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How do Children Learn about Life through watching Disney movies and how does that define who they become and What role do Adults play as Authority Figures?

This is the final part of the self-forgiveness I’ve been writing on how the Disney movie Bambi has affected my life. Through walking this point, it has become evident to me how extensively we are brainwashed as children to the extent where one movie can come to define our entire life and how we experience ourselves.

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I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to when watching Bambi as a child and asking the adults how killed Bambi’s mother and they said that it was the men who killed Bambi’s mom, to react with an experience of shock and dismay because I could not understand why they would do such a thing. It was a complete shock for me as it came out of the blue and it was the first time I was introduced to death and human brutality against animals as a child and so my primary reaction was: “What IS this??? Who would do such a thing???”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize or understand that when I was watching Bambi, I was following the story and identifying and reacting exactly according to the script of the movie, where the main point of identification is Bambi and Bambi’s feelings for his mother and Bambi’s dependency on his mother and so the context in which I interpreted the story and identified with it was from an emotional perspective where I placed myself in Bambi’s emotional experience and thus saw the hunters as deliberately hurting Bambi and making him become all alone in the world for no reason – because of how the movie was deliberately constructed where the hunters were presented as depersonalized as an ‘enemy in the dark’ and so as I was watching I was just following along what I was guided to experience through how the movie was designed and through this I accepted and allowed myself to become brainwashed through identifying with Bambi as a main character within and as also perceiving and defining myself as a main character and thus placing myself in Bambi’s position as I watched the movie and integrated the story into and as myself where the primary point I learned was FEAR, fear of losing my mom, fear of being all alone, fear of the dark, fear of men and fear of the world – furthermore I learned that the one thing that can outweigh and counter that fear is dependency upon relationships and thus completely and totally enslaved myself to dependency upon relationships – with family, friends and partners so as to not have to experience myself how I experienced myself when I placed myself in Bambi’s position in being chased through the forest and his mother dying and the pinnacle point of him finding himself all alone in the world

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to as the designers and writers of the Bambi movie – which is essentially representing us as all of humanity like a brainwashing-committee who is in charge of serving the lie everyone is living, through deliberately inserting and impulsing specific ideas/beliefs/experiences that people identify with and relate to without them every knowing because “it’s just a cartoon”, “It’s just a story” which is exactly how we wanted it so that we could remain hidden and abdicated while allowing ourselves to be governed by a system searching for energetic experiences – and so within this I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to portray specific and distinct characters that the males and the females play in the movie, like Bambi’s mother who teaches Bambi to fears but within that is presented as loving and who are so important to Bambi because he is literally dependent on her with his life, like when she died his entire world collapsed and he was all alone, never realizing that he had himself, because this relationship with his mother was made his primary existence in this world – and then when his father came, there was none of that and the father is presented as many fathers are exactly as how mothers and fathers will step into ‘mother’ and ‘father’ characters accordingly, where the father is literally distant in not being there, but also being concerned about ‘more important things’ than caring for Bambi – for which the entire tragedy of Bambi’s mother dying would have not been as intense if Bambi’s father had stood as equally caring for him, but then the father is presented as a type of hero who is too busy is saving the world, through which it is thus justified that he is absent and not there and so ever so subtly through this movie and how mothers and fathers are presented, an extremely limited prototype of what a mother and a father is, is presented as ‘normal’

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to literally buy into the way the Bambi movie plays on polarities through firstly impulse massive fear where one is left feeling all alone and then comes up with the solution and happy times which is relationships, firstly to family, then to friends and finally the point of procreation is introduced leading up to the ‘happily ever after’ moment

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to hold onto the image of Bambi and his mother being chased and how Bambi sees here die and how I experienced myself as completely alone in the world in identifying with Bambi and how he was portrayed as a little deer in a huge forest where when I access the image in my mind, I feel extensive fear and loneliness where I experience myself as though my protection and purpose for living has been taken away in the form of my mother as I’ve defined my entire existence based on my relationship with my mother exactly as Bambi’s relationship with his mother is portrayed

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to within watching Bambi to simply accept it and take it into myself in not knowing what else to do with it or having any reference of how to approach information and because I accepted everything I saw and felt as myself I integrated the experiences I identified with and the characters into and as myself as a part of ‘who I am’ where I would simply accept all movies and stories and experiences as a part of life and a part of me and never in fact questioned it or why it exists or how it is created or my own relationship to it

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand how my fear of fire that activated after my father died, where I started experiencing extensive fear that my mother would die and that there would be a fire was based on my integration of Bambi into myself where I’d integrated bits and parts such as Bambi’s mother dying and the fire that I then associated with a parent dying, so that when my father died, I triggered the memories of watching Bambi which lead to me fearing that my mom would die in a fire and more specifically that I would be all alone in the world

