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Here I share the story of my life as a psychic and I expose the Dark Side of working as a psychic. Even before I was born, I was prophesied to be special.  My grandmother was working with the Chinese divination tool called I-Ching and while my mother was pregnant with me, my grandmother laid the I-Ching coins for my mother so that they could see what kind of person I would be. Apparently the answer they got was that I would be a savior of some kind. When I was two my mother was told by a shaman that I had “abilities”. I was told none of this until I became a teenager but already then was the “path” laid out for me to eventually step into a life of spirituality and “magic”. Little did I know that it was not a path to enlightenment, but in fact the path to utter self-deception and disconnect from reality.

Already as a small child, I would start crying when I was around drunken people and could always sense what people were really experiencing, in spite of what they might present themselves as. It was my foster mother that introduced me to spirituality when I was 15 and my first encounter with a psychic was when I went with my foster mother to get a reading from a psychic lady. I felt very special and in awe. I created a belief that this woman was special and that the information she could give me, would change my life. Mostly I wanted to be told that I was special and that I had abilities and I also wanted to know what my future would be like.

The reading itself was quite expensive and because of this, I believed that this psychic lady was “the real deal”. She told us that she was communicating with spirits and that they were speaking to her in different languages. I found that very fascinating. I remember only now that she did actually say that I would have a career in sociology or something like it. She also said that I would work at a magazine. I took every word in. After that I started becoming very interested in divination and psychic abilities. I wanted to be a clairvoyant myself so I would literally look for signs that I was special and had these special abilities.

As a teenager and young adult I had some experiences that profoundly made me aware of my apparent clairvoyant and psychic abilities and through which I eventually ended up working as a psychic myself.

The first experience was in relation to a boyfriend I had. We were driving and he was driving very fast. Suddenly I heard a voice saying “He is going to die young in a car-crash, he is going to die young in a car-crash” over and over. I did not think much of it as he was driving really fast. Around six months later, we had broken up and I was riding my bike to school with a friend. We were driving on a narrow road with cars parked on both sides next to each other. Suddenly a truck came and it felt like it hit me. My friend was riding on the inside towards the cars, so she was thrown in onto the curbs. I remember seeing a wheel coming towards me but I am quite sure that this is an over-dramatization that I have placed onto the memory at a later stage (this is not the first or only memory where I have done that). Anyway, the truck drove on and we lay on the street, shocked and feared we had hurt ourselves. I had small bruises and scrapes all over and we went to the emergency room to get checked out. It turned out nothing had happened to either of us.

When I got home later that day, I got the news that my ex-boyfriend had killed himself in his car. Suddenly I remembered the day we were driving and was shocked and intrigued, even in the midst of a tragic situation, how close I had been. He died in his car exactly as I was in a car-crash.

After that I had no doubt that I was a psychic and slowly started building myself as a personality of a psychic. The next experience was when I was with another boyfriend. We were talking about an experience he had had were he had been abusive towards a homosexual guy. He admitted that he had a problem with homosexuals and as we were talking about it, I suddenly was overwhelmed with an image and experience of a small boy being molested by an older man. I explained what I was seeing and feeling to my boyfriend and he got extremely angry. He said “who told you that?” and finally shared that he had had a sexual encounter with another boy where they had touched each other and where he had felt violated by the other boy’s advances. Later I interpreted my “vision” as having picked up on the feeling of the experience, as that of being violated and then I had created the image of the child and the adult to fit the experience.

When I look at these experiences now, I can see how I simply wanted to be a psychic and so I did everything to fit my experiences and memories into that, even altered them so that I would seem more special in my own and in the eyes of others.

A couple of years later, I had a friend that wanted to go to a workshop for psychics to see if she was psychic. I decided to go with her and was already hyped about me showing off my abilities. I can see now how I was already then stepping into an ego-personality of superiority and being special.

When we got to the workshop we had to do some exercises to experience our psychic abilities. One of the exercises involved sitting in front of each other and simply “tune into” the other. I immediately started “receiving” information about the other person and quickly wrote an entire page. I could later see that the more one was able to simply “jump into it” without fear of making mistakes, the easier it was to get the information.

The teacher was very impressed with me and after my second visit there, she offered me to partake in an education towards becoming a certified psychic coach. I felt extremely special and I immediately said yes. She even offered me to take the course which lasted for one year for half price as I did not have the money to participate, something that also made me feel special. During that year as I partook in the lectures and seminars and gave many, many hours of psychic readings, I developed my abilities to give readings and became more and more engulfed in the spiritual community.

When I did my readings I always focused on that the readings should be as close to 100 % as possible, saying to myself that it was because otherwise it would be worthless, but there was also an aspect of that where I was competing inside myself and with the other psychic students.

