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In this post we are having another look at inverted totalitarianism but this time we are going to go even further and deeper into what that means to be a part of an inverted totalitarian system. In the previous post we discussed how inverted totalitarianism has become the predominant managerial system of our economic, social, political and physical lives on earth – orchestrated by consumer capitalism that generously spreads itself to the far corners of the globe to make sure that every child, woman, man and Chihuahua has the latest plastic gadgets and junk.

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In this post we are taking the ways inverted totalitarianism is manifested that we discussed in the previous post and having a look at how these are intrinsically existing within our very individual minds and bodies – and even more shocking: how we within the systems we allow to govern us inside our minds, are in fact collectively as individually creating the very world system of inverted totalitarianism as a direct reflection of our inner apparatus and machinery.

A totalitarian system is governed by a leader. Inverted totalitarianism is governed by the mass acting oppressive on itself. That is how it is in our minds as well. No single personality governs our mind, as there is a constant myriad of thoughts, emotions, feelings, impulses competing all at once. We might experience ourselves as a ‘solid singular identity’ but one simply has to look at how one changes that definition according to the environment one is in or the people that one is with. In other words: when you’re depressed that that’s WHO you are. When you’re in LOVE that’s WHO you are. And as such you’ll conclude that you are then a collected whole but in reality whiles you in and as the body is the common denominator, what resides within you is an array and multitude of persons.

The leader of the inverted totalitarian system is not its architect – but its product. This is no different from how we as humans walk around and talk and act like we are the bosses of our own bodies, lives and minds, as though the body is a dog we’ve got on an ever so tight leash and the mind is a child we’re taming – all the while we’ve got absolutely no direction over or understanding of what is going on inside of us. Our inner workings thrive on not taking responsibility – just like in the world system of inverted totalitarianism. We always find a way to blame others or to justify our own position and very seldom do we make the connection of seeing how our actions have consequences that reach far beyond our awareness.

Who then runs us like the corporations run the world? The thoughts do, the emotions does, the feelings do – our imagination does. Like giant billboards and advertisements and commercials and movies – our heads are full of indoctrinated information about how the world supposedly work and how we supposedly work – with word upon word loaded with secret agendas of the mind – the economics of emotions, feelings, desires, fears and experiences that has taken the wheel from any form of principled or political inner management system. No, our principles are for show as opinions where we regurgitate others opinions that we believe will serve us best so that we can maximize profit, live the longest and having the most money and sex. This is no different from how politics have become completely the servant for the economic elite in the current world system of inverted totalitarianism. But how is it possible that the exact same system exists within and even come from our own very heads?

Could it be that we are so powerful as individuals and collectively, that we can change the system and the world through changing ourselves? Could it then also be that we collectively known and have made a collective agreement to forget and to pretend like we don’t know who we are or who’s really in charge of the world?

Inverted totalitarianism means that it exists from within and out – in other words that we are literally walking around with an entire totalitarian system inside our heads. And we don’t realize it, we are not consciously aware of it because that is a mechanism that has been installed within the very system: The belief that we are acting in free will and that we are not responsible for the consequences of what is here on earth. This is no different than the North Korean’s belief in the Kim family’s godlike powers or the thought control carried out in the movie The Island.

The thought control work because we make it work, we want it to work. Remember that the politicians and the elite of this world are people none the less – they are part of our pack. It is not us vs. them because we are them, they are us. So a very relevant question that must be asked is why we would create a world with a super-elite sitting on all the money while driving the earth and its inhabitants to its rapid destruction. What is it that we as meat-puppets are getting out of such a system, considering how we collectively have agreed to it and daily are holding it in place through our very minds and bodies?

The answer is nothing and everything. Because what is running the world, is the system itself. What is running us, is the system itself. See – we created a system to take care of life for us, to kill for us, fight for us, live for us and suffer the consequences for us. And in giving it our power – we became its slave. You can’t have power and not be held responsible for the consequences. But that’s how we as humanity has been living, as though someone else is in charge that sooner or later will come and clean up the mess we’ve made, not unlike a teenager throwing a party while the parents are away.

And so the super elite are really a part of us – that’s why we accept them. That’s why we allow them to run the show. Because inside of us same entity resides of greed and fear that has no regard for anything but its own ability to make profit – to be more, to have more. And inside of us the system is governed by emotions, feelings, energetic experiences – and by fear. And as such, just like the inverted totalitarian system keeps the population in check through fear and entertainment, so do we keep ourselves in check through our minds. We run war stories and conspiracy stories and tragedies inside our heads, always with us as the main character. And so we use imagination and fantasies to terrify and soothe ourselves. And the only one getting something out of this mental spectacle is the mind itself, feeding off of the life energy that we produce – just like the capitalist system feeds off of the earth, the animals and the people for no other reason than to sustain itself and grow.

