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A couple of days ago, my partner and I went to the bed-supply store to get new cover mattresses for our bed. The reason being that I am allergic to dust and for the last few months I’ve woken up every morning with allergies. And since we bought our bed second hand I have wanted to buy new mattresses to see if this could assist with my allergies. Now – before getting to the part about how to perform CPR on our inner consumer zombies how and bring ourselves back to life, there is one point I’d like to share. But if you can’t wait, I’ve placed a suggestion at the bottom of the post.

I’ve always had simplistic beds, a box mattress or something. Now we’ve upgraded to a ‘grown up’ bed. And apparently it is not enough with a bed frame and a mattress. No sir, you need cover mattresses and even covers for those mattresses because as the lady in the store explained, they prefer if you don’t wash them. So we got those. And then you need one set of sheets for the bottom mattress and another special kind of sheet for your new top mattress. And there are 17.000 different kinds of sheets and mattresses and I’ve actually looked around in the store on several previous occations where I got so totally confused by all these different sheets and mattresses that I left. But not this time.

And we don’t even have all the other kinds of fancy stuff that I’ve seen in American movies with bedspreads and bedposts and pillows you never use but put up and down the bed constantly and this little wall behind the bed I don’t get the purpose of. Phew.

And you know what? This is all one big bed-product scam. Who the fuck needs all these sheets and specialized mattresses to fit the right sheets? No one. Besides those who profit from it. The bed-product-scam-artists. That’s who. I would really enjoy being able to have one mattress with one sheet but I do get the point to a certain extent of who everyone’s needs are different and how it is cool to be able to wash the top mattress if it gets dirty. But still. It is a little overkill on the bed-product-inventions. Now you can’t even buy bedding without having to have a Ph.D. in the different kinds of linen that exist. And of course I got the wrong one. I could get three of the corners of one of the sheets I bought to fit, but the fourth corner just wouldn’t stick to the mattress. Luckily for me I bought two sheets.And as such is the modern day fairytale of the princess on the pea. It’s all about the money.

Anyways – back to the survival tips for consumer zombies:

So as we were in the shop and had gotten our stuff, in a smash-and-grab find of fashion, I happened to walk by the duvet-cover section of the store, which happened to be located right next to the check-out counter and therefore hard to miss, not unlike the candy section in the supermarkets. And there they were all the pretty little duvet-covers and pillow-covers. Oh my! In all colors and even a special Easter selection in oranges and yellows. I was smitten. As a matter of fact I had felt the desire for the duvet-covers even before we left for the store, but I am only realizing that now that I am bearing my confession here. So I came to the stop to buy bed products (which I needed at a practical level because of my allergies) and I felt an ‘urge’ to buy duvet covers (Which I did not practically need as we already have fully functional duvet covers, albeit in different colors).

I bought the duvet covers and as we were walking out of the shop I realized that I had, as I looked at the covers, (which I realize now was even before I ever saw them) I had seen an image of my bed with the covers on in the future, as though buying these duvet covers would provide me with a totally new life or life experience, the duvet covers representing a ‘perfect life’ with ‘perfect duvet covers’, like DUH! Lol. So I applied self-forgiveness as we walked home as I have been writing about my ‘money character’ over the last few months in my Danish blog, I’ve realized how extensively we are affected by advertisements. Because check it: Somewhere along the way I’ve seen that commercial over and over, you know the commercial or the billboard ad with the perfectly made bed and the perfect couple laughing with perfect white teeth. But then as I applied self-forgiveness I realized that the duvet covers are simply duvet covers, something that serves a practical purpose and thus if I am buying it to get an experience or a better life, then I am buying a lie. I am literally paying money to life on a lie.

I’ll share here some of the self-forgiveness that I’ve written in my Danish blog that I’ve translated to give further perspective on this point.

