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Principled LivingIn this post I will be prescribing self-corrective and self-commitment statements on the point of valuing things that aren’t actually valuable and that in fact are detrimental and destructive. I see that the pattern is still existent within me; I see its subtleties and how it is so ingrown that it’s not going to be changed from one moment to the next. Of course one can correct points within a moment, however the point of valuing that, which isn’t valuable in fact, is basically a fundamental problem in reality in general. So we’re dealing with virtually all aspects of our lives, virtually every moment we live and breathe. So there are many values to correct and I see that the best way is to walk the correction of them one by one as I see them emerge in my reality.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been working with the point of value, specifically in relation to valuing things that aren’t actually valuable, in the sense that I’ve for example found that I valued doing things that weren’t supportive for me or my physical body. Something quite interesting that has happened within this process is that, as I’ve started opening up the point for myself, it has only gotten ‘worse’ – meaning that I’ve increasingly been giving value to that which isn’t best for me. Practically speaking, I’m talking about seemingly ‘little’ moments during my day, where I prioritize based on self-interest rather than principle. It could be eating something that I know my body cannot handle. And as I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve found it difficult to understand why we would do something like that. Well, it boils down to some quite simple yet intricate pattern that one develops through one’s life. In my case, I come from a family where my mother did exactly the same. Throughout my life, she’s been a ‘quarterly’ alcoholic in the sense that she’s been battling an addiction to alcohol as long as I can remember. But she wouldn’t drink every day all year round. Instead she would have these binges and then pick herself up again and get strict and disciplined for some time, until she would fall into the pattern again and have some weeks drinking every day. So from that perspective, I’ve carried this pattern through with me, perhaps genetically and definitely from an environmentally influencing perspective. I see how this is a prominent point in my process and in my daily living, because it something from within which I generate a lot of inner conflict and thus generate energy for the mind. This is obviously the purpose of such patterns in the first place. So what I have realized is that this point has to do with making the decision to live principled. For some people this might not be a big deal or issue – though at the same time, very few people live principled and even if they think and believe they do, it’s often based on self-control and suppression with the possible consequence of one exploding and bursting one day because one cannot contain oneself any longer.

So principled living is something that I have never ever done in my life. The only place I’ve ever met principled living, is within the Desteni group. And while I’ve definitely established a somewhat principled life, there are also still points where ‘preference’ ‘wins’ over principle. Something else that I’ve realized is that even though writing about this point from an overall general perspective is cool, what is actually required is for me to get into the nitty gritty of how I prioritize, how I pick preference over principles and what specifics points in my life it is where I tend to ‘fall’ into this pattern. Something fascinating as well is that as I’ve been walking this point these past weeks, and I’ve seen it getting worse or more intense, I’ve also allowed myself to take it personally, to react to it and specifically to feel like I’m a bad person because of it. But now that I sit down and write, I can see in common sense, that it is in fact specific points that I’ve allowed myself to compromise, whereas with other points, I’ve in fact lived principled. On the other hand, I also see how, if we allow even one point of self-corruption, it actually corrupts our entire process and standing within ourselves. And this is obviously also what I’ve reacted to.


When and as I see that I am about to accept and allow myself to act on an energetic urge to eat something that I know isn’t best for me, I stop and I breathe and I bring myself back here. I remind myself that I am about to act based on a preprogrammed, brainwashed belief and preference and valuing of something that I’ve conditioned myself into valuing as tasting good – that isn’t actually what is best for me, as I’ve now built an understanding of what in fact IS best for myself as my physical body. I also remind myself that it isn’t worth it because I know that the consequence is that I will feel like shit afterwards and as such by acting on this urge, I’m valuing myself as the mind over life. So therefore – I commit myself to from this moment stop eating refined sugar. I commit myself to walk with myself a process to live principled in every moment and to, in every moment that I see that I don’t live principled, to gently guide myself back with a caring and directive hand.

When and as I see that I’m accepting and allowing myself to place value on something that I know isn’t best for me and so not best for all, I stop and I breathe and I bring myself back to my physical body in stability. I commit myself to work with correcting the point immediately, through simply realigning my actions to that which is best for all and I commit myself to, when I see that I’m still holding on to this point of value, to investigate the point in self-honesty through writing and self-forgiveness, so that I can effectively de-program myself and re-program myself to valuing that which is best for me and so best for all. Because I realize that when I’m holding on to a point of value that I know isn’t best for all, it is because I’ve accepted and allowed myself to become brainwashed and programmed to live and exist in a way that is flawed and ineffective and as such I require re-educating myself and re-programming myself so that I can make a directive decision to realign myself effectively to that which is best for me and so best for all.

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