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Cult of beautyIn this post I am continuing expanding on the point of how beauty plays a role in our lives and ironically engages us in an ugly and vicious cycle of polarity, fear, desire and competition. For those of is trapped in the seductive and cynical ‘embrace’ of the beauty-system, we seldom realize how our desire for beauty isn’t simply something that ‘naturally’ exists in us. Since opening up this point for myself, I’ve started seeing how extensive the brainwashing that brainwash surrounds us wherever we go is. And I see how, to subvert these influences and impulses seducing us into the desire for beauty, we must create a platform of stability, common sense and self-integrity within and as ourselves – where we can be ‘in this world but not of this world’ in the sense that we can see the world for what it is without being pulled into it. The ‘world’ that I am talking about here in relation to beauty is of course the media as the magazines, music videos, movies and advertisements that form a tapestry of energetic impulses that encloses us in the ‘cult of beauty’. And from this ‘world’, when we accept it as real and submit ourselves to it, like religious sheep walking in procession to the ritualistic slaughter, we take it upon ourselves to make sure that our brothers and sisters of humanity equally as one accept it as real and within this we ensure that there aren’t any holes from which we can peek through the veil of our collective delusion and into actual reality.

As discussed in the previous blog-posts, beauty isn’t a real value of life – yet we have given it predominant value in our world-system. Just look at the rise of the fashion industry as a ‘serious business’ and ‘art form’ in recent years. Of course there are a lot of other factors involved within the beauty system and how it exist and how it has come to be, like the genetic factor that some people argue for, where beauty is a sign of ‘health’ or the existential factor that we have discussed in previous blogs and that has been covered amply in Heaven’s Journey to Life blogs. But for me personally it is a conundrum that something so irrelevant has taken up so much relevance in my mind and life. What I see is that at the end of the day it is ‘just’ about energy and within that some twisted idea of conquering and ‘preserving’ and in some absurd way ‘celebrating’ life – as though that is what beauty gives us; a glimpse into what Life is in its purest form, when in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth. As Bernard Poolman so often said: “Everything is in reverse.” And as such beauty shows us nothing but the absolute depletion, separation and the gory illusion that we’ve made life into.

In this post I will be prescribing self-corrective statements on the self-forgiveness statements that I wrote in the previous post so that I can move myself out of the illusory veil of beauty and if you are trapped in and by the same lies, you’re welcome to walk with me.

When and as I participate in my daily life and I am exposed to the beauty system through seeing magazine covers, celebrities in newspapers, advertisement images on billboards, other women and men and when I watch movies and TV-series, I commit myself to be self-honest and commonsensical about what I see and to remind myself that what I’m seeing isn’t real and I commit myself to look beyond the veil of illusion that the beauty system is, both within myself and in the world system. As such, I commit myself to lay a foundation of clarity and stability for myself where I can be in the system but not of it, in terms of giving myself a foundation from where I will no longer automatically be influenced and impulsed by the beauty system and so that I can instead make a decision about what I see in clarity, self-honesty and common sense. I therefore commit myself to no longer simply accept and allow myself to blindly and silently follow the beauty system and allow myself to participate in thoughts and energetic experiences in relation to beauty.

So – when and as I see that I am accepting and allowing myself to look at women (or men) on images and pictures presented before me within the context of the beauty-system and I see that I am not looking commonsensically, in clarity and self-honestly at them, but instead accept and allow myself to become influenced and affected by what I see, through first of all believing that it is real – that this beauty is real, obtainable and desirable and secondly to desire that which I believe beauty can give me in terms of power, success and positive energetic experiences and thirdly where I create an inner conflict and lack within and as myself through comparing how I see myself to the images that I see of other women (or men) and judge myself as being less than, worth-less, and inferior to what I see — I stop and I breathe and I bring myself back here, reminding myself of what it is that I am seeing.

When and as I look my reflection in the mirror or in a window and I see that I am reacting, negatively judging myself as ugly or positively judging myself as beautiful – I stop and I breathe and I bring myself back here to the stability of my physical body. I remind myself that the reflection that I am seeing when I react within an energetic experience isn’t a real reflection as who I am as my physical body isn’t negatively or positively charged with a value, because my physical body is simply here as a physical body looking different depending on the circumstances that I am in and the environment that I am in. As such I commit myself to stop accepting the reflection of myself as positive or negative and I commit myself to instead push myself to simply see myself here in and as the physical. I commit myself to let go of the habit of judging myself when I look myself in the mirror, positively or negatively because I realize that I am within that accepting myself as a slave to the beauty system, to an illusion that isn’t real or valuable and I realize that it isn’t worth it. I therefore commit myself to learn how to be in the beauty system but not of it, meaning that I will learn how to participate in the beauty system because it is necessary to be effective in the system to present a certain image, but without allowing and accepting it to influence or define who I am or how I value myself.

I will continue in the next post.

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