We had lectures in auras, chakras, the spiritual world’s build up and experimented with different types of psychic reading and clairvoyance. At the end of the education I also became interested in channeling as I saw channeling as superior to psychic reading, so I decided to start “channeling”, which involved writing things out in nonsense language and speaking nonsense – lol – it was all make-belief. In the beginning I was mostly interested in the fantasy-aspect of psychic readings, in telling people about their pasts lives and how special they were, but eventually my readings developed to be more of a “here and now” snapshot of where the being were in their lives and how I could assist them to realize points about themselves that would support them in what I believed to be their personal and spiritual process.

I also got a vast amount of psychic readings from all kinds of people. Often they would be about past lives and the one’s that told me I was special was the one’s I liked the most. My favorite reading was with a lady that told me that I had been a dragon hunter in a past life.

As these readings became a constant part of my life, I got less and less interested in them. I started experiencing that what we were doing at the school was fake. It was however clear that there was money to be made in the business of psychic readings so when I had completed the “degree” in psychic coaching I started working as a psychic part time.

In the beginning I enjoyed it a lot. My favorite part of the reading has always been to “jump in” to another being’s life and experience, open up the information and see how I could assist them in whatever they were walking through in their lives. Many stories opened up and exposed points of depression, sadness, adultery, but increasingly I started experiencing that the people who came wanted to be told that they were special, that they too had special abilities, exactly as I had years before. They came to hear what they wanted to hear, for example in suspicion that their partner was cheating on them or in wanting to be told that someone was their sold-mate.

Often when such people came, they could walk away angry simply because I did not say what they wanted to hear. At some point I visited a well-known psychic woman who were making lots of money and who also had her own school for psychics. When I came in, I was wearing different clothes than I would normally wear, and one of the first things she said to me was that I liked partying and going out drinking, which could not be further from the truth. Everything she said seemed to be based on a brief look at my clothes, it is called cold reading – where the psychic does not actually access any information, but instead simply “reads” the person. So if the person looks sad, the psychic will “pick up” on that and say something like: “I sense you are experiencing sorrow.” Slowly but surely the pedestal I had placed the psychics on, started crumbling and I started doubting my own abilities.

I was becoming suspicious towards the very act of getting psychic messages and my vocation as a psychic. Many times I was requested to attend bachelorette parties as the entertainment segment of the night – I said no every time, because at that time I took my psychic abilities quite seriously and essentially believed that they should be for free. But as I went to spiritual and alternative health conventions, all I saw was people making money, including myself in how I actually saw that I would be able to make this ability my job.

I finally realized that there is no reason why the spiritual with their abilities should not take money, that there was no differences between spiritual work and any other form of work. I realized that it is a deception to believe and claim that the spiritual should be free because this world is based on survival through the accumulation of money – and even the most esteemed gurus or people like Eckhart Tolle cash in lots of money.

But there was a perception and belief in the spiritual communities that we were more pure than normal people who slaved away to survive, there was a belief that it was only those in lower frequencies that had to work to survive, that it was possible to live without money in a more pure and dematerialized life.

So I strived towards becoming free of material possessions. I stopped working as a psychic and would only do readings for my friends once in a while. For a long time I judged the entire spiritual community as I judged myself for having allowed myself to get sucked into this fantasy dream world; where everyone pretends like they are doing it for the Universe, but really just want to be special. Like the saying goes: “Believing that we are special and unique is the most common belief in the world”.

I just wanted to be special. That is the hardcore truth. I never investigated where the messages were coming from or if they were even coming from anywhere but my own imagination – because I was so consumed in my role that I had assumed and made for myself that I refused to look at common sense or self-honesty.

In participating with Desteni I have learned that physics, channels and mediums as they have existed in this world has been programmed to be who and what they are in a vicious and manipulating political game – yes, a political game – where heaven, as the elite standing above all and everyone else, presented these people to give forth the messages that people wanted to hear, exactly as the media and the spin-doctors spin the stories so that the public will accept it.

It could have been a shock to me, but it was not. It made complete sense. And so I started walking the process of untangling myself of the mess I had created through deceiving myself into spirituality. I realized that it is possible to remain here and simply see another being as and if we are able to see and listen unconditionally. It is not a magic trick, it is not that the being seeing another is more than or more special than the other. It is simply a seeing here and we are all able to do it, if we only let ourselves see and hear what is here.

Investigate Desteni. Become a real truth-seer as you start seeing yourself and what is here as who and what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become.

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Questions and Perspectives: Oneness and Equality with regards to ‘Channelings’

 Questions and Perspectives: Oneness and Equality with regards to ‘Channelings.

Original Article: http://desteni.co.za/a/questions-and-perspectives-oneness-and-equality-with-regards-to-channelings

By Winged

Date : 25/01/2008

Have a look at considering the following with regards to the ‘channelings’ – and the principle to be taken into consideration is oneness and equality.

The question is: Why oneness and equality?

I, in one moment – moved completely, entirely out of my human physical body and experienced myself within and as the dimensions – as though ‘dying’ but my physical human body remained here ‘alive’, and as I moved out – another being entered my human physical body: And I could actually see this as I experienced me within the dimensions, see the other dimensional being within and as my human physical body communicating to the other human beings who was sitting around my human physical body – a complete swap had taken place. So in that moment I knew my body is still here, I am still here – there is another being experiencing themselves within and as my human physical body communicating and expressing himself with the other human beings, so I might as well explore the dimensions and return later – so I did!

