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Physical body relationshipWe walk around in these physical bodies. When we are born the process begins where our bodies slowly but surely become the property of the world, the property of the system and the property of our parents. We learn how to walk and how to talk in the ways that we are taught a body should walk and talk. We are barely born into this world before our bodies are taken hostage by belief systems and moral codes of conduct and personality systems. We grow up and virtually everything that we become belongs to someone else, to something else and never ever to ourselves. Everything, from what we eat to how we dance and even our voice tonalities have been decided and predetermined before we even get to discover who we are in relation to our physical bodies.

As small children our natural expression is oppressed and shamed to such a degree that we never again dare to express ourselves through our bodies and it takes a massive process of de-programming to get back to that expression and shed the armor of fakeness that we have covered ourselves in.

We go through all kinds of therapies, we do drugs, we follow health regimes, we go on diets, we meditate, we rock out to concerts and through all of it we are never actually here with our physical bodies, really being Here with ourselves in and as the body. The body is seen as a ‘vehicle’, as a form of transportation that we use to get around. Often we blame the body for the things we do that we know aren’t good for ourselves or for others like when we get drunk and fool around or when we oversleep or even when we become addicted to various substances. Our bodies belong, first and foremost – to the mind. Consider that for a moment. Virtually all that we do with the body, everything we experience inside the body, all the thoughts we have towards the body all have to do with one thing and one thing only: to sustain and preserve the mind. Even when we think and believe that we’re supporting our bodies, we tend to do so from a mental starting-point, from ideas and beliefs where the aim is to elicit mental experiences within/through the physical body – but not to actually support the body unconditionally for its own sake. How many of us feel the blood running in our veins or express gratefulness for the functioning of our inner organs? How many of us even know ho w the body functions?

So when we are looking at redefining our relationship to the physical body, we are looking at total process of change, a process of letting go of all those mental shackles that we’ve bound ourselves with, preventing us from even taking one single step in self-awareness and self-direction. It is the exact same process that is required for the earth as a whole because what is going on in our relationships to our physical bodies at an individual level, is directly reflected in and by the relationship we as humanity have with the earth. Simply consider how we treat the earth, as though we can do whatever we want to it and it will always just be there even though there are so many indications that the way we are living is destructive and brutal. But we cannot change our relationship with the earth as long as our relationship to our physical bodies is so disconnected. So this is the process that I am committing myself to walk, in and through these blog-posts as well as through a practical corrective process, step by step becoming the directive principle of my physical body.

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