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Sex trafficking is really just a fancy word for slavery specialized in sex. It is not new, it has been happening since the beginning of mankind. It is happening because of who we have allowed ourselves to become. Now it is time to stop. And to stop sex trafficking, we got to stop and change who we are as humanity.

In the previous blog post we discussed migrant domestic workers. In this blog post we will discuss another phenomenon that, to some extent, has been created through globalization and that has to do with migratory movements around the globe. As information technology has developed and borders have opened up through commercialization it has become easier to travel from country to country. As such we have especially over the last two decades increasingly heard about the phenomenon of sex trafficking. However – it is only at the surface level that globalization as we know it today is the cause. Because people have enslaved and trafficked other people since the beginning of mankind. It is simply easier and cheaper now.

What is Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking is much more widespread and common than most people are aware of. It happens in all countries around the globe. Sex trafficking is when a vulnerable person (often a young girl or boy) is being moved from one place to another by an abuser either unwillingly or through being deceived and manipulated or made dependent upon the abuser – and thus by force – for the purposes of being sold for sex, most often to men in Europe or America, but also in Latin America, Australia, Africa and Asia.

More explicitly child trafficking is defined in Article 3 (a) of the UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children (adopted by the UN General Assembly Resolution 55/25 of November 15, 2000) as “… the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation”, and where “Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs.”

To show how widespread and diverse sex-trafficking is, here are examples of the various types of sex-trafficking that occurs today all over the world of every minute of every day. I’ve added loads of links to documentaries and articles on each topic so that those interested in getting more insight into sex-trafficking can do so.

Before continuing I will here share some important educational material from the Eqafe team on sex that will place the question of why sexual trafficking exists into full context:


Domestic sex trafficking

When people think of sex trafficking they often think about girls from Eastern Europe who have been lured by a pimp to be a prostitute in another country. But a new epidemic has emerged that is rapidly spreading, especially in the U.S. Vulnerable girls, often from poor areas with troubled or absent parents and even minors are lead on by older boys and men who sweet talk them with words of love and protection and material gifts such as food, jewelry and clothes. They get under the girls skin and pretend to be their boyfriends for a couple of days or weeks or however long it takes to gain the girl’s trust and emotionally manipulate her into dependency and guilt. This is a very common form of self-trafficking and it devastates these girls’ lives.

Very Young Girls is a documentary about girls often under the age of 16 who has been sex-trafficked through a pimp or boyfriend into prostitution and sexual slavery

Internet sex trafficking

In recent years, the actual buying and selling of girls has started taking place online which makes it much harder for law enforcement agencies to intervene, none the least because sex trafficking rings are trans-national. This documentary shows how the internet is the modern market place for buying and selling underage sex slaves: Child Sex Trafficking on the Internet- “Selling the Girl Next Door” Documentary. Article on how Sex traffickers reach girls via social media

Sex trafficking of children

To be clear, children are AS exposed to sex trafficking as adult women are, often more so. And here we are speaking about children from the age of newborn and until 13 -15 of age. In the documentary Empowerment or Exploitation: Life as a Sex Worker two adult women share the brutal stories of how they were sex-trafficked as children. Several impoverished countries such as Cambodia, Nepal and Romania has become known as literal child sex paradises where men from richer countries in Europe and the U.S go to have sex with young girls and boys. But even countries such as Belgium and Denmark that are supposedly highly ‘civilized’ and ‘well educated’ has had several cases of extreme sexual abuse of children including the Belgium child-sex ring that was exposed in 2002. 16 men and 2 women were arrested.  Even children placed into foster care are not safe as the following article is evidence of: Foster care sex trafficking: Pimps, labor contractors targeting youth in Florida foster care system. Another story exposes Child Sex Tourism and Child Sex Trade in Third World Countries

Despite common beliefs, sex trafficking and sex slavery does not only happen to girls and women. It also happens to boys. Boys from impoverished countries and poor areas of wealthier countries are particularly vulnerable because they are more desperate and therefore more likely to believe a stranger that offers them a new life with lots of money but also because there is no social security system, no adults that can or will take action if something happens to the boys. Even if the parents want to, they often can’t because they themselves are in dire situations. This documentary for example is about how poor boys in Afghanistan are forced to dance and have sex with men: The Dancing Boys Of Afghanistan  and this article speaks about global sex-trafficking of boys:  Male victims of sex trafficking.

When parents sell their own children

Another occurrence that has been emerging in the media over the last decades is parents who knowingly sell their children to sex traffickers or pimps. Few of these parents do so because they get sexual gratification out of it and those are mostly fathers (or mothers) in western countries, but the vast majority is poverty stricken families often with more than one child, who make the decision to sell their child to survive. Here are some of these stories:

Child Sex Ring Scandal: 5-year-old abuse victim returned to ‘pimp mother’

Parents Who Pimp Their Children


Parents indicted for human trafficking – May 20, 2011


People often say when they hear about stuff like sex trafficking that “I can’t believe something like this is still happening”. Such a statement indicates that people believe that the world has changed for the better and that we are now so consciously and morally evolved that we – as humanity – no longer act in such barbaric ways. Not so. The truth of the matter is that there was not a time where we ever stopped being barbaric. We simply became better at deceiving ourselves and thereby also each other into believing that a form of civilized and moral society had been accomplished. Because obviously if you walk the streets of any western capital in the tourist areas at daytime you see a ‘perfect world’ of concrete and lights, but right beneath the surface, there are cockroaches and sex slaves.

