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At Desteni we are this month focusing on LOVE on Youtube and in blogs, exposing Love as how it has come to exist inside and between humans and to expose the mechanism of Love and how love has become one of the most powerful tools of deception and abuse for humanity.

In this blog-post I am focusing on the expression that “Love conquers all” – looking at both sides of the coin that is “love” in how we’ve come to believe that “All we need is love” and it’s opposite in how we in fact exist, conquered BY love and the consequences this have had on ourselves, our relationships with others and on the world as a whole.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that love conquers all, in the sense that love will prevail when all else fails – as though love is that which gives live to everything – considering the practical implication of what this in fact means, as love as it exists today, is a feeling that is experienced within human beings that has no practical impact in or on the physical reality – as it does not feed a starving child no matter how much a mother loves her child

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize or understand that the expression “love conquers all” is only possible when people already have money and a comfortable life and is used to deceive and convince and manipulate the masses and the people who do not have money to accept their position in getting them to believe that if they only believe in love, all will be alright when in fact this is the biggest lie of all time as love as it exist have no practical value – and even when people do in fact have money, love does not conquer all, as love as it exist, runs out because it is based on energy of the mind as emotions and feelings that can only be experienced as long as energy is generated through the feeding on and off the physical

I forgive myself that have accepted and allowed myself to believe that love conquers all in my relationships with partners, where I have accepted and allowed myself to force myself to remain in the relationships believing that if I just believed enough in the love I believed were between us and that was what has brought us together, everything would be alright, not considering the practical implications of being in an effective relationship where the partners are compatible and support each other in physical living in a way that is best for both as best for all and develop a sound and wholesome relationship based on communication and agreement and respect – but to instead have believed that I did not required developing any of this or even practice being effective in a relationship with another within believing that love was supposed to conquer all and so that if the relationship was “meant to be”, love would conquer all conflicts and basically that love would take care of things for me and that I did not have to apply myself in any way what so ever and so when the relationship did not work out, I would blame it on love, where I would say that “we were not meant for each other” or “love ran out” or “he was not the one for me” or “I loved her more than she loved me” – exactly as love exist in the world system and in the collective relationship between human beings believing that “love conquers all” – so that we do not have to apply ourselves practically or take responsibility for the world or ourselves in it and can blame all the conflicts and wars and suffering that exist on love, believing that there was simply not enough love – while at the same time believing that love conquers all – which shows the deceptive nature of how love exist

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize, see or understand that actually implications of the expression “love conquers all” in how it is the deception of love as a positive feeling through which people justify only caring about themselves and their own and how they feel while the rest of the world is starving to death and as such what is being conquered is ourselves as human being by the deception of love through our mutual agreement to deceive ourselves using love as a feeling as a justification for not acting or taking responsibility for this world or for ourselves here in and as this world

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the real meaning of “love conquers all” is that all is conquered by love as the deception of positive feelings and the belief that these feelings alone will make everything alright, will make everything better and even that everything is already alright because “love conquers all” and as such through and within that have accepted and allowed ourselves to use love as a deliberate excuse to ignore and disregard what is here, while waiting for love to “save the day” and even convince ourselves to believe that the suffering and abuse that is here on earth is merely an illusion and that behind everything there is love and so everything is alright and we can just continue our comfortable life-style where all we care about is ourselves and “our own” while not giving a shit about anyone else – including the physical as what is in fact real

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that within the expression “love conquers all”, the word “conquer” refers to “control” and as such the expressions means that “love controls all” as love exist as a deliberate point of deception that we as humanity in our collective relationship have agreed to submit ourselves to, controlling ourselves through love as positive feelings that we keep as a pink veil of romance in front of our eyes that we use to deliberately not see what is here and justify ourselves to disregard and ignore the fact that we’re responsible for what is here

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize or understand that the only form of love that would be valid, is a physical, practical love that ensures a life that is best for all beings, for the earth and that ensures that our collective relationship with each other is a relationship that is best for all and that any other form of love, is deceptive in nature

I commit myself to expose the true nature of love as love has been used to abuse and deceive ourselves as humanity through positive feelings of hope and happiness while we’ve allowed the actual real physical reality suffer

I commit myself to support those who still believe that love conquers all to see what the practical implications of this belief is, in how it allows someone to justify themselves to not take self-responsibility for themselves or their relationship with what is here as this world

I commit myself to expose the fact that we as humanity have allowed ourselves to be conquered by “love” in the collective agreement of creating our reality based on the deception of a positive feeling that we’ve believed is the “core of the universe” while the actual physical real earth is in misery, pain and starvation and suffering  because our own deliberate disregard and disconnect from what is here as ourselves, on and as this earth

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