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If you have been following my blogs lately, you’ll know that I’ve been writing about fairytales and Disney movies within opening up for myself the extent to which such points of information and entertainment has in fact affected me in how I created ‘who I am’ as a character in life.  Now – this is not to say that I have now opened up and released all points existent within me with regards to the effect fairytales and movies have had on me, because quite the contrary I see that I am only just getting started in unveiling the deception that I’ve cast upon myself like a veiling spell creating all sorts of illusions and  stories that I’ve come to define myself according to. It has furthermore come to my attention how engrained it is in education of children to simply tell them stories without any reference to reality. After I had written out the posts on fairytales I went to work with children which is quite convenient since I had a chance to test my realizations and I was surprised how ‘difficult’ I experienced it to do something with the children that was not based on stories and fantasies. So it is cool that I have the opportunity to test also the self-correction that I will be posting in the following posts in my work. I’ll be sure to share my realizations and findings as I walk.

If you’ve not yet read the previous posts, here is a recap of the series I have been walking and an introduction to the final part of this series.

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In the following parts of this blog series I will focus on three points that has come up through my writings on the Bambi movie and how I through this have opened up for myself the extent to which ‘who I am’ has been formed and influenced by the information introduced to me as a small child. The stories and movies played a particular role because of the frequency of them, which is like literal brainwash for a small child to understand and interpret the world in a particular way. When I started writing about fairytales and lately about the Bambi movie I had not realized how extensively I have been influenced. When I’ve said that the movies and stories are like scripts for who we become as characters in our life it is not merely a metaphor. The movies and stories ARE in fact scripts through which we place ourselves into specific characters – just like advertisement and song lyrics and the news affects us day by day keeping the veil up that guards our illusionary selves from facing the reality of what is here as life on earth. I also realized the way especially movies are designed one will identify with the main character of the movie and place oneself in the position of the main character and through this integrate one’s interpretation of this character into and as oneself. The three points that I’ve found to be the main points in these writings are:

1) The exact ways that I’ve allowed myself to be influenced by the Bambi movie specifically as I have written about in the previous posts in particular about my relationship towards my mother and how I started fearing to lose her within fearing to be all alone in the world and turned to creating relationships focusing on procreation to survive. Finally also my fear of losing my mother in a fire based on having watched the fire in Bambi.

2) The extent to which I’ve been influenced by stories and movies such as the Bambi story and other Disney movies and how I simply sucked it in and formed ‘who I am’ according to them like a sponge. I also see how I within this did so because I believed that whatever was shown or read to me was real and showed me the world. I trusted whatever the adults told me. Through this I became exactly the same kind of adult.

3) The responsibility of the adults who are standing in a position of being ‘way showers’ for children and how we as adults carelessly place children in front of the TV or expose them to stories and information that depicts a illusionary reality instead of us introducing children to actual reality.

I will continue with part 1) of the self-corrective application in my next post.


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