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For the first time, the history of existence lay in front of our eyes, as a gift given as sound in our ears with words stringing and intertwining, combining into a weave that as a quilt of life is telling the story of our beginning – who would have thought? For eons of time there has been theories and fantasies that  about what came before – the big bang, the creational myths, and all sorts of fantastic and memorizing fairy tales from Scientology to the galactic federation of light and Gilgamesh.

As a child and teenager I used to ponder where we came from. My most sound conclusion was that we were as little ants in an ant farm belonging to some gigantic universal boy that played around with us and controlled our motions or a boy playing a computer game and we were the game pieces being moved around in an elaborate and dramatic virtual setting. But then I started wondering: If the boy playing was the creator of us, then who was the creator of him? And did that mean that another, even more gigantic space boy was playing THAT boy and for how many tiers could that go on and on? I enjoyed pondering this while I lay at night looking out onto the stars, thinking until I could hear my head cracking. The most ultimate head cracking thought was to imagine the universe and the vastness of infinity and the idea that creation simply existed. That nothing or no one created us and that we are simply here… because we are here. It made no sense and it made my head spin. But I never stopped pondering and I never stopped having an experience that we should know, that it was odd that we did not know. I started investigating all kinds of suggestions, but it was never at a very scientific or thorough level, I simply went with my gut feeling and for years I was enthralled in various spiritual movements, because that was the only explanation that made somewhat sense to me – reincarnation, past lives, the soul, indigo children – all of that.

Even after finding Desteni, I have pondered. And logically speaking, as I exist within the logic of the mind – it does not make sense. Lol – “someone must have created us, someone must be responsible – how can this, how can we, be all there is?” I also let it go, because I could see that there was no point in speculating or trying to figure it out.

Then, a couple of months ago something happened. On Eqafe, interviews started being uploaded and beings were again coming through the Portal. But this time, all interviews and points were on-point – meaning, they were clearer and more specific than they had ever been before, even though when I heard the first interview and the second and the third and the forty-fifth, I found that this was the most clear any message had ever gotten thorough my ears, as it was being intravenously being pumped directly into my bloodstream, my heart, my lungs and out through my breath as an integral part of me.

One of the interview series that was started is called “The Atlanteans” and yes, it is the story of Atlantis.  But it has little to do with fairy tales and airy fairy stories of magical lands. At the same time it does sounds like magic. What is astounding when one hears these stories, and if you have listened to the interviews, you know what I mean – if you have not I definitely suggest doing yourself the favor of bringing this into your daily life, at the very least as a bedtime story that you and possibly your children can listen to, before laying yourself to rest below the stars – is that every single word that is being spoken is real, specific and direct. There is no doubt when listening to these stories, that it is the stories of us, the stories of our origins, our ancestors – not only the story of human beings and how we came to be, but the story of the entire existence as it is here now. The first interview is exclusively uploaded here on YouTube.

When listening to these interviews, it becomes evident that we already knew this – that we have been there, that it was us walking these lives, these events, these experiences described so careful by one particular female Atlantean.

What is fascinating is that we, in our elaborate fantasies about our origin, were close – but oh so far away from the actuality of what really happened on life on earth. When listening to the Atlanteans, one can almost get the feeling that it is too real. It is so real, yet so astounding that one easily starts questioning whether this in fact is real or not. All human knowledge about our civilizations and creations is encompassed – all is explained in minute detail. Not a single secret is kept or withheld, as the web of our demise slowly but surely is untangled and laid out before our eyes, ears and bodies as we walk, breathe and sleep on this very Earth. If you don’t believe me, go listen to the interviews yourself. In the blog What can we Learn from the Atlanteans I go further into these points.

So the point is, that who we are now, is who we have always been. We have not created anything new. We have simply restructured the same stories, the same information in different ways and slowly but surely spun ourselves into an entangled web of dreams – dreams that tell us lies about our origins, dreams that makes us hazy and forgetful. But when listening to these interviews, it all starts becoming clear again.

One of the most important aspects of the interviews, as they, as we walk ourselves through the story of our own creation, exactly as it is and were, is that once we understand how we have created ourselves, once there are no mysteries or secrets, what is left is the truth – the truth of who we are, where we come from and how come the world is in the state it is in.

I’ll give you a practical example to bring this entire point back from these abstractions and into a real-time context that most can relate to:

I was listening to the interviews in part 18, 19 and 20 where the Atlantean female speaks about relationship formations based on projections and how all beings were becoming increasingly individualized at the same time as they started projecting their own accepted and allowed experiences onto beings or points outside of them. See, what had started happening was that, they had separated themselves from their own creations and so they started perceiving that what others were experiencing were really their own experiences and that their own experiences were caused by others and so slowly wars and conflicts and divisions started happening. They started only experiencing themselves in relation to others, in a relationship with others and in that created their individualities based on these relationships. There was no more a point of taking all and everyone into consideration.

Now, when I heard this from where I am standing, the other way around, in this here world comprised of relationships, of wars, of conflicts and division, it was clear to me that this was the causal origin of who I have allowed myself to become, in creating myself only in relation to others, in reflecting myself in others, both by taking their experiences personally and internalizing them and in believing that others are responsible for my self-created experiences. In that, I have only considered myself, my own interest in my own fear of losing myself – I have not considered others, I have not even seen others. And I can so clearly see how it is because of this one point, the point where we started making relationships that we reflected ourselves in, in how we abdicated self-responsibility for our own creations and through that fucked ourselves into oblivion. Now, I have been walking with Desteni for some years now and I understood the point of projections, but it was not until walking an actual Agreement with another human being that I was able to bring the point back to myself and see how literally everything I see is a reflection of myself and not the actuality of the physical reality that is here.

