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the body is a temple“Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.”1 Corinthians 6:19-20

I am continuing here with my series on redefining my relationship to my physical body. It is fascinating because as I have decided to walk this process I have started to notice so many points, it’s like a little light bulb lighting up or a switch being switch on simply through me making the decision to start changing how I relate to and live with/within/as my physical body. So today I have been looking at the point of leadership in relation to the physical body. Because what is fascinating is that each part of the physical body collaborates with all other parts unconditionally to provide us with an optimal living space. The body is in that context a perfectly functioning organism even though there can obviously be ‘construction flaws’ such as birth defects or if one has been in an accident certain parts of the body may not be functioning effectively. But even in such situations, the body will then re-adjust itself as best as possible to still create the most optimal living environment within the particular circumstances that one is in. But what is fascinating is that we, as we predominantly are governed by the mind, do not exist within that teamwork together with the physical body. The mind has entirely different priorities than supporting the physical body, because it virtually exists based on the premise of a delusion – a delusion that the mind can survive without the body, that the mind is superior and beyond the body. Why else would we so proactively accept and allow our bodies to deteriorate? So who is the leader of the body? Unfortunately for most of us, it is the mind. It is kind of like a company or corporation where all the workers are doing their utmost to support the company as a whole, but where the CEO is acting in self-interest behind the scenes, emaciating the company or compromising its credibility in one way or another just to get a personal profit. It is the same with the situation on earth, where we, if we see the earth as a body – it is being emaciated in all thinkable and unthinkable ways by human beings who exist in the delusion that protecting the earth isn’t important or relevant to our living conditions on the planet. So I have been looking at how I can stand as a leader within my physical body – or rather stand as an equal in leading my physical body together in a teamwork with all the various dimensions, each doing their part to make this body (this miniature earth) the best possible living space. The mind only thinks about itself. The body however supports all its parts unconditionally. And so that is the kind of leader I require becoming. A leader that puts the well-being of the whole community (the body) before self-interest.

So from this starting-point I have been looking at how to become a leader within my physical body and I see that the first point that is important is to stop accepting and allowing the mind to be the leader – not only of my physical body, but of the entirety of me. So the process that has to happen is a change in leadership within me and I am the only one that can initiate and direct that process. An example could be how I’ve judged myself for having wrinkles within the mind and thus through that literally as the mind exist in an abusive relationship towards the body that the body then in turn takes the toll of. The body doesn’t judge itself for having wrinkles. The wrinkles are there as a manifested consequence of my explicit abdication of myself to thoughts/experiences and energy throughout my life – they’re not bad, they don’t define me, they don’t incapacitate me. In fact, how our bodies look is not relevant except for showing us the consequences of our living, like a feedback system where how the body looks on the outside is like the end-consequence of a long process of for example deterioration. This is because we aren’t aware of our bodies. And so the body may have gone through an entire process of accumulation within its tissue or cells that we aren’t aware of until we can physically see a change or for example when disease or pain manifests. So when we instead preoccupy ourselves with worrying about wrinkles – in the context of a beauty-system where youth is power or in the context of existing in a constant fear of death, we are accepting and allowing the mind to be the leader of the physical body which has the affect that consequences continue to accumulate because we continue to participate in the mind instead of facing whatever feedback the body is giving us and accordingly adjust and correct ourselves.

So as I’ve been investigating my relationship to the body I have found that my body is actually quite fine. There are quite a few manifested consequences that I obviously must address through various forms of intervention and support – but what I have found is that the problem is not in the body. The problem is within me allowing myself to be lead by the mind. Because – if I were to exist as a sound and supportive leader of myself as a physical organism or community, there wouldn’t be any battles about ‘what to eat’ or ‘what to think about myself’. All of these forms of self-abuse are symptoms of the mind being the leader of the body instead of me as the body and myself as beingness-awareness leading the mind and myself. So the first order of business in the transition of leadership within myself is to locate and correct all those ‘departments’ where the mind is still leading and to replace these with a sound, commonsensical and self-supportive leadership based on the principle of me acting in the best interest of ALL of me and not just of the body.

Since I have started this process I have also noticed a lot more how I am experiencing myself in/as the body and have within that seen how disconnected I have been from the body most of my life. You know the saying that ‘the body is a temple’ – well yes, but it is a temple for the mind. The body is the church of the religion of the mind. And that is not what it is meant to be. The body is not meant to be a temple. It’s not meant to be a ‘vehicle’ in which we drive ourselves around like radio-cars bumping each other just for kicks. So that’s what I’ve started to realize and understand, that the body exists in a right of its own and it has been so much more supportive to me than I have ever been to it. The body understands what unconditional support means. And so I can learn from how the body functions to collaborate, to work with and walk with myself as the body in self-support. I used to do Pilates and it was very good for me in many ways, not only because of the pure anatomical support, but also because taking that moment to be with my body, to focus on the body, assisted me to bring myself here to/within/as the body. So I have started to focus on being more here with the body and I would like to implement such specific physical exercise again. But even when I walk, when I lay, when I sit I can bring myself to this awareness of being here with/as the body. And so – while I do and practice that, I will walk a simultaneous process of releasing and letting go of those paradigms within myself where I’ve let the mind be in control and as such take responsibility for placing myself as an effective and diligent leader within a starting-point of equality and oneness with and as the body.

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