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In this continuation of writing out entertainment, I look at the definition and sounding, as how we have been living the word before moving further into realizations of the word “Entertainment” and of my relationship with it. This is so that I can move deeper into the investigating on my relationship with the word and how I have been living according to it. I found something interesting on the word “entertain” in the online Etymology dictionary. Have a look:


late 15c., “to keep up, maintain, to keep (someone) in a certain frame of mind,” from M.Fr. entretenir (12c.), from O.Fr. entretenir “hold together, stick together, support,” from entre- “among” (from L. inter; see inter-) + tenir “to hold” (from L. tenere; see tenet). Sense of “have a guest” is late 15c.; that of “amuse” is 1620s. Meaning “to allow (something) to consideration” (of opinions, notions, etc.) is 1610s. Related: Entertained; entertaining.

In investigating the etymology of words, I have often found that the original definition is much more descriptive and revealing of the true nature of the word, while one can see in the later definitions of the word, how it gets more concealed and “layered”. This is a good example of that, where the original definition of “entertain” meant “to keep up, maintain, to keep (someone) in a certain frame of mind” and “hold together, stick together, support”. When looking at the later definitions, it becomes more as we know the word know, as in “amuse” and “to allow to consideration”.

So the original definition clearly and specifically shows how entertainment is about keeping someone in a certain frame of mind, which was exactly what I found through my self-forgiveness in yesterday’s writing. Yet in the later definition it has been covered up with the specificity of “amusement”.

In the sounding of the word, I looked at the following:

ENTER-TAME-ME (I wrote about this yesterday as how entertainment is that which I tame myself with and through and that I have allowed myself to be tamed through)


Yesterday I found that entertainment (specifically TV), is a projection of the mind and as so it is in fact entirely coming from within and as the mind. This can again be connected to the original definition, that actually reveals the true nature behind the word, which essentially is to enslave us in keeping us in a specific frame of mind, where we experience ourselves “amused”, not realizing that what we are accepting and allowing is actually to enslave ourselves to a one-dimensional mind-frame in which we are being kept and held, to not actually realize ourselves.


Humanity as we exist in a collectively self-enslavement to entertainment, is in fact a form of terror on ourselves upon Life – we are terrorizing life through preoccupying ourselves in entertainment, while actually disregarding what is going on, on earth in its entirety and in fact abusing life through our participation in entertainment as it is exactly the purpose of entertainment to keep us ignorant and dumbed down, not to mention the obscene amount of money we spent on entertainment. Consider that for a moment: we care more about being entertained in the definition of being “amused” than we care about Life. We see it as perfectly legitimate that billions are spent every day on entertainment alone and are more than willing to invest in making life dignified for all life. So an important point here is that we require being self-honest about what entertainment actually is and how it is created and how we effect the world by our participation in and acceptance of entertainment as “normal” – while in fact it is an addiction to creating imaginary realities in and through our minds to keep ourselves from facing and seeing what in fact is here and who we really are.


Entertainment is the entering of the tainted and tamed men, as who we are as all of humanity, where we pretend to live out a “perfect” reality through movies and shopping and clubbing and doing drugs, where everything for a moment seems “alright” and “perfect” and “good”, while in fact this very manifestation is creating extensive consequences for all life. So our “innocent pastime” where we each partake in various forms of entertainment is actually a very specific installation of enslavement that is promulgating abuse and deception.


In and on the Earth is where we will change how we have seen and used and abused entertainment – and finally bring actual self-enjoyment back to life, back to earth and back to ourselves.


And so we have reached the end – the end of entertainment starts with men, as all of us of humanity – to stop entertaining ourselves in our minds, where we are seeking constant and continuous stimuli so to not have to face ourselves and what is here as this world. It is time to re-define entertainment to a form of expression and enjoyment, that is not based on keeping ourselves enslaved to ignorance and disregard of what is best for all.

I will continue tomorrow with part 3 where I will go even deeper into my (and our) relationship with entertainment.

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