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bite-of-the-apple-desteni_thumbMy name is Anna Brix Thomsen. I am a 31-year-old female from Copenhagen, Denmark. I now live in Sweden where I work as a teacher. I have been walking with Desteni for five years, since the end of 2008.  Through these five years I have changed nearly everything about myself – and yet as I walk my process day by day I realize more and more how much about myself I still require changing. It is a process of humility – a process of becoming humble. Because before I found Desteni, I was a complete wannabe-spiritual-lightworker who believed in love and light and ascension and I was constantly trying to find a short cut to enlightenment, whether through drugs, relationships or various forms of spirituality. What I am realizing as I am walking my daily process with Desteni is that the only way to change oneself is through a process of getting to know oneself to understand how one has created oneself into and as an array of personalities and characters – and then literally change oneself practically and physically, point by point, moment by moment. I have realized that there are no quick fixes, for me or for the world. The same way we have created the world as it currently exist – as a total mess, a literal hell-hole, through eons of accumulation, it is the same way we have to deconstruct and recreate it – through a practical process of change that literally means turning every brick and stone and together deciding whether this is what is best for all or not.

When I joined Desteni my English proficiency was just above a high school level, quite possibly even below.  Now, five years later I have written my master’s thesis in educational sociology at a Danish University in English for which I received an A. I primarily write my blogs in English, I primarily read English books and in the process of walking with Desteni I have even moved to another country in which I am learning the native language; Swedish.

The words we use in the Desteni group are specific. And I have taught myself and I have been supported by those who walk with me and who have walked before me to expand my vocabulary exponentially. I have done so through writing and making videos where I have taken the words spoken or written and looked at them for myself – investigating my own relationship to these words and accordingly aligning myself to them in a way I could understand and comprehend clearly. Because when we speak or write words that we don’t actually understand, there is a disconnect going on within us, we become followers and it often leads to resentment, apathy and a feeling of being trapped. Therefore I walk a process of making sure that the words I write and speak are actual words that I can confirm for myself as being real and true – and I cross-reference them with others and check if they see the same as what I am seeing.

Many haters say that we at Desteni speak ‘Desteni lingo’ or that we are brainwashed because we use the same words, phrases and sentences. And of course if you are one of these haters – there’s little I can do or say to convince you otherwise and I am not going to. Because that would be the same as saying that your paranoia is real and valid and that I am going to play that ‘game’ with you. And I’m not. And to be clear, the reason why I call the people who claim that Desteni is a cult, haters, is because that is what they are. If you look at the language these people use, the tricks they use to disdain Desteni, it is obvious hate and deliberate slander. None of them have actually investigated us or what we are about in fact. They thrive and feed off of sensationalism and scandal just like the masses that they are a part of do. And understand that this is not to say that we at Desteni aren’t a part of the masses in this world. Of course we are, equally as one with everyone else. The difference is that we are seeing the deception and abuse within it for ourselves and are walking a process of stepping out of the brainwashing and paranoia that is the trademark of the masses to actually become self-directed individuals who are able to make the decision to create a world that is best for all.

So if you are one of these people who fears, loathes or hates Desteni and if you have actually gotten as far as this sentence in this blog-post, then I congratulate you for challenging your own preprogramming and daring to see beyond your preconceived paranoia. And I suggest that you now take a look at the thoughts and words that are being used to slander Desteni. Because within and behind them you will see the energy I am talking about: the nasty, spiteful words that in no way are written or spoken with the purpose of making the world a better place or supporting people in any way. It feels good in a sticky-sweet way like watching porn and ejaculating to someone being humiliated on your TV-screen. It’s the same form of satisfaction. And it is obviously laced with tremendous fear.

So when we at Desteni speak the same words it is because each of us has come to an independent understanding of the significance of the particular words used. The words we use are specific because they are the words we have seen for ourselves as relevant for the creation of a world that is best for all.

There is no ‘cult-leader’ or ‘inner circle’ that dictates what the group say or do. Unfortunately someone sometimes has to point things out, but that is actually not something I or we’d prefer – because that means that each person isn’t self-directed or self-willed but still exist within and as a frame of mind where they want someone else to tell them what to do. I work with this at a daily basis to push myself beyond my preconceived limitations to actually become a self-leading individual who through my example can assist and support others. The pinnacle of success of the Desteni group would be that the Desteni group isn’t needed or required to exist at all because all people of earth would stand up, alone and for themselves as well as together in the decision to change the world into a place that is best for all. Take for instance this phrase: ‘best for all’. This is not something we walk around saying just because someone else told us to.

‘Best for all’ is a phrase I was introduced to by Bernard Poolman (Desteni’s socalled ‘cult leader’) a couple of years ago within group chats and blogs as well as in conversations. At first I had trouble understanding what it meant. We talked about it and I wrote about it and I started investigating for myself what it actually means. I experienced a lot of resistance towards it. I feared that something would be taken away from me, that I wouldn’t be an individual anymore. So I directed myself to investigate and understand the phrase within and as myself, using my own words to write out and speak out my understanding of what ‘best for all’ means.

