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How do our Minds become Corrupted just like Viruses on a Computer that take over our Operating Systems where we Crash? How can we Deprogram our Minds?

My computer most certainly have a virus and because of that I might require re-installing my entire operating system. This will require that I move my files, clean up my laptop and once the computer is re-installed and clear of virus, I have to download a lot of programs again and set up my ‘life’ on my computer again.

Within facing this point and the experiences that came up towards it I realized that this is no different from how we are walking this journey of life to delete the virus of the mind that is causing our systems as ourselves as life in and as our human physical bodies and in the world system – as the analogy or reflection of the computer – to be corrupted. But it is in fact the computer that is a direct reflection of our minds as everything that is here in the small is equal and one to what is here in the big. And so of course, as the corrupted gods of earth that we are, we’ve created the data-machine in our own image and likeness. And therefore it can be – and is being – corrupted by virus and malware exactly as we ourselves are in our human minds.

So why did my system become corrupted? Because of my participation. Every time you search for porn for example, millions of hack programs are cued up to worm their way into your personal computer (unless you as the Elite, have MAC, but even those have started becoming penetrable). When you shop online, the system will data-mine your choices and clicks and remember them for you, so that next time you go online, advertisements will ‘magically’ appear that appeals specifically to YOU. This is not any different from how – once we allow ourselves to participate in specific thoughts in our minds, the information is stored and lays dormant ready to be activated in any moment so that we follow that specific desire or comply with that specific fear of step into that emotional experience.

But our systems even become corrupted when we don’t participate in shady internet (or secret mind) activities. Because simply by being on the internet, having access, we are most likely being hacked and corrupted into the very core of our systems. Exactly as we participate here in this world system, where entire populations are existing at the expense (of their lives and well-being) so that others can live in comfort and take pleasure in life.

When our system is thoroughly corrupted by virus, most often the viruses will lay in secret and hidden files where not even anti-virus programs (like psychologists working with patients) can detect them.

This is exactly as how we don’t even see the viruses we accept in and as our minds, as “on the surface” everything looks fine, until the system suddenly slows down and start crashing (we become old and ill) or programs don’t function the way we’ve been promised when we purchased or downloaded them (exactly as how we transfer our parents and environments mind systems into and as ourselves).

Only when we face the consequences of our systems being corrupted directly, do we take action. That’s when we call in the cavalry of anti-malware agents and spybots and anti-virus programs and sometimes… it’s too late. That exactly likes a person going through the entire healthcare system being treated for depression or suicidal tendencies and ends up killing themselves. We crash because we’ve become corrupted.

Then the time came where I had to look at my options. And it was suggested to me that the only solution, because I could not get the virus programs to work, that I had to re-configure my entire system and START OVER.

When I was facing this point, I did not want to believe it. I did not want it to be true. I looked at an entire days work or even several days of having to figure out how to re-install my systems, transfer my data somewhere else for safekeeping, the risk of losing what was on my computer and I hoped, hoped that there was no virus after all.

I said to myself that I would give it a couple of days and see if it would change by itself. Maybe, just maybe I would not have to go through the entire process of deprogramming and reprogramming my system.

This is exactly as how I’ve faced the point of having to confront myself as a corrupted mind, of admitting to myself that I within existing in and as a mind-consciousness-system are infected with a virus like no other, the mother of all viruses, a virus that is so brutal and clever that it can penetrate anywhere without ever being detected, a virus that defies all firewalls (like meditation or love or ADHD medicine) the virus of THE HUMAN MIND.

So when facing this point of re-installing my entire operating system, I got to thinking about how I would feel were I to lose my computer with all my ‘belongings’ on it, the pictures of my cats from when they were babies, my writings, my music. And I realized that this would be no loss at all, because I could simply start over. And I realized that there is absolutely no practical value in holding onto the images of my cats from when they were small that I go and look at once in a while and remember how tiny they were. But I thought about how I would have to accumulate it all again – my life – and how much I’ve invested in accumulating that which I already have – to the point where my computer has been slow full that it’s capacity has significantly slowed down.

So we resist letting go of our memories, our ‘stories’ all the images of past experiences that we’ve stored within and as ourselves that we hold so dear, yet that has no practical value and that if ‘lost’, can simply be created again and is in fact not influencing our capability to live and exist in the world.

So hereby a suggestion to look at ourselves as a computer infected with a nasty virus that is ourselves as the mind, that we ourselves are responsible for having accepted and allowed to corrupt and even crash our system of functioning effectively. And a suggestion to dare to let go of the which has no practical or real life value and that in fact only slow us down in our ability to effectively function, participate and express ourselves here.

We can in fact simplistically de-program the ‘malware’ of our minds and re-install an operating system that is equal and one and that is designed based on the principle of what is best for all within and as the environment of our human physical bodies and the world system as a whole, where we function to the absolute best of our potential and where we only install those programs that assists us in expanding ourselves in equality and oneness.

For further perspective on the analogy and holography of the virus of the mind, suggest to investigate and invest in the book “Virus Free Mind” by Bernard Poolman where what I have mentioned here is taken into specificity and detailed support with how to in fact de-program oneself from the virus of the mind. The book is written when Bernard was still a spiritual seeker; however the principle remains the same. Suggest also investigating and investing in optimizing and boosting your operating system that is yourself with the mind-technology life changing database of innovational and educational material at Eqafe.

We can exist without the mind. But we cannot exist without the body. The earth can exist without human beings. But human beings cannot exist without the earth. Yet we are busy destroying the earth and we live as though it is only what is in our minds that matter. That should be of great concern for all. So it is up to us to dare to delete the corrupted systems in and as our mind and in and as the world system, because we are programmers, the designers, the surfers and the hackers of this reality and it is us who determine what we will be and what we can in fact become.

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