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How does fairytales brainwash children into becoming suppressed adults? How are fairytales scripts that teach us only lies about the world and ourselves?

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I see, realize and understand that I have accepted and allowed myself to be brainwashed by the fairytales I listened to and saw as a child, from where I’ve integrated the characters and symbolism of the fairytales into and as myself as a database that I’ve been able to draw from and create characters, beliefs and ideas based on because of the relationship I created towards fairytales of giving fairytales value due to the extend to how I was exposed to fairytales

I see, realize and understand that I have created an ideal image and idea in my mind about the ideal woman and the ideal man based on how men and women are presented in fairytales as stereotypical archetypes where the women are princesses who are skinny with tiny waists, fair skin almost white, with huge dresses and lots of jewelry and long often blond wavy hair and who are sweet and fragile and complacent and who is physically weak and who easily gets scared and who can’t take care of themselves and who more often than not is dependent upon others for their survival. And where the men are princes who are muscular, have blond hair, also with a fair skin and white complexion and tall and bulky and who are strong, willed, adventurous, courageous and who is not dependent upon anyone to survive. He is often featured like a hero or a soldier who is good at fighting whereas the princess is featured as a victim who is caught in circumstances she can’t get out of

I see, realize and understand that what I’ve been looking for in a male partner has been the ideal features that I got from fairytales and that when I met a man and created a relationship with him, I expected him to be like the princes in the fairytales and when he was not, I lost interest or got disappointed and started looking for ‘Mr. right’, ‘my knight in shining armor’, my ‘prince charming’, the ‘real prince’ basically believing that I was living out a fairytale having taken the fairytales as a script for how to live a happy life, believing that if I fit myself into a fairytale setting, I would live happily ever after

I see, realize and understand that I’ve been wanting/needing and desiring to be and become an ideal woman based on the fairytales I’ve heard and seen as a child, like a princess and when I for example realized that I would never have wavy long hair because that is simply not the kind of hair I am genetically disposed to having, I felt broken, flawed and failed in my role as a princess and I judged my body for not being petite and small and slender with long thin legs and long thin arms and small breasts and a pouty mouth I judged myself as though there was something wrong with me because I did not fit into the ideal image of the princess of the fairytales. And when I saw that I was strong and willed and fiery and expressive I deliberately started suppressing myself and started grooming myself to become a ‘real female’ as I had defined it based on the fairytales who was complacent and fragile and fearful and weak.

I see, realize and understand that I have accepted women and thus myself as a woman as dependent upon a man to survive because that was what I heard in the fairytales where the princess was often first poor or from a bad family or otherwise in poor circumstances and where the prince was rich and could give her a life that she could not give herself

I see, realize and understand that I’ve designed fairytales and stories in general as instruction manuals for how to live as a character and how to fit oneself into stereotypical archetypes that I’ve decided to be the roles that I play in this existence where I’ve used the stories literally to program the script into my mind about how I am supposed to live and how I am supposed to experience myself and as such make sure that I never leave the script as the script – just like religion – promises “happily ever after” which usually involves having enough money to sustain oneself comfortably

I see, realize and understand that “Happily ever after” in fairytales is exactly the same as the promise of going to heaven when one dies. It is where the story ends and there is no account of exactly what and how it happens and thus I’ve deceived myself into believing in heaven and in “happily ever after” in fact believing that if I only was able to present myself as the “fairytale princess” character and if I was only able to find my fairytale prince then the rest of my life would be set and would be perfect based on how I’ve believed in “happily ever after” as where the story ended and where the moment of happiness and joy was just frozen forever – not seeing, realizing or understanding how this in no way has anything to do with practical reality or with practical relationships and how it in fact requires diligence to have an effective relationship – and an effective life and that it is not something that happens by itself. Not to mention how the prince and the princess in the fairytale represent the wealthy of this world who have inherited their wealth and their property from the moment they are born and who can afford a life of balls and dressed and uniforms and jewelry and huge weddings, while everyone else is struggling to survive

I see, realize and understand that the primary allure of the fairytales is in fact not the romance as that which is in the forefront as a theme in the fairytales, but that in fact the undercurrent of most fairytales is the story about getting rich and being so rich that one is set for the rest of one’s life and never again have to worry about surviving and how this in fact is placed implicit as that which makes a person happy and even how the princess is motivated to marry the prince and fit herself to his needs (like the sisters in Cinderella that go to the length of cutting their heel and toe just for the chance of a life in the limelight) – not because of love, but because of money and greed

I see, realize and understand the deceptive nature of fairytales as they are used to impulse children, from the words to the characters presented as archetypes to the images and the storyline and the frequency of fairytales being impulsed to children as a direct deliberate brainwashing of preparing children to step into a fixed script of characters, a fixed storyline and a goal of a “happily ever after” that never comes – and how deceptive it is that the main focus of these fairytales is the fight for love and goodness and the struggle against evil, when in fact the core-message of fairytales is that one must fight one’s way out of survival to become rich and do whatever is required to attain that – including abusing one’s own physical body

