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“80% of the victims of human trafficking are women; 60 million girls are forced to get married every year as minors; in the European Union, which adores calling itself “civilised” and imposes itself on other regions with a top-down approach, between 40 and 50 per cent of women have been the victims of some form of sexual harassment at work; 25 per cent of women worldwide are subjected to physical or sexual abuse.
What have the 101 Women’s Days done for the one third of women beaten, coerced into sex or abused during their lifetimes in some regions of the globe? For the one sixth of American women who have been the victims of rape or partial rape or attempted rape?” View source here.

“I suggest a change in the question “What have 101 Women’s Days done…” to “What have we done?”. It is frightening in itself that Woman have to “fight to be a woman”, to “fight for rights” in this world, where countless women in this world is still haunted by a generational past of the inequality between males and females for centuries. In addition to this – many people in this world is not even aware of/educated on the struggles of women in this world; as we’re so conditioned by family/education to only be taught lessons on ‘survival of the fittest’ and ‘survival in the system/money’ and most of the REALITY of what is really going on this world is side-lined/veiled.
I suggest an approach to ‘woman’s rights’ not within the vantage point of ‘fighting it’ – because, in the very starting point of ‘fighting for something’ we’re ‘fighting against something else’, and then it simply becomes a state of war – a war within gender-equality that has, as seen within the statistics: not brought forth any solution to the current relationship between males and females in this world, especially for women.
The main problem that we’re facing here is the definitions of relationships between males and females within all the different cultural/socio-political/socio-economic factors that interplay within countries/generations.

We require a solution, where – in this world, you will not be placed in a position of responsibility only based on money, class, gender, race or culture; but each self honestly have a look at what they are ‘good at’ / ‘capable’ of doing/contributing to the world as a whole. A system that is not governed by the principles of Money, but the principle of what will contribute to all of humanity in equality and oneness for each and all to have a dignified life in this world. Where education will change to REALITY-education, getting to know ourselves, how we function/exist, the nature of all relationships within existence, how we can develop/grow/expand as human beings, and no more have education only orientated towards ‘survival of the fittest’ and ‘surviving the system of money’.
The situation of gender-equality is but one of consequential-outflows of our past generations as the sins of the fathers being passed-on throughout time, where we’ve been possessed by the voices of our past generations that has now being our mind, our thoughts, our internal conversations, our behaviours – not considering stopping, questioning that: how things has always been done, has obviously not worked to the actual betterment of humanity as clearly seen in the evidence of this world/reality.

It’s time for the generations of the young that is now here in this world to stop for a moment, to look at this practical world/reality and see: how we’ve always done things/approached people/this world has had no effect of change to anything/anyone: on the contrary – it’s gotten worse. We have to take the responsibility of what the past generations have left here: if we don’t do it – no-one will. We’ve still got a window of opportunity in this life to change/transform what is here if we all stand together.

So – we have to stand as the future, and I suggest investigating the Equal Money System and Desteni, through which and within which we’re accumulating 1 + 1 + 1 – one by one by one, as human beings that are stopping the transfer of the sins of the fathers, and standing up to take responsibility for and transform this mess that has been left to us, to prepare an existence for future generations with no more inequality, separation, conflict, wards, starvation, famine, poverty, slavery exist.
It starts with you. Join us.” – Sunette Destonian Spies