What we discovered according to ‘what was going on’ within the dimensions and ‘what was really going on here on earth’ was shocking and unexpected, because nothing within this world and human beings is what seems according to what you see with your human physical eyes.

This is how we discovered the ‘mind’ – how human beings’ define themselves as the mind and that the mind is actually a programmed system specifically designed and manifested within and as the human physical body – which human beings have come to believe and perceive themselves to be as ‘who they are’. There were interdimensional systems, implants, devices of multiple variations within and as the human physical bodies of human beings – controlling and enslaving them to remain within and as their mind system designed ‘self’, human beings literally programmed to exist as they do currently within this world – through the mind consciousness system design as what they ‘think’ / ‘believe’ they are. And that your very thoughts/feelings and emotions, that which you experience within you = is of this very system: And human beings were not aware of this in any way whatsoever – no-one was.

This all and many more was discovered as I explored the dimensions, together with Bernard – we investigated everything within this world and the dimensions and realised that the dimensional existence, was no different to how it was here on earth experienced by human beings = no difference.

Now the question:

How will h uman beings hear what we have discovered, realised, understood, seen, experienced in the past two years (it was two years that we investigated the dimensions, dimensional beings, earth, human beings, existence before we started the website) as we explored and investigated what was really going on within and as this existence?

How are we going to assist and support human beings to realise what is really going on in this world, within themselves – and how they’re individually able to assist and support themselves – to ‘stop existing as a mind, because it is that very mind system within and as them, which human beings are participating in because they think/believe it to be ‘who they are’ that is currently manifesting, designing and forming this world it is experienced by all in this moment?

How are we going to assist human beings to understand the importance of realising that everything they have ever believed, trusted, had faith in, loved and experienced within themselves as ‘who they are’ = is not real, but all consisting of their mind, a designed programmed system within and as which they are enslaved?

How are we going to assist and support human beings to be able to assist and support themselves to stop participation in their mind system as who and what they think/believe themselves to be – to stand up, live, experience and express ‘who they really are’

Before I continue – I would like to expound on the ‘who we really are’ principle, and what I mean by ‘who you really are’:

I have walked this process for quite some time with Bernard, even before I could move completely out of my human physical body and experience me within the dimensions. He had walked this process of stopping the mind and standing up, living, experiencing and expressing ‘who he really is’ – he had walked for 14 years when realising ‘who he really is’ and thus, ‘who all really is’ and he’s still walking, in every moment of breath here as ‘who he is’ – not stopping until all of existence realise ‘who they really are’.

Let me explain: He said to me once that he found something that exists within and as each and every single human being, each and every single particle/refraction as expression that exists – which he discovered exists within and as ‘who he really is’ – this is Life, Life as all as one as equal.

And this ‘point’ – Life, exists within and as each and every single one of us, each and every single refraction that exists – one and equal – and he walked a process of 14 years with absolute self commitment, self dedication and self discipline when discovering ‘who he really is’ as life and discovered that life as ‘who he really is’ as Life as all as one as equal exists within and as each and every single being/expression within existence. Thus, each and every single being/expression within this existence – ‘who we really are’ is life as all as one as equal – but is only able to be self realised through a process, an extensive process, as it cannot be given, because you can’t be given yourself – you must realise you for you as you.

So, he’d been looking/searching for a way for human beings to hear – because no-one wanted to listen/hear what he had to say, and so he realised that if he could bring together enough beings and assist and support them within and throughout the exact process he had walked, to realise who they really are as life as all as one as equal as he realised himself, if enough beings commit, dedicate and discipline themselves to apply and live this process in realising ‘who they really are’ and how to live, experience and express and apply you here in every moment of breath as ‘who you really are’: Maybe then many more will also start hearing, in this way: Human beings will start hearing.

You may ask: But, what do you mean by ‘no-one wanted to hear’ – see, when in and as your mind, all that exists is your mind, a programmed system, therefore you are programmed in such a way to only ‘hear’ what you are programmed to ‘hear’, you will only listen to that which you ‘know’ and which will not ‘compromise’ ‘who you think you are’ of and as the mind. Thus, you will only listen/hear that which keeps you in the limitations and boundaries of your mind-set as ‘who you think you are’. And what we’re saying here, through the material and video interviews – is way beyond the ‘mind’s programmed nature’ of human beings.

Therefore some will fear what is said, ridicule it, judge it, resist it – because they fear losing ‘who they think they are’ of the mind as the mind and will only listen/hear that which will validate/support their existence as a mind as ‘who they think they are’ and will thus discard anything else, such as what we are presenting here.