There are two reasons why sex trafficking exists:

One is because of who we has become as humanity as greedy, self-interested people addicted to positive experiences. This is what creates the DEMAND for sexually trafficked people. The other is because of the world system we have created based on our human nature of self-interest where what rules the movement of money and resources on earth, is individual greed and self-interest. This is also why it is so difficult to stop, because the main priority of the world system is for everyone to serve their own self-interest. This system is what is responsible for the SUPPLY of sex slaves through impoverished regions with desperate people who are willing to do anything to survive and cynical handlers who will trade in people for a buck.

So – The solution to stopping sex trafficking is twofold. We require stopping the demand for sex slaves through redefining what sex is, what pleasure is, what consent and free will means. And to do that we require reeducating ourselves as humanity to stop living for our own self-interest, because it is clearly not working in the best interest of all of humanity or even for ourselves as individuals. We require a new psychology that to a greater extent can explain the patterns through which we grow up to become self-interested zombies that live to chase the next fix of feel-good-experiences.

We require a new system that is not based on everyone fighting each other to survive where some can exploit others and enslave them using promises of money. Such a system is what we are suggesting with Equal Money Capitalism. Through an Equal Money capitalistic system we can ensure that everyone can pursue their happiness but at the same time make it so that no one else is hurt in the process and that people who are vulnerable such as children, are at all times protected. Why will sex trafficking end in Equal Money Capitalism? Because we value life over profit. Because we value the life of all over the individual pleasure of some. Because we value life as equal for all.


The rewards of stopping sex trafficking is that no one ever again have to be forced into sexual slavery through desperate living conditions. The reward is a real expressive sexuality that is not based on automated addictions that people can’t control and where they abuse others in the process just to get an energetic kick. And by abusing others we are also here speaking about rape of children and infants and people being sexually slaved for years without end until they are killed. Parents will no longer have to worry about their young being lured by pimps posing as boyfriends and families won’t be forced to sell their children to survive.

Because in an Equal Money Capitalistic system we will protect each other and we will protect our children and make sure that no harm comes to them. Why? Because we will change what we prioritize in life, as individual agreements with ourselves to change and at a global and national level. Consider living in a world without sexual trafficking. It is possible.  But it requires all of us to make it happen, because if we don’t change, it will continue until we do.

Other documentaries on sex trafficking

  • Lilya 4-Ever from 2002 is a movie about a young girl who becomes sex trafficked from Eastern Europe to Sweden
  • Lilet Never Happened  from 2012 is about child sex trafficking in Manila, the Philippines
  • Flesh The Movie
    From their website: “Slavery.  In the past.  Human trafficking.  Over there.  FLESH a shocking documentary, calls into question our definitions of slavery, human trafficking, and prostitution in the United States.  This is a story told by girls who have escaped and by those still enslaved.  It is told by former and current pimps.  It is told by the abolitionists of today, including numerous directors of non-profit organizations, a former U.S. Ambassador, LAPD vice and the L.A. City Task Force on Human Trafficking.
  • Cameras capture prostitutes on the streets of Los Angeles and reveal the heartbreaking reality of “The Game”. Even more compelling are the stories of these former prostitutes, who tell of the atrocious ways they were enslaved physically and psychologically.  They tell their stories of being trafficked in the U.S. and the moving stories of how they escaped.  FLESH goes behind the scenes of the third largest criminal industry that preys upon girls, whose average age of entry is twelve to fourteen.”
  • The Day My God DiedWatch on YouTube here
    From their website: “The Day My God Died is a feature-length documentary that presents the stories of young girls whose lives have been shattered by the child sex trade. They describe the day they were abducted from their village and sold into sexual servitude as, “The Day My God Died.”
  • The film provides actual footage from the brothels of Bombay, known even to tourists as “The Cages,” captured with “spy camera” technology. It weaves the stories of girls, and their stolen hopes and dreams, into an unforgettable examination of the growing plague of child sex slavery.”
  • PBS Frontline: Sex Slaves – Watch on YouTube: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
    From their website: “An undercover journey deep into the world of sex trafficking, following one man determined to rescue his wife — kidnapped and sold into the global sex trade.”
  •  Not For Sale : The Documentary
    From their website: “Based on the book Not For Sale by David Batstone, covers what modern-day abolitionists are doing to fight the rampant terrors of human trafficking in the US and abroad. Traveling over 120,000 miles across five continents, Producer and Director Robert Marcarelli and his film crew gathered undercover footage on this billion-dollar industry and interviewed the heroes that are determined to see it end. Not only does the film expose harsh realities, but it also breathes new hope into the issue by documenting the valiant work of contemporary emancipators and the practical steps they’ve taken to mount an anti-slavery movement. Stories told by the people who’ve lived them, these compelling accounts aim to inspire individuals to practical action. It’s time the world knew the realities of slavery. It’s time to spread the word that a new era for Abolitionists is at hand.”
  •  Lives for Sale
    From their website: “A one-hour investigative documentary exposes the painful, rarely seen human side of illegal immigration – including the growing black market trade in human beings”


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