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There are so many festivals all over the world where people go to listen to music, have sex if they are lucky, get drunk and sleep in a tent. I have been to many and done it for years, been a “festival-goer”. I know many who’s done it every year for more than 20 years. For them it is the embodiment of “fun” and “a good time”. But what is actually the point? To get drunk, see if one can get sex and for a moment forget about one’s actual reality of having to slave away at a job one does not like, living on a lie while constantly compromising oneself to survive and “get by”.

It is the same with holidays. See, these “pass-times” are created to provide the illusion that one has control over and that there is some level of freedom in one’s own life — while in fact one is merely “re-charging” and “blowing off steam” so that one can go back to work and relationships and be a good slave that does not suddenly stand up and see what is actually going on. Desteni and the Destonians is and are exactly NOT that.


Because we are in fact here to stop that — we have realized that all the years we spend going to festivals and getting drunk was an act of self-abdication – of running away from ourselves. We realize that in order to get to live in a world where we do not have to work constantly to survive through compromising ourselves, we require to dedicate ourselves to change what is here: as ourselves and as the world-systems we live in and with. So we re-educate ourselves through the I Process that Amanda linked and through participating in the system.

By getting relevant educations and by getting to know how the world, we prepare ourselves to stand self-responsible in directing the political systems and actually implement a system that is best for all – an Equal Money System – a system that will allow all of us to live and express and have fun, without it being as a way to suppress ourselves and hide from what is here and without it being at the expense of half the world’s population that has never had access to any form of relief from survival because all their time is spent worrying about when they will get their next meal, if any.

So – cool points to consider here for self :
what are my current definitions of fun? Is my current definitions of fun real or are they based on conditioning and in fact survival and brainwash? Consider that a long term solution that will give us a world where every day can be fun and adventurous requires that we dare to challenge our need for instant gratification and question our definitions of what “fun” as we until now have perceived and lived it really is and what the consequences are — not only for ourselves but for everyone.

From there we can make a directive decision to change our definition of fun , to stand in support of what is best for all — as real fun — Fun that all beings on Earth has an equal access to. Real fun is a world that is best for all.