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Here I am looking at the nature of propaganda as it is used within and as self equal and one to how it is used in the world-system.  Watch the following documentary for the context of this blog:  Psywar The Real Battlefield is your Mind

Suggest to read Earth’s Journey to Life on Redefining words in conjunction with this blog as well as Cathy’s blog on Holy Psywar and my blog from yesterday where I looked at Self-Will vs. Mind-Will.


1718, from Mod.L. propaganda, short for Congregatio de Propaganda Fide “congregation for propagating the faith,” committee of cardinals established 1622 by Gregory XV to supervise foreign missions, prop. abl. fem. gerundive of L. propagare (see propagation). Modern political sense dates from World War I, not originally pejorative.


mid-15c., from O.Fr. propagacion (13c.), from L. propagationem (nom. propagatio) “a propagation, extension,” noun of action from propagare “multiply plants by layers, breed,” from propago (gen. propaginis) “that which propagates, offspring,” from pro- “forth” (see pro-) + *pag-, root of pangere “to fasten” (see pact).

Phonetic Sounding:


Investigating the word “propaganda”

The origin of the word propaganda is within the word “propagate” which means “multiply plants by layers, breed” and “forth-to fasten”. When propaganda is used, a deliberate strategy is utilized (the probe) to insert a specific drive in a population or society that is not already being driven, a continuous ‘cloning’ and repetition of a specific agenda of self-interest hence the requirement for propaganda, because people first have to be convinced that this new direction is what is desired and required. If one’s agenda was decent and best for all, why would one need to “probe” it in and onto others or oneself? So through the probe-agenda, a new direction is “breed” by those with the ability to set forth such drives into motion. In the world-system it is those with money, because that is what we’ve collectively agreed upon is what gives someone the power to direct us all as that is what we direct ourselves according to. In the mind as it currently exist, it is thus that which drives forth energy; thoughts, emotions, feelings, personality, backchat. A Country is convinced through images and speeches made by public officials who stand in positions of responsibility and power and thus trust, that it is necessary to go into war. It uses fear (or we will all die) and promises of rewards (soldiers become heroes) until people give in and accept this as the only reasonable direction. Propaganda can only work if the ones it is being used upon have already abdicated their self-power, their self-honesty and their self-directive will. Because in this situation where a war is being promulgated and propagated, we as the people have accepted our access to information about what is going on, from a source of deception: the media. We have accepted that someone else knows more about the situation and is better at taking care of it than we are, which is our own point of self-deception, detriment and abdication: because we want to live our life ‘carefree’ without having to worry about the “state of the nation”, we must abdicate self-responsibility to someone that is “elected” but because the entire system is built upon self-deception as pr. our own starting-point obviously we will as the officials “in charge” “serve” our own will to keep ourselves as “the people” in the dark and as the government officials direct people FOR THEM because we as the people have opted out of directing ourselves. Our gift as consumers is the abdication of self-responsibility and thus self-power and direction – ironically as consumerism is defined as “free choice”. So when the propaganda is presented, we’re already so much there that all we require is a little push in one direction or another, because we’ve already accepted that that is how the system works and operates – and we’ve agreed to it, because we’ve accepted that that is the only way we can get what our “hearts desire”: a life of “leisure and carelessness“, (which is obviously a lie too).

In our minds we exist in the exact same framework, with thoughts as PR people and the ego as the government representatives and with the general population as the emotional responses and how we direct ourselves accordingly in the physical through the “machinery” of propaganda as the totality of our minds as who and what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become – and where our human physical bodies and the physical earth must bear the consequences of the propaganda being promulgated and propagated in the interest of greed and deception – because nothing good EVER comes out of wars – yet we keep defending our internal and external wars. And the reason why it is exactly the same in our minds as in the world-system is because we’ve created the world-system in the image and likeness of our minds. So when we participate in our daily reality and fear emerges and we explain and consolidate the fear to ourselves in our minds and why it is probably best that we don’t go there or don’t do that or why we like a certain product over another, we are using the same propaganda mechanism as is used by the “perception managers” in the world-system. The mind serve as our “perception manager” from where we take on a certain “out-look” on the world and on ourselves and our relationships with others, where we come to see everything only within and as the agenda that suits our own self-interest, what people can do for us, what we can get out of this or that situation and as such we play all the parts ourselves that come together in a totalitarian system of abuse, neglect and deception.

I will continue tomorrow with Self-Forgiveness on the points brought up in this blog.

“I commit myself to show that the Religion of Self-Interest based on trusting only the inner voice is the Best scam ever played on the Human, as the Inner Voice has been programmed into the Flesh as Living Word to say only what the system wants it to say.

I commit myself to show that the promotion of the Individual in the plan of TRUST ME, divided Humanity into conquered units that will never work together as a group for Life, as each only functions to please the voice of Inner Self-Interest as Individual – and in this way serve the system. The Individual of the Inner Voice is the reason the world is in peril and that voice can never be trusted as you do not understand HOW it was CREATED!

I commit myself to assist those that may find in them the resolve to stop the Inner Voice Control to find their way back to Life with the warning that this process will take up to 14 years per Individual to restore TOTAL Self-Control, as that which is best for all life, and that you will battle the invisible entity that was programmed into your Flesh to represent you, a battle of MASSIVE proportions – where there is NO certainty of victory, but if one stands as Life, breath by breath, till the word is no longer controlled by forces of Self-Interest.”

Bernard Poolman quoted from Creation’s Journey to Life blog: “Trust me!”

I commit myself to show that the individual as it exists today is a self-created entity in a total evil voice in the head that can be trapped and eradicated through self-honest self-forgiveness through writing – within the decision to support only the physical world to become a world that is best for all Life as physical beings.

– Bernard Poolman quoted from Creation’s Journey to Life blog: “Evil Individual”

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