Because here we say: ‘Stop your mind entirely – everything and all that you have ever thought/believed to be ‘who you are’ is not real, but a mind system design’. And this frightens beings, because the mind is all they’ve ever known, ever trusted, ever believed in – but what they don’t realise is that there’s ‘something else’ – ‘beyond the existence of the mind’ = which is who you really are as life as all as one as equal. And it takes a seven year process minimum to walk – to realise it for yourself, dependant on your application. Bernard had to walk for fourteen years, he found ways/methods to ‘shorten’ this process for each one.

So therefore, beings didn’t want to hear him – they were too afraid of ‘losing themselves as the mind’ according to which they have defined ‘who they are’ and therefore he decided he’ll have to ‘approach the situation’ in a different way, by working one-one-one with beings and guide them directly through this process he had walked, and this is how and why I am here. I was but a waitress in a coffee shop, just finished school when I met Bernard and my process started.

But he realised that in walking with beings individually, directly one-one-one would take lifetimes – thus, there had to be another way, to assist and support many human beings at once, but couldn’t find a way.

Then the Portal opened – as I moved out of my human physical body, and experienced myself within the dimensions. And this was also still when demons existed, I’d worked with demons before the Portal opened, I transcended my fear of them and thus I was not afraid, it was actually a demon who was the first being who came within and as my human physical body, the first moment I moved out completely. The reason I mention this is because I have also seen that ‘point’ as ‘who each being really is’ – and the first moment I saw it, was when I observed a demon, while in the dimensions – I could see there within this demon, there I see who this demon really is as life as all as one as equal. But this being believed himself to be a ‘demon’ – ‘lost’, see, demons were no different to human beings at the moment, also ‘lost’ within a mind construct, just like human beings are lost within and as a mind construct/system. So, I took the demon, while I was within the dimensions – and placed the demon within and as me, I stood one and equal as the demon as me as ‘who we really are’, and I held him and I showed the demon as me ‘who he really is’ as one and equal as me as ‘who we really are’ as Life. And because of quantum time = the demon immediately transcended the ‘mind construct’ belief of ‘what he is as demon as who he thought he was’ and realised himself in one moment.

This ‘point’ – Life, existent within and as each one, I have also seen, this as who we really are exists within and as each one – even within the demons.

Now the question: What is ‘Life’ – what do I mean when I say ‘life’:

Even though the demon ‘realised himself’ = it does not stop there, when you realise you, it doesn’t mean you ‘stop’ and ‘wait’ and ‘it is done’ – no, now you have to go into self application, self expression as life, and this is what it means:

In realising ‘who you are’ as Life = you stand here as all as one as equal as existence in it’s entirety as one and equal as you, you ‘become’ the living manifestation of life as all as one as equal as everything and all that exists. In this – your responsibility is towards you as all of existence – to walk this process together with all of existence as you, until each and every single refraction/ex­pression/being is one and equal as you as life, until all are one and equal as life = so, you apply you, you move you, you direct you = until all are one and equal as life: Until it is done, no matter what – you walk here in every moment of breath.

So, in the opening of the Portal – we focused on assisting and supporting all dimensional beings to understand ‘oneness and equality’ in application, because the dimensions were a mess, no different to how the world exists at the moment. The dimensions were not even near human beings, not even here on this ‘earth plane’ – only the demons existed amongst human beings. All the other dimensional beings were in different various dimensional planes, different heavens, different alternate dimensional existences, different dimensional planets – all existing in separation and fear of themselves and each other, also lost within their own ideas/perception of themselves as mind constructs = all of the dimensions were lost in mind constructs, just like human beings on earth.

The channels and psychics within this world were not channeling ‘actual real dimensional beings’ – there were absolutely no dimensional beings, coming here through the channels that exists in this world, at all – there were literally only demons here amongst human beings.

See – ‘dimensional beings’ (the one’s that were not ‘demons’) did not enjoy coming down to earth, amongst human beings to ‘channel’ as they much preferred to remain blissfully ignorant of what was happening within and as this world together with human beings and be by themselves within the dimensions and do what they want to do – they did not care for human beings in any way whatsoever.

So, they devised a way to design the mind system of certain specific human beings known as ‘channels’ in this world – in such a way, to ‘presumably channel an actual dimensional being’, but what human beings as ‘channels’ within this world is currently ‘channeling’ is a ‘designed programmed system of information’ as a ‘being’ within and as their unconscious mind of their mind system, that works automatically so that an actual dimensional being doesn’t have to come through from the dimensions. The ‘programmed designed channel system’ in the ‘channels’ unconscious mind, as a ‘programmed designed being-system’ speaking information according to which it was designed to speak – then dimensional beings didn’t have to come through at all, as the ‘channel system’ designed and programmed as the human being as channels’ unconscious mind did it automatically. Therefore – the ‘channeling here, you sent us’ and this is all ‘channelings’ that come through human beings as ‘channels’ within this world = is not actual real dimensional beings at all, but they are channeling an ‘information designed programmed system’ from within their own unconscious mind.

