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Did you know that we create alternative realities when we masturbate? How does it work? What is masturbation really? Masturbation for many beings become their entire world – it becomes an alternate reality where self “lives out” fantasies often in the accumulation of these fantasies getting stronger and stronger and the requirement for orgasm demanding more and more extreme images. The effect masturbation can have on one’s relationships with other human beings – and with oneself – can be devastating; to the point of being unable to communicate or form relationship of any kind. The “pleasure” of masturbation is a high price to pay for losing actual touch with and as reality. Read about My Life as a Sex Slave here.

The following video interview is an introductory interview to an interview series that will be walked through the educational material on EQAFE, within which we’ll be discussing the real nature of Masturbation through the Mind with Energy, touching on and describing in-depth points like why masturbation exist, how it functions within the mind, how fantasies are created through mind-imprints of reality, relationship consequences we create through masturbation, why masturbation is so addictive/possessive, why it’s so difficult to stop masturbating, the physical human body consequences of masturbation and so much more.

Listen to the full interview mentioned in this video for FREE here: Understanding the Secrets of Sex

”What is SEX?” The series, is available here:

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