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Integrity Desteni This is my fourth Witness blog in the series about the Desteni Group in which I specifically testify to the significance, validity and credibility of the Desteni Group and my participation within it. In this particular post we are going to discuss the Desteni Group and its understanding of Integrity.

For context I suggest reading the previous posts in this series as well as the witness blogs written by other Destonians which you can find here:

Now – let’s have a look at integrity:

“Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. Integrity can be regarded as the opposite of hypocrisy,[1] in that integrity regards internal consistency as a virtue, and suggests that parties holding apparently conflicting values should account for the discrepancy or alter their beliefs.

The word “integrity” stems from the Latin adjective integer (whole, complete).[2] In this context, integrity is the inner sense of “wholeness” deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character. As such, one may judge that others “have integrity” to the extent that they act according to the values, beliefs and principles they claim to hold.

A value system‘s abstraction depth and range of applicable interaction may also function as significant factors in identifying integrity due to their congruence or lack of congruence with observation. A value system may evolve over time[3] while retaining integrity if those who espouse the values account for and resolve inconsistencies.[4]” From – Wikipedia

To provide an expanded and distinctly Destonian perspective on integrity I’d like to share my personal experience with integrity throughout my life. You could say that integrity has been virtually non-existent in my life. To read more about my journey to integrity I recommend reading this blog-post. Within the principle of the ‘sins of the fathers’ I have learned from home to not have integrity just as much as I haven’t learned integrity anywhere in my reality. I have lived a life of deliberately breaking boundaries and compromising myself to the utmost extent where I completely obliterated any seed of integrity there could have been possible for me to develop out of my own self-will. I was presented with a world made up of deceit, manipulation and lies, relationships full of conditions and betrayals and a drive and motivation for ‘living’ only moved by the desire for energetic experiences such as with drugs and sex. Now obviously it is not ‘the world’s fault’ or ‘my mother’s fault’ that I accepted and allowed myself to become a being without integrity. However at the same time I have rarely in my life been assisted by adults to actually develop or even understand integrity. All my knowledge of integrity has come from watching movies and reading books where characters somehow had that ‘integrity thing’, that thing that enables a person to make decisions based on commonsensically and self-honestly looking at what is best for themselves and everyone else. Integrity is the ingredient required when a child is exposed to peer pressure or when a child is exposed to bullying – whether as a victim or as a bully themselves. It is the ingredient required for a girl to be able to say no to having sex or performing sexually in a way that she is not comfortable with just because a boy said he loved her. It is the ingredient required for us to be able to make a decision to give, as we would like to receive and stop existing only for our own mental desires and self-interest. Integrity is a key ingredient in changing the world to a place that is best for all, because without it we have no principles to stand on, no firm grasp of reality and no clear decision from which we live, breath by breath.

Nowhere in my world as a child did anyone talk about integrity or how to develop it. On the contrary; all I saw was adults who couldn’t wait to get off work or get away from their kids so that they could get drunk, go shopping, gossip, fight with each other or have sex. Everywhere I looked there were neon signs and billboards and commercials literally screaming to my face: “just do it!” “do what makes YOU happy.” “Follow your desires” “Your wildest dreams come true” “use your imagination” “a white lie is not a real lie” “use sex to get what you want form a man”. “Make your man happy, dress sexy!”

Our society is one void of integrity of any sorts and the only thing that comes even close to resembling integrity is so-called ‘morality’. But morality as it exists in this world is not an actual sense of moral responsibility, empathy or integrity. Children learn to apologize but not to understand consequence. We learn to feel guilty, to judge ourselves and to suppress and hide our amorality. We use morality as a cover-up and a cop-out of any form of accountability. As long as you feel bad about what you did “It’s ok…”

I have compromised all parts of my life, from education, to relationships and my physical body, all because I hadn’t developed integrity within and as myself. I was literally incapable of making decisions that was best for myself and others in fact because all I knew was to do what made me feel good and then I could feel bad about it later and then feel good about myself again.

It wasn’t until Desteni that I realized how I had lived my entire life without any form of integrity. Within this, the Importance of being in a group cannot be stressed enough, because as individuals as we currently exist and are born into this world, we don’t stand a chance against the flickering neon lights of capitalism that mesmerizes us with its promises of ‘eternal happiness’, ‘fame’ and ‘fortune’. It is no wonder that the word ‘matrix’ means ‘womb’ because we are literally cocooned into a protective bubble of lovely delusions that at all times ensures that our senses are kept numb by the constant bombardment of entertainment.

“By direct observation and participation, I know and hereby stand as witness to the indisputable fact that great personal sacrifice is the measure of the day of those involved with and as Desteni.  The commitment to the principles and the tireless, unending work and application to such is self-evident if one simply looks without the jaded distortion so common of those who bear false witness.  Of those it can easily be said that they live by the principle “Don’t confuse me with the facts I’ve made up my mind.”  They have made no contribution to the real principle of doing what is best for all, they can only throw stones from behind their cowardly electronic enclosures and like the true cowards they are, run and take refuge in the vacuous gaggling of their own kind, who cannot do and therefore can only criticize. “ – Ken Cousens

