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earthinourhandsIs the Desteni Group the most dangerous group on Earth? Is the group plotting world-domination and a totalitarian regime? Through the last seven years, the Desteni Group has been accused for being everything from communist to a multi-level-marketing scheme to a neo-Nazi cult. The Group is frequently accused of being too spiritual, not spiritual enough, too religious, not religious enough, capitalistic, Christian, Elitists, socialistic, Satanic, too extreme, not extreme enough, hosting sex orgies, advocating asexuality, channeling demons – you name it, the Desteni group has it. There is virtually nothing that the group has not been accused of.

The more these accusations are thrown around, the stronger my resolve to stand with the group have become. Because when these accusations can be so fundamentally contradictory, it implies something about those accusing rather than those being accused. It shows me that we must be doing something right since we can rally up every last fear and inch of paranoia virtually possible within the human mind. I can furthermore testify that I have never in the five years I have been walking with Desteni, seen any of the above mentioned points of accusation having anything to do with what goes on in reality within the group. So how is it possible that these accusations are so contradictory and yet what we do within the Desteni group is in fact to embrace all the above-mentioned ‘labels’? This is what I will show you here.

What is unique and outstanding about the Desteni Group and the Equal Life Foundation is that we are an all-inclusive group of people. What does that mean?

It means that for example the changes within the political and economic systems that we are proposing within the Equal Life Foundation and with the Equal Money System and now the proposal of a Guaranteed Living Income System, are based on in-depth research of what kind of world-system would in fact be best for all humans on earth. So therefore we are proposing a system that includes everyone which means the elite, a system that provides solutions for the poor to get out of poverty, a system that considers how animals and plant-life can be supported – a system that is best for everyone. We are furthermore working with practicality in terms of actually researching how we can implement a new system in the fastest and smoothest way possible. This is also why we are not proposing utopian fantasies but instead present viable economic changes that virtually can be implemented directly and specifically to the mutual benefit of all.

This explains why no matter what we present, there will be those that come after the group and accuse us of being exclusive in nature – ironically because we in fact include everyone in the principles we are proposing as a new way of living together on earth.

What can be seen within this is how we have become so accustomed to the paranoia that we inflate in our minds towards each other in this world. It is close to impossible for us as human beings to conceive the possibility that a holistic solution can exist on earth that doesn’t scatter, separate, and exclude people or their individual interests. We have become so accustomed to protecting our paranoia through and within which we believe that we are protecting our own interests, while ironically doing nothing but both excluding others as well as ourselves from any real solution. Let us look at how this works: The Principle of Giving as one would like to Receive is what we at Desteni and the Equal Life Foundation are proposing as a basic living principle. This has been contorted and thwarted by humanity into a principle of paranoia that dictates that one should Take before others have a chance to take what one has – which creates a reality of lack. This lack starts out in the whirlpool of paranoia in our minds as a delusion but the more we participate in it, the more we cultivate it, the more it substantiates and eventually manifests as a form of actual lack in the physical reality. This is why poverty and starvation is not a ‘natural outflow’ of how life is being living on earth, no matter how much corporate capitalists and positive thinkers try to convince us otherwise. It is a man-u-factured, thus a man-made consequence that is entirely unnecessary which is clearly seen by the fact that scientists and researchers have shown that there is enough food for everyone on the planet – and yet still, people starve.

So this is why we in the Desteni Group and within the Equal Life Foundation are interested in a solution that is based on the principle of what is best for all. Because we understand that lack isn’t necessary and is possible to change through implementing the principle of Giving, as we would like to Receive as an actual functional economic solution to the problems we are currently facing on earth. When we thus at Desteni present the principle and the solution of equality we are apparently posing a threat to individuality and therefore the reaction manifested as a spread hail of accusations is nothing but a resistance to equality. Let’s discuss how:

When we look at how so-called individuality is currently manifested on earth, it actually takes the shape of humanity moving as a blob of brainwashed zombies believing they can shop their way to ‘uniqueness’ and ‘individuality’, whether in churches, meditation groups or clothing stores. Thus individuals aren’t even individuals in fact. Because where does all our so-called ‘creativity’ and ‘originality’ come from? Have a look – when has there last been a scientist, a philosopher a unique human being that stood out? Not for many years. We have reduced ourselves to a blob of babbling idiots screaming out slogans and parroted knowledge in the hopes of being the next star or the next Jesus that swoops in and saves the day.

So when someone comes along and says that all that we have ever built on this earth, all the landmarks and high-rises that are the pride of our apparent accomplishments as humanity is nothing but a big fat lie, there are bound to be reactions. Because it means that all that we have ever been as individuals, that all that we value and treasure in life as ‘special’ and ‘unique’ has equally been a big fat lie. It means we can’t trust anything we see on television or anything our politicians say. It literally means that we can’t trust a word our parents or friends have ever said to us – let alone the bullshit we spew in our own minds. So where does that leave us? Pretty goddamn fucked, wouldn’t you say?

This is where Desteni and the Equal Life Foundation and all the initiatives that we have launched throughout the past seven years distinguishes itself from all other organizations on the planet, whether religious, political or economic in nature. Because what we are saying and showing with great clarity is how we are all equally fucked in this reality. There is no one in particular that holds the single responsibility or blame for the state we have accepted and allowed the world and ourselves to be in. Everything has occurred through a process of accumulated consequences where we did not learn from our mistakes or go back to sort ourselves out, but instead kept piling on the lies, the deceit, the mistakes until we reached the point we are at now – a literally breaking point where the earth can’t handle anymore, where our physical bodies can’t handle anymore

We are thus all equally responsible and at the moment this is the only point of equality that exist. However we are not simply saying that we’re fucked and then leaving it at that. No – we are saying that there is a solution to the mess we are in. That the solution is to first and foremost understanding the point of equality as I’ve just explained it: we’re all on this sinking ship together. It’s not pretty and no one can save us from ourselves – but ourselves. Because within that understanding we can bring ourselves to the realization that to sort this mess out, the only solution is to transform our equality and our oneness as the total sum of our decisions and tacit agreements into a different way of living together on earth. And this include the neo-Nazis, the capitalists, the Christians, the Elite, the Socialists, the Communists, The Capitalists, the Light workers and everyone else defining and limiting themselves within a specific dogma or fraction of human nature in and as separation from the whole. This is what sets Desteni and the Equal Life Foundation apart from everyone else. The Desteni Group is in a fundamental sense; the most holistic organization there has ever existed on earth, because it excludes no one – neither from participation, nor from responsibility. No one is free until all are Free. And that is what makes us dangerous. Or perhaps it is that everything we have ever known to be true is in complete reverse? The real question is: do you dare to find out?

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