All of the dimensions, for the past three years have been in the process of establishing oneness and equality within and as themselves, there exist no more demons, no more ascended masters/gods/god­desses/angels, no more ‘dimensional planes’, no more ‘dimensional planets’, no more ‘soul constructs’ – all of the dimensions, all dimensional beings are one and equal within and as their individual processes.

With regards to Bernard finding a way of how we’re able to assist and support ‘more beings’ at once within this process:

We have focused for the first two and a half years only on the dimensions – in assisting and supporting them within their process of being able to assist and support human beings effectively here on earth, then to also open the website and do video interviews to assist and support human beings from here, while dimensional beings assist and support human beings as themselves, as dimensional beings assist and support themselves within their processes. So human beings and dimensional beings may assist and support themselves one and equal = within t his process of realising ‘who we really are’.

And therefore, the website is here, the video interviews is here = for those who will hear, this is how we found will be the most effective way for human beings to hear and realise and understand what is really going on within this world and human beings.

So the question: Are you ready to hear?

Understand that what is coming through ‘channels’ at the moment is a ‘programmed design system’ within and as their unconscious mind, not an actual dimensional being – such as for instance this ‘channeling’ you sent us. I am certain of this, because I am within the interdimensional existence, just like any other dimensional being – there is no ‘Sanat Kumara’ that exists, there is no more ‘soul constructs’ that exists – the entire soul construct was a system to enslave human beings to their own mind and was able to be removed interdimensionally while the dimensions were within their process of standing up and understanding oneness and equality as ‘who they really are’.

Thus, I will leave you with some video interviews and articles to go through – and after this that I have given perspective for and going through the video’s and material – you decide for you, within and as self honesty as you – whether what is said within these ‘channelings’ stand within and as oneness and equality as life, assisting and supporting human beings individually to stand up and take self responsibility to assist and support themselves as life as who they really are and whether what is said is ‘valid’.



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Bernard Poolman – The History and purpose of channeling

 Written by Bernard Poolman

Original Article:

Date : 06/07/2007

This is a fascinating question. When you go back to about 1900 and study the work of Baird Spalding – Life and teachings of the masters of the far-east, you notice an interesting situation. The nature of interdimensionality is part of life. Beings appear, communicate, walk on water – all normal in that time.

This book entered my life in a strange way. When my father-in – law died, he was a deep trance medium and a healer on earth, I communicated with him the first time two days after his death. The session was difficult and strained. He told me he left me a gift and told me where to find it in his office. These books really tickled my fancy and interest; this event took place in the early 1990’s. This was the last time I spoke to my father-in–law till the intedimensional portal opened. Not that I did not attempt to contact him. I tried all the time, because we use to investigate and discuss interesting topics all the time, but to no avail—he remained silent.

What he explained to me once we were face to face at the portal, was that to make sure he was not recycled to Earth by the White Light, he had to act as if he was mad. When beings acted mad in the dimensions, they were normally left alone as the white light did not see them as a threat that they could wake up from their conditioning.

I studied the books of Baird Spalding and found something fascinating. Although much of what was to come and technologies to be discovered was indicated, by the 1950’s all disappeared. Even the publishers indicated that since Spalding’s death no-one knew where the stuff is he referred to in his books or what happened to the information.

I followed the channelings of all beings I could find. Tested the practical workability of it here on earth. Will this change the experience of us here on earth? , was the question I asked. Is this how God wanted me to experience him as his Image and Likeness?

Some of the channeled information I experienced as real in my reality although it became clear only as real as I would believe in it and create it as I see it as part of myself. I used Kinesiology to infuse and test applications. I did this for a period of 12 years. I established my own library and collected books, looking for the answer that was apparently me, but I simply could not find it. I went into seclusion to meditate and silence all – to no avail.

The reason; I am still HERE. And this here is the world. I must pay rent, buy food, educate children. Nothing made sense.

The channels were disseminating beautiful words and inner experiences which I applied and followed but it made no practical difference to HERE. I listened to people giving discourses and teaching about channels and new energies. Fascinating, when you got close to them, you could see – they are not living or becoming in all of their experience what they are teaching. A separation occurs. They still pay rent, need money for food and are slaves to a system – the system that controls this reality. Unless they get enough people to believe in the channels and buy products related to the channels, their work was to no avail and their lives end in misery. Many lives did end in misery or giving up.

The question was why? All these words of hope, of beautiful inner experiences, no change to the HERE of the world. No change to our reality.

I contemplated and tested. Let me be in a cave as a sage and find Peace and Nirvana. Will I able to be present Here and be able to make a practical substantial difference? What is directing the HERE we experience as the world in our day to day participation? Why did the words and examples of Jesus or Osho or Buddha or any being that reached inner greatness not make a difference to the HERE in this world.

Obviously, when I studied the beings, I noticed that what they presented was not practical in this world. What became clear is that this world is based on groups of beings that amalgamate with beliefs and then follow it as something greater than themselves, waiting for some intervention to save them or waiting to die to go to heaven.