I see, realize and understand how extensively limited the characters based on fairytales are, where it is no wonder why little girls and little boys are so streamlined towards either pink, yellow or purple for girls or blue, black and green for boys as the only colors they are allowed to associate themselves with and create relationships towards and use to build their characters because these are the colors prescribed by fairytales as ‘princess colors’ and ‘prince colors’ and how it is no wonder that boys are constantly running around screaming while girls often sit still and behave because that is the exact behavior they learn from fairytales is proper behavior if they are to succeed with the end goal of “happily ever after” which is to live with enough money to never have to worry about money again and/or go to heaven

I commit myself to show and expose the deceptive nature of fairytales and how fairytales as well as advertisements for children, cartoons, merchandise and movies as well as music is directly used to imprint the children with a script for the characters that they’ll be assuming for themselves as the only characters available if they are to succeed with having a happy life – which by the way also is about leaving a fucked up and dangerous situation behind, like Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella’s fucked up families
I see, realize and understand how I’ve used the definition of myself as being a woman based on the fairytale princess character conveniently to abdicate self-responsibility for myself and so as to not have to risk anything or lift a finger in this life which I have justified by claiming to be too weak and too fragile or using the excuse that ‘I am just a woman’ so that I could justify why a male had to take responsibility and thus I could always blame the male and not have to stand accountable

I commit myself to let go of the fairytale princess ideal that I have created a relationship towards in my mind as the ideal women that I desire to become and believe I must become to have a happy life and to be saved by the prince and thus I also commit myself to let go of the ideal of a fairytale prince as a man that I want/need/desire to come and save me because I see, realize and understand that this relationship is first of all not real, it is second of all based on polarities and thirdly it is designed so as to hold ourselves suppressed and oppressed in gender roles and characters based on fantasies and ideas that has nothing to do with practical reality

I commit myself to stand as the point of self-independence, strength and to, through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application stop existing in fear

I commit myself to let go of the definition of being a woman and thus of myself as I have defined myself as a woman as inherently weak and dependent upon a man to survive and thus I also commit myself to let go of the want/need/desire to be/become like a fairytale princess and to be more than who I am here

I commit myself to stop altering and changing my expression to fit more to the ideal of what a woman is supposed to be like as how I’ve defined it in my mind

I commit myself to stop judging myself and to stop being ashamed of myself believing that I must hide and suppress myself because I do not fit the ideal of the fairytale princess in my mind

I commit myself to let go of the definition of being a man as I have defined it as being strong, independent and a savior/hero

I see, realize and understand that I have blamed the males in my life for not being the fairytale princes I wanted them to be who was supposed to always be strong and patient and always come to my rescue and within and as placing them in a character in my mind, never gave them a chance or learn to know them as who they are – or myself

When and as I see that I am stepping into the ‘fairytale princess’ character where I will deliberately soften my voice or ask for help from a male to something that I don’t actually require help with, but where I like the idea/character of being a weak little woman up against a strong man, or where I deliberately move my body in a specific way to appear more feminine, or where I hide a self-expression such as a fart, so as to fit myself into the fairytale princess character – I stop and I breathe and I bring myself back here to myself.

When and as I see that I am participating in a want/need/desire for a male to be the ‘fairytale prince’ character so that I can use that to support my fairytale princess character, in wanting/needing/desiring for the male to play the role of the ‘savior’ who saves me and who is strong physically and mentally and who is independent and courageous, where I would deliberately entice them to step into character, through deliberately making myself seem weak, dependent or fragile – I stop and I breathe and I bring myself back here to myself in and as my body.

I commit myself to develop actual physical communication with the males in my environment as equals and to stop all points of acting based on characters that I’ve designed to live for me

I commit myself to bring the expression of independence, courage and strength back to myself in seeing, realizing and understanding how I’ve separated myself from myself as self-expression through deliberately creating relationships of dependence and polarity in my mind that I have projected onto my relationships with the world and with people in my environment

I see, realize and understand that I’ve never realized the extent to which fairytales have in fact influenced me and how they are believed to just be entertaining stories while they are in fact often the only access young children between 2-6 have to learning about the world, about themselves, their bodies and about what a good life is and as such I see, realize and understand that I’ve too been reading fairytales to children without thinking twice about it in defining them within and as myself as ‘just stories’ not seeing, realizing or understanding that I did not provide an alternative or any other form of information to these children about how the world works or how the body works or how relationships between people work – and thereby I also allowed the fairytales to be impulsed into the children I am with without taking responsibility for what I am accepting and allowing myself to impulse into the world

I commit myself to assist and support the children in my environment through selecting books to read and stories to talk about that does not impulse a deceptive view on reality and I commit myself to participate in and push the point of writing for children in a way through which they can support themselves to get to know their physical bodies, the relationship to others and how the world works in a common sense way that is best for all and that is sharing what is practically here

