation, deciding which direction to go in in every moment, determining the outcome of who I am and what I will be.

Redefinition of the word Determination

Determination is to make a decision and follow it through till it is done

So how am I going to practically implement this new definition?

First of all: I commit myself to, every evening before I go to sleep write down my tasks for the next day so that when I wake up, I know exactly what to do. Secondly, when and as I see that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not follow through on a decision or commitment I have made – I stop and I breathe and I go back to the drawing board and re-asses my decision and whether I actually made a decision or not, whether it was specific enough and accordingly I realign myself with the decision and walk it through in practicality. When and as I see that I am accepting and allowing myself to participate in thoughts of distraction towards thinking about or being attentive towards other things than what I have decided to focus on in the moment, I stop, I breathe and I firmly and gently direct myself back here. When and as I see that I am accepted and allowed myself to feel tempted and drawn towards abandoning what I am focusing on in the moment, I remind myself how I am taking myself on a detour and that this is not what I have decided and as such I gently and firmly direct myself back here.

I commit myself to walk with and practice the point of living Determination as an expression of myself until it becomes a Living Word as an Expression of who I am. I commit myself to embrace the word determination as a directive form of self-support through which I assist and support myself with setting clear goals and boundaries for myself through which I can grow and develop and expand.

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