All we’re waiting for is each other or an event. Some tried to change. Gandhi did, but look, he changed a country, but not the people. Mandela he changed a country but not the source of the people or how the people acted. He did nothing to change the self directed principle in the being as the being. He could not. Each must do that for self. It was clear that we are at some level responsible, but we seem unable to understand this responsibility while we are in the middle of survival and making money.

Eventually, I distanced myself from the channels and psychics – I could get no practical way that will make a difference in this world. It was clear that HERE in this world, we are alone and that not any one man in this world will make a difference. We require agreement between all. We require realization that we are the creators of this reality in all ways.

How is that possible to reach such agreement between all in this world as it is HERE now in its present form and manifestation? Impossible with everything that we know and understand now, impossible in all religions, by then even the channelings became a religion of inner journeys, beautiful words – No new INFORMATION. NO PRACTICAL DIRECTION – NOTHING that will prepare the way for the CHILDREN to come or help us realize that we are the practical answer to the problem we have accepted as our world and reality.

I researched practical ways to breakthrough. Then a flicker of light. If we ALL could READ effectively! Maybe that will help. I pushed reading. Some beings responded and expanded, but the notion that we are responsible for the HERE of our reality – No ways – immediate deep despair and depression came over me.

Then I discovered the Demons. A challenge – will they be able to possess me? Can’t they be helped? This led to the portal opening and a series of events that led me to the dimensions and the White Light and the Annunaki and the Angels and much more.

Then – where are all the masters that were channeling? I spoke to them. They were like me – they explained to me that all channels were preprogrammed according to the instructions of the White Light and the Annunaki. This started in seriousness with Alice Bailey. My reality was being shattered daily. The anger grew. How is this possible? Where is God? What is going on? Despair. I will end in the same heaven in the same situation. NO WAY ! There must be another way. What am I willing to practically do? Am I willing to tempt fate and death? There was nothing else. Just ME. Am I going to accept this? Can this be directed?

For months I tested and probed and communicated. Day after day. No answer. I found beings spread throughout the universe. Many were in absolute despair. They said to me there was no answer. They have tried. God abandoned creation? Or was there no God? Is there only me? Have I done this to myself?

I looked at all practical possibilities. If we direct this situation, where is an answer possible? I went into the darkness and the light and everywhere only found deceit and evil. Power and greed, fear and disdain. Many heavens waiting for god. I was not alone in this. Sunette walked with me. We compared notes. Some dimensional beings walked with me. We contemplated. I discussed this with Anu, Alice Bailey, Jesus, Mohammed, Osho and many more, Einstein, Jung, Freud, Tesla, beings that just crossed over. Testing information.

No direction stepped forth. The first point that was clear was that we must all come together as one HERE and see what we have allowed. We have to stop. The process of direction started. The gods and goddesses and masters and Satan and the devil were not happy. They had a controlled certain way of doing things that gave them a certain standing in “reality”. Satan and the devil put up the greatest direct fight. They called me a puny human being. What can I do? They blacked out heaven and hijacked Sunette and disappeared with her into the dimensions. What to do. I made a choice. I will not stand for this. I see in each this Oneness and Equality that I see as me. We each have this we can call life. I must interfere. I must act and prove that there is something more. I acted and with the assistance of some beings, all was brought together as one. Still there was fear and deceit. What if god returned? We have turned heaven upside down. We will deal with god when it is HERE, but if I look at it, god would be really pissed off if he sees what we have allowed reality to become. All we have to work with is here in this moment. We must act. If we wait, we will keep on experiencing what we have allowed ourselves to become.

We closed the channels and found all the ways it worked. It was explained. Yet, channeling continued. We sat in the being when they channeled to see where the information was coming from. It came from the MIND. We challenged the MIND, the universal mind, all minds, there were many. It was clear that a process is going to be necessary to understand ourselves. All in heaven was challenged to face self and apply forgiveness. Heaven did participate even if it was only from the perspective that there was no alternative. It was clear that we were infinitely stuck in the same cycles. Both heaven and earth were stuck. We were responsible.

Then it became clear that the information through the channels were going nowhere. It was the inner journey or mind creation of beings with no practical value in stopping, war, famine, crime, abuse or death. Channelings have become inspired beliefsystems that is perpetuating itself like a religion, but is of no practical value for all as one.

What was clear was that death is the equalizer for all on earth. When a being died, they were so grateful to be free from the body and mind.

The body and mind became more clear that it was a structural sound resonance of words and thoughts that seemed stable, but was not. Anu explained its creation as creator of physicality. Fascinating. I discussed this situation with the planets, the universe, the animal kingdom, plants, nature and all agreed. What the MIND of man cannot control was the forces of nature, or all the animals, or the bees, or the bugs or the viruses or death.

They all agreed to become the teachers of man. To stop man from destroying everything through fear and ignorance and survival.