I see, realize and understand that I’ve created a relationship within and as my mind and from my mind as I’ve accepted my mind as my directive principle, into my body and from my body into physical relationships with other human beings and with my environment based on delusions and illusions as stories I’ve heard, seen and read as a child – especially fairytales

I see, realize and understand that I amongst other impulses and points of brainwashing scripts for characters, have accepted and allowed myself to, through hearing and seeing fairytales have believed and accepted that I as a woman can do nothing on my own and that I need a man to save me – which literally means to provide for me, to be strong for me, to be the directive principle of me and of my life and therefore I have never accepted or allowed myself to venture into the world, I have never allowed myself to be fierce and to develop my fieriness into a self-expression of self-dignity and self-trust but have instead allowed myself to be completely consumed with getting a man and to make myself attractive for a man – all the while I completely suppressed myself because I could see that who I was would never be seen by a man as a fairytale princess and thus I believed that the fairytale prince would reject me or perhaps not even recognize me and therefore I decided to change myself, to be less fierce and more complacent even though it was all an act that I deliberately put on

I see, realize and understand that males/men/boys are equally as one trapped in the gender stereotypical characters as for example scripted through fairytales where they equally see themselves as having to fit into the role of the fairytale prince in order to get the princess and that their quest is thus not for money but for beauty for which they must have the ‘kingdom’ already and have proven themselves ‘manly’ through various forms of ‘combat’ and I see, realize and understand how extensively limited this character is and how many males/men/boys have suffered because they did not fit into the character of the fairytale prince and how they too have suppressed who they are and their self-expression to fit into this role

I commit myself to stop participating in fairytale delusions in my mind where I will dream about an amazing future where everything is perfect and where I am perfect and where the male I am with is perfect, yet where we are also extremely limited and one-dimensional to fit into the fairytale characters that I have made my ideal for myself as a woman and for the man that I believe is to save me from a life of entrapment, poverty and misery

I commit myself to support and assist, as I assist and support myself, all males and females who have been brainwashed by the scripts of fairytales to assist and support themselves to step out of the fairytale stereotypical archetypes of how an ideal man and female is supposed to be and to develop self-intimacy within and as our own self-expression as beings who are equally as one here on this earth and I commit myself to through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application assist and support myself to find out who I am beneath all the characters so that I can decide who I am here in common sense self-honesty in consideration of what is best for all

I commit myself to – through walking an agreement with a male in equality, walk through, deconstruct, expose, disengage and step out of all relationship-characters that I stepped into as a child to fit myself into the world and I commit myself to, through my agreement with myself and with another, to stop, expose and step out of all scripted relationships and characters that I’ve played as a female in a relationship and I commit myself to assist and support my partner as myself to step out of the roles and characters he’s stepped into as a child of what a male is – through challenging myself and my partner in self-honesty to see and realize when we’re accepting and allowing ourselves to step into a character and to simply step out of it and bring ourselves back here in breath

I commit myself to develop a relationship with my partner that is not based on defining myself as a female and him as a male – and I commit myself to do that through writing, through self-forgiveness and through self-corrective application in my daily participation with my partner

I commit myself to let go of the want/need/desire to be saved by a male and to transform this want/need/desire to me developing self-dignity and self-trust to stand on my own two feet, here, practically in this physical reality – through consistently applying myself in writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application to get to know myself, to develop self-intimacy with and within myself and so through this become a human being that in fact can stand also in support of another as myself through expanding myself in and as equality

I commit myself to continue writing about the dependency I’ve created towards relationships with others and to keep expanding on the realization of how extensively I’ve compromised myself and my relationships with others through making relationships the most important part of my life

I commit myself to continue expanding through writing on the stories and experiences that I have formed myself through as a child, through literally soaking up everything I heard and saw and integrating it into myself as a database for reference through which I developed the characters that I now exist as – as an endless row of masks with nothing and no one underneath because I’ve never in fact allowed myself to be real or here or self-honest with, within and as myself

I commit myself to continue writing about and exposing and sharing the ways children are being brainwashed and scripted into roles and characters of extensive limitation, deception and delusion and how we’re literally re-creating the same illusions and lies and thus abuse in this world, through how we script children into becoming like us – and how we take this for granted, how I’ve taken this for granted in my interaction with children as well as when I was a child myself because there was no alternatives

I commit myself to in my interaction with children, be aware of and see who I am in my participation and whether I am acting on automation based on ideas about how to treat children and I commit myself to develop common sense communication with the children I interact with and to assist and support myself to interact with children based on common sense self-honesty

I commit myself to develop myself, through walking my own process of getting to know myself and of letting go of myself as the masks of lies and delusions – to become an alternative – in however way is best – as an example for children that it is possible to live differently and that there are people in this world who hear and see and who are willing to show and share with children through basic common sense so that we together can develop the practical solutions to create a world that is best for all

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