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand how I through the fact that Bambi’s mother taught him that the world is dangerous in how I’ve defined my mother as the person who is my link to the world and who’s here to teach me everything, and thus I accepted that I must fear the world because my mother tells me to, in how I identified Bambi inside myself in defining my mother as being the authority on life

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that the story of Bambi is completely and entirely fake, deceptive and a lie because the story in real life does not end with the deer who’s been left by its mother dying finding a mate and living happily ever after because in real life deer after deer after deer is hunted and killed, not to mention literally every other animal in the world, many of whom are exposed to extensive abuse and exploitation at the hands of humans that does NOT end or can be solved with creating relationships or procreating – so it’s essentially us romanticizing survival through romantic notions about the cycle of life and death

I forgive myself that I, as the creators and designers of indoctrination/brainwashing tools such as children’s movies and stories have accepted and allowed myself to deliberately create a story where the point of identification is with the animals portrayed as ‘innocence of life’ and where the humans are portrayed as vicious, brutal and depersonalized as a ‘message’ to that part of me that is ‘beingness’ like animals, the spark of life inside ourselves as ‘the innocence of life’ that we the humans, as the mind as a program are in full control over life and that we best run and focus on our survival through procreation and thus within and as that, this is a representation of how I as the innocence of life as all have accepted and allowed myself to accept myself as inferior to the mind – within fear of not surviving and within the desire to ‘become more’ through procreation and experiences such as relationships of ‘love’ and ‘friendship’ and ‘family’ not seeing, realizing and understanding how the two are intertwined and interdependent

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to be born onto this earth and without question accept the world system the way it is where all I have accepted life and myself as, is the constant ‘run’ as fear of not surviving and the desire for relationships and experiences of ‘more’ within and as separating myself from myself as life as the physical into a conflict with myself as the mind consciousness system that I’ve abdicated myself to constantly polarizing myself, chasing and being chased

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to come into this world and accept and believe that the adults in my immediate environment and to some extent even all adults are here to show me how the world works and how I can live effectively, without seeing, realizing or understanding that I within that was giving myself over to a system of abuse, deception and delusion and how the adults that I accepted as authoritative on life on earth because they’d been here longer than me and because they presented themselves as such are in no way capable of showing a child how to live effectively in a way that is best for self and best for all – and thus I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to – through accepting the adults as the ‘way showers’ within that moment abdicated my own self-responsibility and self-authority and thus gave myself over to a system of abuse, taking my place in the wheel to grow up and become exactly as abusive, diluted and deceptive as the adults I accepted as authoritative when I was a child, thus accepting and allowing the absolute madness to continue on earth through my authority that I gave away to someone who had given theirs away and so it continues – until a group of adults stop and until all adults stop and start learning how to change ourselves into adults who are scripting a different story on earth, where we show children how the world actually works and how all life is interconnected and interdependent and how living what is best for all, should be common sense and thus from these children a new life on earth can be born in us starting over in changing the script as the authors of our own story

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to, for example through the Bambi story and how I integrated it into myself through identifying myself with Bambi, learn and understand that when something happens that I can’t direct or control or when I react within and as an emotional experience of for example fear and sadness, then someone else must come and direct me and comfort me until I feel better again and thus within and as that learn to suppress myself, to value emotional experiences as real and to not learn to see and understand why and how I’ve created the experiences I am allowing inside myself and how I can stop participating in these experiences and how I can direct myself and not require someone else to direct me for me and how I can face whatever it is I am experiencing and not fear it or run away from it but direct it here in self-responsibility and self-trust

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, as the adults in this world who are responsible for showing children how the world works and how to live effectively in/with the world and with all life, failed to take that responsibility and instead have focused on showing children illusions, lies and stories that have nothing to do with real life – as that is what I’ve learned is appropriate and also because I do not understand how the world works exactly myself and I don’t know how to live effectively in/with this earth and all life myself so how could I be able to show a child? But instead of stopping up and admitting that to myself and changing myself to become an effective ‘way shower’ I’ve shown children that what matters is fiction, illusions and experiences and to focus on stories instead of on actual real life – because if I were to do that, I first had to stop living on a lie myself which is something I did not want to do, because I liked my lie and I feared losing my life the way I’d created it.

(In my next post I will continue with self-corrective application so as let go of and step out of the Disney Character through which I’ve promulgated illusions and lies over Life, so that I can become an adult that stands as an authority that scripts a different way of living as an example and assist and support the children of this earth to start over anew and birth a new life on Earth for all)

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