So, channels will continue on earth but no substantial new practical information will come forth. It has become like a religion. Look, the pastor read the bible and prays and become inspired and speaks in the church – NO – this is channeling from his mind the compound energy of his belief. There is no difference between a channel and a pastor. They are both promoting hope to suppress fear. NO CERTAINTY. So, man kind is facing an interesting time. Only time and events will prove this. The guideline is animals, nature, death and all that the mind cannot control. Many will die, new diseases will proliferate. Storms, floods, you name it. All families will be touched.

We will assist, but the process of realizing what we have allowed is personal. Children now born are coming to correct the past, if we are able to assist them not to be trapped by the MIND.

The money system must stop. – See all writings about money. We will focus on the children. First the recently departed children. In fact, the primary assistance on earth now is from children. Many dimensional beings are still in process. When you now cross over, you face all creations, thoughts and past lives you participated in. An absolute recreation of self through forgiveness. Earth is easier than heaven at the moment. That will change and as heaven stand up as each that die face themselves and what they have allowed, assistance on earth will become more directed, but no help is allowed to remove the consequences of what we as mankind have allowed. We must stop and take responsibility and the mess will increase on earth till we wake up. Nothing else is certain. We will stop, either here on earth we will take responsibility or with death we will take responsibility. We will be no more than the responsibility we are willing to take. This is the end of time.

We are grateful to all that stood up and dedicated themselves to freedom and life. Slavery will be no more – we do not know how long it will take. We estimate we are only able to help children up to 7–8 years old. – Few adults will have the discipline to recreate themselves as I showed in the article: I, the living word. Yet, nothing is impossible.

Questions and Perspectives: Unconscious Mind Pre-programmed Channels

   Typed by Winged

Date : 18/10/2007


For several weeks in June, I transcribed my „conversations“ with Saint Thérese of Lisieux (aka The Little Flower). If anyone is interested in reading and/or commenting, please PM me. Edit: I did have some text posted here but choose not to leave it up indefinitely. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks!



Many beings from within the dimensions were specifically reincarnated here on earth to experience a specific life for specific purposes upon their return to the afterlife/dimen­sions.

One of the reasons was for the specific purpose of channeling – the beings’ specific life experience, all information of the beings specific life experience on earth, was ‘downloaded’ and ‘saved’ within the Soul, within the Soul Construct that was manifested within the Solar plexus of each human being on earth interdimensionally. Such beings’ life experiences were not ‘logged’ into the Akashic Records and such specific beings’ who was sent to earth for a specific purpose to experience a specific life – was inserted with what is referred to as a: ‘Clean Slate Soul’.

The information of the specific dimensional being’s experience as a human being on earth was downloaded and ‘saved’ within the Soul – the Soul was connected to the dimensional being, but not of the dimensional being, meaning that the Soul was actually able to be removed upon entering the dimensions after death on earth, as it was a mere circular construct within human beings, connected to the dimensional being within the human physical body (defined as a human being), to download all information of the dimensional beings’ experience here on earth as a human being.

When such specific beings ‘die’ on earth, that was sent to earth to experience a specific life and have specific life experiences, with which all such specific beings’ information of their entire specific life experience was downloaded and saved within their Soul – the Soul will be removed from the dimensional being upon entering the dimensional realm. The moment the Soul is removed – the being themselves that had been sent to earth, that has just come from their specific life experience on earth are sent for what is referred to as: Re-cycling. They’d be reinserted with another ‘Clean Slate Soul’ and experience other different lives on earth – having no remembrance or recollection of the specific life they had ‘just’ experienced.

The reason such specific beings’ specific life experiences’ on earth ‘downloaded’ and ‘saved’ information was not stored within the Akashic Records was for the following reason: The moment they removed the Soul Construct from the specific being – this particular Soul only consisted of information of the specific life experience the dimensional being was sent to experience – they’d actually design and create a ‘being’ of the ‘downloaded’ and ‘saved’ information from within this particular Soul of the specific dimensional being who was sent to experience a specific life experience. Creating a ‘being’ that is a system of information that speaks/communi­cates/interac­ts as the information it is. Therefore – certain human beings in this world ‘channeled’ was but information systems presented as real ‘beings’.

And this is exactly what happened with the dimensional being that was specifically sent to incarnate as: Saint Thérèse of Lisieux (aka The Little Flower).

The dimensional being that incarnated on earth as Saint Thérèse was specifically sent to earth to experience themselves as the human being referred to as Saint Thérèse. This process works as follows: Within the dimensions existed a realm that was referred to as the ‘Zombie Zone’ where dimensional beings merely floated around purposelessly and aimlessly – they were suppressed by a dimensional mind consciousness system which wiped them completely of all and any remembrances of themselves and their own existence: All they did was ‘float’ and constantly and continuously move around within the ‘Zombie Zone’ realm. These beings were specifically placed here for specific tasks such as the task the being had who incarnated as Saint Thérèse. Thus, the being who incarnated as Saint Thérèse was taken here from within the ‘Zombie Zone’ realm.

The being (to incarnate as Saint Thérèse) is then inserted with a ‘Clean Slate Soul’ – the Soul Construct which will download and save all information of this particular dimensional beings’ life experience on earth as the human being Saint Thérèse incarnated.