To give a practical perspective: in many blogs and comments where people ask about ‘best for all’ and what it means, I have used the example of clean drinking water. Common sense would be that a world that is best for all is a world where all water on earth is cared for, restored and purified so that each human being, animal and the earth itself has access to clean water. Why is this best for all? As we live in our western societies we often don’t notice how interconnected our lives are with the lives of everyone else. But imagine for a moment a village where the water supply has been destroyed by multi-national corporations who came and coaxed the people into appropriating their water supply with the promise of bringing money to build infrastructure and schools and thereby a new and bright future for the people in an otherwise poor region. These multi-national corporations are owned by westerners and for example produce palm oil that they extract through their activity in Africa or Asia. Their products make sure that you and me have access to cheap ice cream or body lotion or baby milk

But because of the exploitation and abuse of the natural resources to minimize costs and maximize profits in the west, the people of the countries in which the resources grow or are developed often have no choice but to either drink contaminated drinking water, get sick and die – or leave their home and seek for a new and better place to live. These people are often forced to migrate to other cities or countries where they often have no choice but to turn to crime to survive because they would be considered ‘illegal’ and not have any citizen rights. The consequence of this entire process of abuse of water resources could be the guy that steals your car or break into your house to find something to sell to provide food for his children. Or it could be a virus is mutated in the contaminated water that a person without knowing it carries with them to another country and by coincidence you come in contact with them and become infected and sick. Or it could be the level of toxicity and heavy metals in the oceans that fish then are forced to live in and eat, that ends up at your dinner table where your child eats the fish and develop an allergy or a changed hormone level that affects their growth and development.

This entire example ought to make it crystal clear that when we take care of our waters, our oceans, our rivers and ground water in a way that is best for all, it will be best for each individual as well. Because when we live in a way that is not best for all, life will be in one shape or form sooner or later: worst for all.

So as I have shown here, that which is ‘best for all’ at a real, physical and mathematically equitable level should be the primary principle within which we direct our lives here on earth. It is the basic foundation of an eco-system where all parts interact and are interconnected in an innate understanding that each part cannot live or thrive if the whole isn’t supported. Another example is the human body that is also a form of eco-system where each part functions to support the whole through their individual function or purpose. The heart for example cannot survive without the liver or kidneys. It is basic common sense and not some abstract philosophy or spiritual mumbo-jumbo. It is a real directive and living principle.

So as you can see, when we talk about ‘best for all’ it is not some fluffy jargon that we’re at Desteni simply spewing to sound eloquent or wise or trick people into giving us money just for the hell of it. It is a commonsensical and practical principle in an absolute sense. And we can see the consequences of us not living what is best for all at a daily basis exactly as I’ve shown.

So when haters taunt the Desteni group for using this expression, it is clear that they are in fact arguing for a world that IS NOT best for all. They haven’t even investigated what we are saying for themselves and looked at whether it makes sense or not. They have dismissed it because they are so caught in paranoia and fear and thirst for exciting energetic experiences through fantasizing about Desteni being an evil cult/pyramid scheme that they can’t even see how they are actually fighting against what is best for themselves. And if you have a look at what haters usually do: they argue for the continuation of the current system, they claim that the world we’re living in now is ‘okay’ and ‘fine’ and ‘normal’ and that Desteni is outrageous and crazy for suggesting that another way of living together on earth is possible.

All I can say is that every time I see a hater spew their words of taunt and spite, I see myself. I see the parts of myself that are so trenched in fear that I will fight tooth and nail to keep living in a bubble of delusion. I have done exactly the same as they do, to myself in my mind and to other people if they came close to exposing the truth of me. I understand now why I react to it the way I do. And I understand why haters hate. They do so because they are scared of facing themselves. They are scared of giving up the comforts of their delusions. I know this because I was exactly the same. So please understand: that this is not an ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ situation. It’s not a war or a fight. It is all ourselves. And I am here as the voice of reason that I have established within myself – where I, whenever I see that I am accepting and allowing myself to go into spite, jealousy or fear, stop myself and bring myself back to common sense. I work with this at a daily basis within myself. And so the time has come where I speak these words to the haters in the world that are a part of myself as the whole that is here: that I will no longer accept or allow myself to exist in spite or vengeance, that I walk a daily process of stopping participating in energetic gratification over watching sensationalist and scandal stories in the news. Every day I am committing myself to change myself from a person existing in total paranoia, delusion and self-interest to a being that is self-responsible and who in fact live in a way that is best for all.

Because what is best for all is common sense – exactly as I have shown in the examples above and NOT living what is best for all is unacceptable. Because as we can see every day as this world takes another turn for the worse, it will be our own demise if we don’t stand up, stop and change. There is simply no room for haters in this world, just like there is no room for hate in our minds if we are to change ourselves to become beings of dignity and common sense. And if these people had any thing of value to share, they wouldn’t have to use hate or taunting to do so. They would speak directly, concisely and clearly exactly as I am doing now. They wouldn’t have to invent nasty lies and slander to prove their point because they would be able to prove that what they are saying is true beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I have exposed myself publically on the Internet for five years. Basically everything I have done, felt, the mistakes I have made, the changes I have applied in my life are publically available for anyone to read or listen to. I have shown you my apartment; my cats, my thoughts, my feelings, my academic achievements and my addictions.

So if you want to come at me or come at Desteni – at least do your research. Prove that what we are saying is wrong – or fuck off. Because if you can’t prove that what we are saying is wrong, it simply shows that all you are out to do is to hate for the sake of hating. And none of us have time for that – not even you. The world is in such a state of distress as we have said and shown in the Desteni group for years, so what matters is that each of us get our heads out of our asses – so that we can stand up to make an actual impact in this world. If you are not interested in creating a world that is best for all, then don’t. We will continue – I will continue nonetheless. And there is no other agenda, no other purpose that is more important than that.

Join us or don’t – it’s your choice.

Artwork by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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