I forgive myself for having allowed and accepted myself not to see, realize and understand how I have embedded the images I’ve seen in commercials and ads into me through fantasies where I’ve created desire and a want to have what I think is in the advertising image, like seeing a happy couple on a beach, for example, as though it is a real image of a real couple while the image is in fact connected to certain fantasies through suggestive impulses such as words, that people then integrate into themselves or try to squeeze themselves into the image and thus I forgive myself for having allowed and accepted myself to believe that I can actually push myself into advertising images and therefore have been disappointed and feel inferior when I cannot like I don’t fit the image – instead of seeing, realizing and understanding that the reason why I can’t fit into an image is because I am alive and real in the flesh while the image is a picture as a snapshot and a still that is not actually alive

And I forgive myself for having allowed and accepted myself to believe that the only way I can get that which the picture represents, as a fantasy or a dream, is by buying the product the image is advertising for and thus I forgive myself for have allowed and accepted myself to have allowed me to be controlled 100% by the suggestiveness of the advertising images I see to such an extent that I no longer notice how I do not buy the products I buy from free will but only from the fantasies based on advertising images I have seen as I have simply integrated these into me without even being aware of what I am doing

I forgive myself for having allowed and accepted myself secretly desire to have an elitist life with lots of money and it comes with having lots of money as expensive cars, clothes and food, and I forgive myself for having allowed and accepted myself to secretly fantasize about being rich and how being rich would change my perception of myself and how wonderful life would be if I were rich

I forgive myself for having allowed and accepted myself to believe that having money would make me happy and would change me as a person because I have believed that the pictures I’ve seen that would become reality if I just bought the products and thus I could get the life that I saw in the pictures, instead of seeing, realize and recognize that the images simply played on my fantasies and my fantasies used the images to be stimulated but none of it was real

I forgive myself for having allowed and accepted myself to have created a fantasy of seeing my partner and I (a fantasy partner that looks like a tall dark haired business man) comes out of a big car in a parking space at a supermarket where I also look like a completely different person, a tall dark-haired supermodel woman – and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have thought that if only I had enough money I would be able to live the fantasy out – instead of actually stop and slow down inside me and see, realize and understand that this fantasy is based on a picture that I have seen in an add mingled with an actual memory where I was standing at a supermarket and saw a couple like those in the image in my head who displayed the attitude I saw and the clothes they had on and so thought was happy advertising picture people

Thus I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize or understand how I wanted the image-fantasy to be real, so I superimposed it onto the couple I saw on the parking lot coming out of the car and thus only saw what I wanted to see in a snapshot moment that I then integrated into me and used to fuel the fantasy of becoming rich while I did not in any way take the time to look at or observe the real human beings – all I saw was my fantasy

And within this, I also forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that just because there are people who are able to copy the images from the advertisements – does not mean that the people from the advertisements and thus their perfect life, really exist – because the people who are able to copy such ads are only seen as snapshots too, for example in the supermarket parking lot – which means that one does not see them in their everyday life, which even for the richest person on the planet – is not pretty or picture perfect

I forgive myself for having allowed and accepted myself not to see, understand and understand that there is absolutely no connection between the images and fantasies and actually lives like there’s no connection is between purchasing products to achieve the life that is shown a picture – it’s all a big lie.

So how to stop being a consumer zombie? Next time you feel the ‘urge’ to buy a product, stop for a moment and have a look inside yourself: did an image pop up in your mind right before the urge came up, where you saw yourself in the future with the product + connected to an energetic experience of for example ‘happiness’ or ‘freedom’ or ‘adventure’ or ‘comfort’ or ‘success’? Then you can have a look at where you’ve seen this image before, for example in an advertisement. Realize that you’ve integrated that image into your mind and have connected the image to the product to the expectation of a certain experience, which is what makes you want to buy the product. Also remind yourself how, as soon as you’ve bought the product it becomes ‘part of you’ or part of your life and soon loses its promise of a new life experience. Then also realize that the only one thing that can change how you experience yourself is yourself. Advertisers prey on our addiction to images because that’s what we pay them for. To sell us a lie. Then one can simply change one’s relationship to buying products to a practical one of considering what one requires in the moment and whether it is best to purchase a certain product. Simplistic. For more support and perspectives join us at the Desteni forum.  For extended context to the point of what it means to be a consumer zombie and how we’ve become consumer zombies, I recommend watching the Century of the Self documentary.

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