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Fairytales are Illusions but how do we as Children accept fairytales as information about how the world works that we integrate into ourselves in our Minds.

This is a continuation to: My Fairytale Prince and The Ever After that Never Comes: DAY 117

Waiting for My Prince to Come and Save Me: DAY 118

Escaping Reality through Fantasies: DAY 119

A Fairytale Princess is Nothing without a Prince: DAY 120

Fairytales as Scripts that Brainwash Children into Suppressed Adults: DAY 121

Sharing a realization of how Fairytales Brainwashed me as a Child to accept a Character of a powerless Female. Read more in the blog: http://annabrixthomsen.com/2012/09/30/fairytales-as-scripts-that-brainwash-children-into-suppressed-adults-day-121/

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