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Do you teach your children to live a lie? How do you know that you’re not? When did you learn to live on a lie? What kind of world does our lies create?

Here I am continuing with the final part (for now) of the series on how movies and fairytales have influenced me as a child and in general how and why movies and fairytales are created the way they are. In this blog post I am continuing with writing self-corrective statements and realizations on the point of how movies such as the Disney movie Bambi is deliberately created to instigate and impulse specific characters and experiences in the children that watch the movies.

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I see, realize and understand that I as the creators and designers of indoctrination/brainwashing tools such as children’s movies and stories have accepted and allowed myself to deliberately create a story where the point of identification is with the animals portrayed as ‘innocence of life’ and where the humans are portrayed as vicious, brutal and depersonalized

I see, realize and understand how I’ve created the point of identification with the animals and the point of separation from the humans like a message to that part of me that is ‘beingness’ like animals, the spark of life inside ourselves as ‘the innocence of life’ that we the humans, as the mind as a program are in full control over life and that we best run and focus on our survival through procreation and thus within and as that, this is a representation of how I as the innocence of life as all have accepted and allowed myself to accept myself as inferior to the mind – within fear of not surviving and within the desire to ‘become more’ through procreation and experiences such as relationships of ‘love’ and ‘friendship’ and ‘family’ not seeing, realizing and understanding how the two are intertwined and interdependent

So I see, realize and understand how I’ve used animals as a representation of innocence and enslavement and inferiority as how I’ve defined myself as the mind in relation to the physical as life, to deliberately suppress myself and hold myself onto fear of not surviving and at the same time separate myself from that part of myself that is abusive, thus hold onto that part of myself within and as my secret mind thus keeping myself separate from and as inside myself

I commit myself to show and expose how we’ve created movies, advertisements, stories and other manifestations of constant external impulsing through which we’re holding ourselves separate from ourselves, separate from ourselves as the physical as life through instilling fear inside ourselves through which we’ve deceived ourselves into believing that we’re dependent upon relationships to survive and as such enslave ourselves accordingly without ever getting to know ourselves and on the other hand where we separate from ourselves as the mind, as that which we’ve abdicated ourselves to that has become our human nature as we abuse and exploit what is here as life through deliberately keeping who we are secret and hidden from ourselves – exactly as in the Bambi movie

I see, realize and understand that the reason why I have accepted and allowed myself to be directly brainwashed and impulsed by movies such as Bambi, is because I have accepted and allowed myself to be born onto this earth without questioning what is here or how the world works at all where I on the contrary have accepted that whoever was here before me, has the prerogative and authority in knowing more about the world and how the world works than I do as well as accepting whatever is presented to me as real and valuable and within and as this I see, realize and understand how I, because I completely accepted everything that was presented to me, have accepted and allowed myself to accept the world as it currently exists where we’re living on a lie and thus accept and allow myself to live on a lie and continue to carry on the lie equally as one

I see, realize and understand how I, within simply accepting what is here as what has been presented to me as how the world works and how relationships between people work, as what is presented to me, as real and valuable, have accepted and allowed that all life exists as and consist of is a constant run for survival and a desire to create more of myself, literally through relationships and procreation where I’ve accepted and allowed myself to be and become completely obsessed with relationships, sex and creating a family constantly with an undercurrent of fear of not surviving, not seeing, realizing or understanding how that fear and desire is what constantly drives me essentially towards nothing but my death and the death of everyone and everything all the time, while we’re missing completely out on what life is in fact

I commit myself to show that the way we’re currently living on earth and the life that we are supporting and promoting and teaching our children to live and that this is what is real and valuable, is in fact not life at all, but merely the merry-go-round of desire for more/surviving and fear of not surviving and I commit myself to show that we’ve build an entire industry of consumerism through which we’re constantly impulsing this to ourselves so as to keep ourselves veiled within self-deception and that the children are the ones who are exposed to this the most forcefully as we deliberately brainwash them into living the same lie we’re living so as to not risk that our lie is exposed and we’d have to face ourselves behind who we are as the lie – which is not pretty or meaningful or loving, but in fact meaningless and destructive and abusive in every way

I commit myself to, through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application disengage myself from the dependency I’ve created in/through/as my mind towards relationships with others that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to define myself according to and based on through and within which I’ve completely disregarded and annihilated my relationship with/within/as myself that I did not even care about because I accepted and defined it as completely irrelevant towards living effectively on this earth – which was supported and impulsed by for example through having watched Bambi and based on the combination of the story and how the movie is designed within its scripts and its characters, the visual element of the drawings and images and then how I accepted it as real and valuable

I commit myself to assist and support myself through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application to become a human being that stands as an example of how we’re not dependent upon relationships to live and how it is not relationships that define us or determines our existence – except for the physical relationships of all life that is here on earth

I see, realize and understand that I through me accepting as I came into this world that whatever is here as this world is acceptable and real and valuable within and as accepting myself as inferior because I accepted that children are inferior to adults, have accepted and allowed myself to become that exactly the same adult that lives on a lie and that promotes living on a child to children, without even questioning it when I am with children because I’ve equally accepted and allowed myself to not question myself – and as such I see, realize and understand that I as an adult that is responsible for showing children how the world works and how to live effectively in and as this world have failed my responsibility and instead of showing children how the world works in fact and what is here in fact and how to live effectively in this world in a way that is best for all as what should be the normal and natural way that adults stand as examples for – I have showed them to live on a lie, to be preoccupied with illusions and stories and fairytales, exactly as I have done myself

And I see, realize and understand that because I don’t actually know how the world works myself, yet have placed myself in a position of superiority based on the belief that adults are immanent authorities in the world because they’ve been here longer, exactly as I did when I was a child, I have deceived children exactly as I have deceived myself and exactly as I’ve allowed myself to be deceived by adults as a child, into believing that I know what I am talking about when I show and share and explain how the world works and what is important in this world and what is valuable – so as to not lose face or lose my position as superior that I’ve created for myself in my mind, through which I would have to admit in self-honesty than no one in fact in this world knows what is going on or how the world works and as such I would have to face that there is no order or meaning in this world and that everything I’ve ever believed in was a lie

I commit myself to show parents and teachers and adults in general as the ones who are responsible for showing children how the world works and how to live effectively, as I assist and support myself to understand, see and realize that the way we’re currently educating children and showing them how the world works, is literally and directly teaching them to live on a lie and to deny who they are in self-honesty, and to suppress themselves and to not create a relationship with themselves or rely on themselves and that only through creating and depending upon relationships with other people can they survive and live and even be and I commit myself to show that the consequence of this is that we’ve created a fake rotten world upon this earth where we’re pretending that everything is fine and that we know what we’re doing and that the way we’re living is what is best – when it is in fact not

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