The reason why the being who incarnated specifically as the human being Saint Thérèse, died at such a young age, is because the necessary information was obtained for the specific purpose of transforming the information from the beings’ life experiences into a manifested system design as a ‘being’.

The reason this course of action was required to be taken to transform downloaded information from such a specific beings’ specific life experience that is retrieved from within the Soul – was because the downloaded information from within the Soul contained the ‘essence of experience’ – meaning that the downloaded information of the being’s life experience was of the being themselves and thus contained actual moment experiences the being had in ‘real life’ on earth as a human being. Such actual moment experience contained an essence and it is from this essence that the ‘system designed information being’ was manifested.

Therefore, the moment the being incarnated as the human being Saint Thérèse, had the sufficient information necessary as downloaded information of life experiences on earth within the Soul Construct – the being as the human being Saint Thérèse was removed from earth.

The moment the being as human being Saint Thérèse entered the dimensions – the Soul with downloaded information of the being’s life experience on earth will be removed from the being and the being will either be sent for Re-Cycling to reincarnate again or be sent back upon return to the ‘Zombie Zone Realm’. The downloaded information from within the Soul (which are ‘captured moments’ of life experiences on earth), which still contain the essence of experience, almost like a ‘life essence’, will then be used to design what is referred to as a ‘manifested information system design as a ‘being”. Or they would actually design a mind consciousness system from the information the dimensional being obtained through the downloading of life experiences within the Soul Construct as a human being on earth. The dimensional being would then be inserted as this mind consciousness system consisting of downloaded information of an earth life’s experience and then in such a way ‘activate’ the mind consciousness system – therefore becoming a system that communicates as the information it consists of.

Though in Saint Thérèse’s case – the being who was the human being as Saint Thérèse on earth was sent back to the ‘Zombie Zone’ and all the downloaded information from within the Soul, as all the being experienced on earth as the human being Saint Thérèse, was used to manifest the dimensional ‘system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse.

The channeling of such a dimensional ‘manifested system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse for instance worked as follows: A specific human being is then ‘selected’ here on earth to have ‘channeling’ abilities – though such ‘channeling’ consisted of the following practice: This dimensional ‘manifested system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse would be infused within the unconscious mind of the selected human being as the unconscious mind of the human being. Instead of such human beings’ unconscious mind being connected to the entire world as all of humanity (meaning being plugged into that what is referred to as the ‘unified consciousness field of the world as all of humanity as mind consciousness systems), such selected human beings’ unconscious mind consist of for instance the dimensional ‘manifested system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse. The actual ‘starting point’ of when such ‘channelings’/con­versation is initiated is at/during a specific pre-prepared/pre-programmed moment – the unconscious mind is then activated, which consist as the dimensional ‘manifested system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse and voila – the ‘channeling’ is undergo.

Thus – the Saint Thérèse you’re communicating to is a dimensional ‘manifested system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse – also connected to the entire religious system of this world, also specifically all the information of the religion that the being as human being Saint Thérèse practiced.

Thus – what you’re communicating to is the manifestation of the dimensional ‘manifested system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse as your unconscious mind. The being who was incarnated as the human being Saint Thérèse – never channeled. You have been communicating to a dimensional ‘manifested system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse as your unconscious mind.

Because this dimensional ‘manifested system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse is your unconscious mind – it is so ‘part of you’ as you – that it’s going to require quite a process for you to ‘remove’ this unconscious mind manifestation as the dimensional ‘manifested system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse. See – the unconscious mind is the foundation upon which your entire mind consciousness system within you is based and founded and exists within and as your entire human physical body. The unconscious mind doesn’t only exist within your head/brain area – but is manifested and infused within and as your entire human physical body. Therefore I said that this dimensional ‘manifested system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse has become ‘part of you’ as you – because it’s manifested as the unconscious mind – it’s manifested within and as the entirety of you. When you channel – you merely ‘activate’ the unconscious mind as this dimensional ‘manifested system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse and you ‘communicate’/‘chan­nel’.

I understand that this must be difficult to comprehend – though you are able to assist yourself and your structural resonance is assisting you as well. The only way you are going to be able to assist yourself in no longer being a slave to a dimensional ‘manifested system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse as your unconscious mind – is to let go of the mind completely – to stop the mind.

The ‘situation’ is the following: That you’ve defined ‘who you are’ according to your ability to channel and also according to this dimensional ‘manifested system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse as your unconscious mind. Defined from the perspective that its become so much part of you as you because of the manifestation of this dimensional ‘manifested system designed information being’ Saint Thérèse as your unconscious mind – therefore, it’s to altogether STOP the mind in its entirety through forgiveness and practical application.

Understand also, that you’re not alone in this situation as there are many human beings within this world that’s currently ‘stuck’ with such ‘manifested system designed information being’ as their unconscious mind and that each one will have to STOP their mind in its entirety to finally be ‘free’ and release themselves from the enslavement of such manifested systems as their unconscious mind.