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What's wrong with being uglyYesterday there was an article in the daily mail exposing a now closed Facebook group where mothers were bullying and making fun of other people’s ugly babies. This made me consider how ‘ugliness’ as a dichotomy of ‘beauty’ is considered ‘wrong’. When people fall into the category – one way or another – of being ugly, they are often targeted and blamed as though it is their own fault that they don’t fall under the label of being ‘beautiful’.

It is quite absurd that we don’t consider how our physical bodies are simply genetically different and as such there will be some people born with different kinds and types of body, not to mention the people who in one way or another endure disfigurements later in life. In the end these are simply biological and physiological differences that in no way define the person or who they are.

Consider for example teenagers who have been completely normal looking as children who suddenly develop acne and overnight become pariahs in society or people born with red hair, who has a limp or a cleft lip. They’re completely ‘normal’ in any and all ways except for this one and yet their peers ostracize them as though they’ve done something wrong or are contagious in some way or another. It is astounding how even very small ‘abnormalities’ makes us pariahs of society – or at the very least: in the minds of our fellow men.

So what is it about being ugly that is so horrifying that we feel the need to despise and ostracize one another?

When something or someone in our world ‘sticks out’ it shows us that the world isn’t perfect or pretty or beautiful. And we don’t like to hear or see that. It is the same with homeless people that are shunned as being ‘stinking’ or condemned as ‘parasites’. They pose as threat in the pretty pictures that people would prefer seeing as they go about their daily errands in the cities of the world.

What we don’t want to face is the ugliness that this world as become. So instead we come up with all kinds of excuses and justifications to blame the things and the people in our world that threatens to expose the true face of the world and thus the true face of ourselves.

So if we were to look at this judgment from a different perspective, where it is seen and experienced as a personal offense that people are somehow ‘abnormally’ looking that deserves for them to be ostracized and hidden away, we actually face our own ugliness.

Because, as we have discussed – being born ‘ugly’ or otherwise experiencing a form of disfigurement later in life isn’t something that the person themselves are directly to blame for. So what is it that we’re blaming? Or rather: who is it really that we’re blaming?

Surprisingly enough, it is ourselves. We’re the cancer cells attacking our own bodies. We’ve created this delusion of ‘beauty’ and ‘perfection’ in this world that we’re desperately trying to make real through all kinds of schemes and ‘nip-tuck’ procedures. And no matter how hard we try or how many times we paint over the veneers of the world, we simply cannot hide the ugliness that exists in the world. Why?

Because our beauty isn’t real. The most beautiful and colorful food often contains the most toxins. The best looking fruits have been genetically modified or sprayed with pesticides and covered in wax to make them shine. The most beautiful women are either photoshopped to oblivion or anorexics living off of diet coke and cigarettes. The ‘bounty beaches’ we see on advertisements for the perfect holidays feature children working as sex slaves. The animals we see on TV as wild are threatened to the brink of extinction. The world is not beautiful and neither are our lives or we.

So next time we come across a so-called ‘ugly’ person we cannot deny the fact that it is our own collective ugliness we’re judging and resisting. It is our own ugliness that we’re blaming that the world isn’t pretty, perfect or beautiful.

There are so many people who live horrible lives, wonderful and expressive people with lots to offer in this world, unique people with unique expressions that never get a chance because they fall under the category of things we would rather deny exists. But the fact is, there is nothing wrong with them. There is something wrong with us as a whole and that is not going to change until each of us to come face to face with this fact and admit that the world is not beautiful and that we cannot simply keep plastering paint over what is already here and pretend all is well in the world when it isn’t.

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