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Exhilerating DefianceIn this post I am going to start opening up and writing about a specific character/personality-construct that I see has played a prominent part of my life.

I will call it the “Exhilarating Defiance” character.

As I have begun to investigate this character/personality-design I have found something interesting, and this is also why I am saying that it is a personality-construct and not simply a personality. I’ve found that I have quite a strong identification/self-definition/protection of this personality in the sense that there exist within me a strong acceptance of the personality as ‘who I am’ – however not in a conscious way as much as subconsciously and also, this personality is conflicting in that I have a positive and a negative relationship to it.

The way that it plays out is through a ‘rebelling’ against ‘the rules’ and against ‘morality’, which more often than not are my own pre-conceived rules inside my head that I’ve laid out for myself. So it can be something as simple as eating cheese even though I’ve said to myself that I won’t eat cheese because I can see it isn’t good for my physical body. And this is actually an interesting example, because I have a clear memory from when I was a child where I ‘stole’ a huge piece of cheese from the fridge in the commune I was living in with my mother and I hid it and ate from it over a few days within a very distinct experience of exhilaration and thrill. And what is even more interesting is that I had absolutely no reference to it being ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ to eat the cheese. I had full access to the fridge and could eat what I wanted when I wanted. The only reference I had to restriction was my allergies towards dairy. I’ve written about this in several different blogs where I have opened up various layers of this point. And so now what I see is that it is a somewhat unattached character in the sense that it doesn’t have these ‘deep roots’ in some trauma for example. It is more like a process of slow accumulation where I discovered that “when I do this, I experience exhilaration”. As I continue to open up the pattern I will specify these points further and see how it all connects.

For context on what I will be walking and how to write out Character dimensions, please read the following blog by Sunette Spies:

Character Dimensions – Introduction (Writing): DAY 162

I will begin here by mapping out the components that the character/personality consist of:

Fear: Fear of having a boring life, fear of tedious tasks, fear of hard work, fear of missing out

Desire: Desire for freedom, desire to indulge, desire to experience, desire to have power/control

Thoughts: An image of pulling out of a hard grip of a hand

Positive Backchat – supporting the character: “ha-ha, I cheated them.” “I can do what I want” “fuck them, I’ll do what I want” “Yes, I got off the hook!” “I dodged a bullet” “I’m free!” “I don’t have to do it now, I can do it later” “just a little bit longer” “just a little bit more” “just one more time” “one more cannot hurt”

Negative Backchat – supporting the character: “Oh my god, this is so boring” “This is going to be so boring” “This is tedious” “I’m bored” “I have to get out of this” “man I can’t handle it” “I feel trapped” “I wish I was doing this instead” “why do I have to do this” “This is so hard!”

Negative Backchat – in conflict with the character: “Fuck I did it again” “I’m so undisciplined” “get a grip, pull yourself together” “I’m so stupid” “I’m a bad person” “I’m evil” “I’m selfish”

Positive Backchat – in conflict with the character “I have to control myself better” “I have to discipline myself” “I’m not going to do that anymore” “enough!”


Positive: self-empowerment, feeling powerful, feeling in control, feeling relieved, feeling rewarded, feeling protected, feeling like I escaped something dreadful, feeling excited, feeling aroused, feeling ‘high’

Negative: feeling trapped, feeling fearful, feeling resisting, feeling weak, feeling guilty, feeling regretful, feeling ashamed, anxious, nervous

Physical attributes: the two ways that this character plays out, is to do something that I’m not supposed to do and to not do something that I am supposed to do. The physical experiences are feeling very buzzing with energy, like tingling, also with a lot of tunnel vision so to speak where my entire body becomes fixated on this ‘mission’. Then when the deed is done, I feel quiet and relaxed. Then afterwards when the ‘buzz’ has worn off, I feel heavy, weak and unstable

Consequences: the consequences of this pattern are somewhat devastating in that once it plays out I keep myself in a time-loop of infectivity while I through the mind am happily ‘gorging on life’. It has consequences for every parts of my life and I will expand more on this as I continue to open the point up.

In the next post I will begin the process of walking through and releasing each component through self-forgiveness.

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