Chris Hedges mentioned how the inverted totalitarian system works through a constant assault of the stability of people’s lives to keep them in suspense of fear, constantly making up new enemies of war to be conquered. We do the same to ourselves in our minds in the endless hours we spend fearing that others won’t like us, that we’re not good enough, thinking about ‘what if’ this or that happens, literally rattling ourselves to exist in a constant state of fear, to which the only remedy is to sink into the soothing lights of the flickering TV screen or the comfort of our own imagination. We participate in wars against our spouses, co-workers and even strangers in our minds. Whatever we do ‘out there’ on the real physical battle field we did it in our minds first. And then we did it again and again and we saw others doing it and then we started living it out because we started accepting it as ourselves and then we started justifying it – and then we went to war on life. We ARE the self-consuming machines of death.

Our inverted totalitarian systems in our minds uses the same ambiguity and paradox that is used by the global media. This can for example be seen in how we try to sort out our emotional issues through manifesting different emotions or how we try and think our way out of our minds with the result of mind-fucking ourselves even further.

Our values and the ‘free choice’ we hold so dearly becomes about deciding between different laundry detergents that contain the same environmentally disastrous content but with different labels. And so we value our opinions and we gladly express our opinions as though that in any way has an actual physical impact on the world – we do so both verbally in the company of other people and in the company of our own minds.

As such the advertising and media industry that feed off of our desires for MORE is created in our image and likeness – not as some evil empire that has nothing to do with us. We’ve created it for ourselves collectively as a species to ensure that our minds and bodies would constantly be occupied. And the real kicker is that there is no good reason. There is no mysterious or wonderful reason for all of this. We created a system – the mind – to run life for us so that we could sit back and not have to lift a finger while cashing in all the good stuff and that’s what it did.

Politicians are therefore also our true representatives. They serve our interests of pretending to care about life while not giving a shit. They are the scape goats we have manufactured to have someone to blame – just like we blame god and each other for the mess we’re in. And just like we blame the elite for being greedy.

The elite of this world might be greedy and obtuse. But they are only that way because we are that way. It only takes one long hard self-honest look inside ourselves to realize that this is true. As such the elite is a part of us that have run amok into a total state of self-delusion. They don’t see what they are doing, they don’t care. They have become psychopaths and sociopaths from having all that money, sometimes for many generations. They’ve lost total contact with reality and with the dignity of life. This can clearly be seen in how a minute elite is running the entire world and earth into destruction. Normal, sane people don’t do stuff like that. And again, if we look deep within ourselves – we will see their reflection looking back at us with a tootpaste white grin and empty eyes.

So it is up to those of us who have a grain of sanity left – to muster the self-will to create a new system of governing inside ourselves first and foremost. We got to get to understand in detail and specificity how our minds operate and how our minds and bodies have become intertwined. We got to understand also how we created this mess in the first place. And then we got to place a new leadership in office inside our heads – a leadership of practical, physical self-honesty and consideration of what is best for us. This is no different than the heroin addict coming out of rehab and having to realign to a new way of living where the thirst for heroin is not the predominant experience. It takes time and practice and getting used to a different way of directing oneself. And then we can begin the process of changing our world systems accordingly – as we in ourselves stand as examples of principled governing, of not giving into the temptations of short-sighted desires that have long-term consequences.

We have to help the elite – not the other way around. Forgive them for they have sinned and they know not what they have done. Just like we didn’t – which is why the elite exist in the first place. But the elite is – because of their amount of money – often too far gone to be able to listen to reason. Just like our own greed and desire and fear won’t listen to reason. You can’t bargain with fear or desire can you? They simply can’t see what they are doing because they’ve got no contact to reality anymore of what’s really going on, on earth. Therefore we have to help them through first sorting our own inner society out and our own living environment and then through standing together as examples of a new form of rationality that is not based on school of thought but on practical, real time assessment of consequences. We need to wash our brains clean of all the lies and deceit we’ve been feeding ourselves through the course of human history. We do that at Desteni at a daily basis, so you’re welcome to join us. We also do that through sharing our realizations and listening to people like Chris Hedges and other voices of common sense which is imperative so that we can break the veil of delusion. We do so through investigating what is actually going on, on earth through independent documentaries and articles and books but also through beginning a process of introspection and self-investigation in self-honesty in having a look at: how am I responsible for what is here and how can I change in such a way that the world changes with me?

“Engage the problem to understand the problem. Place yourself in all positions to gain a multi dimensional understanding. Observe where you have an interest you want to protect and why you want to protect it and justify your position. For instance – with money – place yourself with little money having to buy food and educate your children, then increase the money and see how your choices change –and then have a lot and see how you change – and then have equal money –enough for all and see why it is you are unable to give to others, yet you want for yourself – why this need to be better exist when it is not based in reality, but rather in an obsession to judge others, in an obsessive idea of inequality that makes you fear others will abuse you if there is equality – then find it in you to correct yourself to transcend the fears that you use to justify inequality –remembering the various conditions you have experienced through your imagination –now you have learned an effective way to use imagination—to understand how others live, without you having to go through it directly –make this experience valuable by changing that within you that cause others to suffer and then you will experience enlightenment and the world will become a better place when you make sure your experience that you integrate of a world where all have enough, becomes the world system in education, economics, education, politics, healthcare –we all have the capacity to teach ourselves –once we have removed our own justifications and fear of others as equals” – Bernard Poolman

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