This is the problem in a nutshell, that seven billion human beings see the world according to their own interest of ego, as though everyone fights to be at the center of the universe, not seeing that we are all in the center, together, equal and one. Even after having walked with Desteni for some years, I was still of the perception that this was a personal problem, meaning something that I was strongly inclined to personally and that did not really encompass anyone else. Even in my seeing of my own projections, I was still only seeing me.

But when I listened to that interview and got the context of how this entire fuck up of projections and relationships and divisions between beings because of feelings of like and dislike, I realized that this is a foundation of our entire lives together here on earth and why the earth and the human world is in the condition it is in. To have that reference – to understand how a point is created and to see how it was in fact created through the accumulative process of consequences based on beings acceptances and allowances – made it all the more real. Projections are not simply something that is happening inside my own mind and that I have conjured up within my mind. There is real history to it – a real practical explanation that makes complete sense in seeing how one thing led to another – based on who and what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become.

Another practical example that is mentioned through-out the entire Atlantean series is how a division between the elders and the young ones started emerging. So basically most of the elders wanted to keep the traditions of the ancestors as that was what their entire existence was founded upon. They were doing their ritualistic cycles and as such they continued preoccupying themselves in the past, while the young ones started creating and exploring into the future. It created a generational gap that ended with that the elders isolated themselves because they simply could not understand what the young ones were doing and the young ones did not want to spend their existence reminisce in memories of the past, so they simply carried on creating themselves into the future.  When I heard this, it was as a bell rang inside my entire being, where pieces of a puzzle landed neatly in their places as one more completed part before the entire picture is once again whole. You know how people always talk about the missing pieces of a puzzle? Well, this was the real deal. Because I can stand here, in “my” reality so many many many years after the Atlanteans lived – and I can see exactly how this point with the division between elders and young ones still exists today.

So we come up with fancy psychological explanations of generational gaps and why traditions are important for the coherence of society, all the while, this entire point is like an echo from the era where the Atlanteans lived – we are repeating what they lived over and over again, as our children will repeat our shit after us – that is, if we do not stop. So suddenly the origin of such specific relationships is explained in minute detail and we can see that what we are living now is in a direct line with the division of elders and young ones. Here is a practical example: Some days ago, I traveled on a bus and at a point a younger woman and an elder woman was sitting in the seats in front of me. The young woman took her laptop out and the elder woman said: “I have always been anti-computers and now it feels like it is too late for me.” It astounded me to see this so clearly: it was an exact replica of what played out between the Atlantean elders and young ones. A couple of days later I was attending a family junction. Now, my family, all of them literally has a predilection for the history of art, literature and culture. As we were sitting around the table for the traditional ritual of Easter luncheon, virtually all conversations were about what king had a child with what woman and which painter created that painting and what year that mutiny happened. Before Desteni I would either participate or stay out of it in judgment of my family members and what I perceived as their intellectual snobbishness, but for the first time I could see the origin of this family tradition. They were applying exactly that which they in the Atlantean area had held so sacred, of honoring and remembering the ancestors and their past histories, as if their lives depended on it. For the first time in my life, I could see and understand my family beyond being my family and beyond my own relationship with them and instead see I could see the existential context in which this phenomenon was created.

And as such I conclude my story by saying that the history of existence has always been known, because we are living it and reliving it every day, in every way – in the colors on our houses, in the definitions of our words, in our relationships with each other and in the way we divide the world with wars and separation. We are living our own history as we speak and as such it makes no common sense that we cannot remember how we got here or how we have created ourselves. But that is exactly because we exist in a relationship construction towards the world as though it was a mirror, were we are seeing and not seeing ourselves. It is as though we live in an ocean that we see as a desert, desperately chasing mirages of water in our minds.

The good news is that everything is already Here. The only thing that is not here, is ourselves – human beings. So what is required is not that we discover mysteries, but that we uncover that which is already known – that we rip the veil off from our own eyes, the veil we ourselves have placed before our own eyes, to not see ourselves. Eqafe, Desteni and the interview series are a stepping stone for us to re-collect ourselves in all senses of the word. The Atlantean series is not the only one offering a piece of the puzzle that is already here. Also the Life Review series, the Portal series and the Reptilian series with Anu are great gifts one can give oneself and each other in starting to unravel the knotted twist of faith we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become. So that we may lay out our history before ourselves and with open and self-honest eyes, see each step of the way we have taken to get to where we are today. So that all may be known to everyone and we can finally bring ourselves back to the starting-point  – and from there decide how we will continue existing, because we no longer live as an echo of the past trying to keep up with ourselves while running away from ourselves in and endless cycle of repetition.

Join us as we uncover what is Here as ourselves and embark on the journey back to ourselves, our origin – to understand how we have created ourselves, so that we may stand in self-honesty and make the decision to stop the separation, the deception, the abuse and start Living Here, One and Equal as Life.

Oh and by the way: guess where Atlantis is today?

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