In the Desteni Group we assist and support one another to break through the veil and climb out of the matrix-like system we’re currently enveloped in like the baby chicken taking it’s first slimy steps out of the hatched egg, wobbly and unsteady yet Here, limbs intact but with a mind contaminated with years of sticky-sweet propaganda all designed to undermine and rescind any shred of integrity we could have possibly developed during the course of our lives.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I haven’t ever met actual real integrity anywhere else in the world, except for in the Desteni Group. Let me therefore share in greater detail how integrity is one of the single most important principles that substantiates the Desteni group and its relevance in the future of humanity:

Integrity within the Desteni group means that each individual understands that they are responsible for what they accept and allow within them as thoughts, words, experiences or reactions. This is a fundamental point, though it doesn’t in itself ensure that the being actually change their way of living – only a continuous development of actual integrity where each step we take is specific and self-directed within a consideration of what is best for all. Now imagine how many years we have taken each step without integrity, tumbling and fumbling around in reality without any awareness or consideration for the consequences we create through our living. Obviously it takes a process for each individual to restore himself or herself to a consistent and trustworthy integrity. Integrity is thus the continuous development of self-honesty within each of us within the realization that we all together are equally responsible for the world we are creating and that each of us are self-responsible within that to correct who we are and thus how we live from self-interest to what is best for all.

An example are the agreements made between people in the Desteni group, whether these are work relationships or living partnerships where all parties come together deciding the principles upon which the agreement stands and the Living Words that each individual commit to live through expanding their self-agreement to a mutual agreement between partners. What this means is that when we are for example living and working together here on the Desteni farm, we do so based on an agreement that we will each live and honor what is best for all. Now, as I said, this is a process – and we understand this, so it is not like you from one minute to the next just by deciding to live what is best for all suddenly become this benevolent being that in absolute certainly do no harm or mistakes. It is the therefore the responsibility of each one to correct any and all ways of living that are not best for all and equally develop practical solutions that in fact are best for all to be implemented. This goes for all aspects of living from our internal processes to how we do dishes, how we care for animals, how we communicate and what food we eat. Some points are not practically possible to change at this stage given the consequential outflow already manifested in the world. Other points have been charged with much energy through a being’s life and thus requires a process to be walked for example through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application. The proof that we are actually doing what we are saying can be seen within the innumerable amount of blogs written by Destonians all over the world, many walking the process by themselves in their current life with the support and cross-reference of the group online. You can follow the blogs here. The basic foundation stands as the agreement to live what is best for all until it becomes a consistent and absolute reality wherein we stand absolutely stable and unwavering, each of us alone and together. That is integrity.

To live together with others in this way, whether in an agreement between two people or in a larger group creates a living environment of integrity. And it is within such an environment that life can thrive. An example of this can be seen within how when the farm was first purchased some years ago, there was virtually no animal life, no birds, few insects and butterflies. But once the people living on the farm started supporting the environment, the wild animals started coming and have continued to come ever since. This was done for example through observing the behavior of birds, through researching the habitat of birds and then accordingly placing food for them to eat. This was done within the development of self-integrity from caring about self to expanding this care to include all life around us. The care I am talking about here is not a feel-good-feeling where support of animals is done because it makes a person feel better about themselves. No, it is a physical practical care applied consistently based on feedback and cross-reference of whether or not the solution found in fact is best for all or not. You could say that the Desteni farm is an experiment of integrity – of seeing what is possible when beings come together and live in integrity. The result is a living environment where each being takes it upon themselves to stand responsible for the well being of the whole, each dedicating themselves through their particular skills to take responsibility for a certain part of living together where everyone else can trust that person to actually do it to the fullest of their potential or to otherwise ask for support if they see that they are not practically capable of doing so. That is integrity. And that is what we are developing within the Desteni group – each walking by themselves and all of us walking together in equal support. It is going to take time, because there is much to correct on this earth and within ourselves to develop a world substantiated by integrity as what is best for all. I am on a Journey to understanding what Integrity means and what it means to live a life of integrity and this has only been possible because of the examples and support given unconditionally by the Desteni Group. There is no other group on Earth who has made it their goal to create a world that is best for all within an understanding that it is the responsibility of each of us to make that happen through a process of practical self-change within self-honesty. That is the journey to integrity – that is the journey to life.

“Now for those Adults that can Hear me, there is Support through the DIP Lite that will take you Progressively to a Restoration of your Natural Learning Ability as One of the outcomes. It is an Extensive Process to Restore the Breakdown that has taken place and it will take a Minimum of 7 Years just to Restore a Level of Integrity that is Sufficient so that When one Restores the Balance of your Being, the outcome of that can be truly Magnificent, Trustworthy and with Integrity, one that is Truly the Living Word, the Living Water and that can Walk the Principles Jesus already Indicated as a Solution for Earth, which is ‘Give as You would Like to Receive’ and ‘Do onto Another as You would Like to be Done onto’. Obviously within this, we have a Massive Task to Investigate All Things First to see All the Vocabulary that has become Biased and Contaminated by the Desire to Win, which is in short now Spiritualized as Energy and ‘Love and Light.’ “– Bernard Poolman

Investigate Desteni, investigate the forum where on is invited to write oneself out in self-honesty and where any questions regarding the Desteni Material will be answered by Destonians who are walking their own process. Visit the Destonian Network where videos and blogs are streamed daily. Suggest to also check out the Desteni I Process and Relationship courses as well as the FREE DIP Lite course


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