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In this article we are going to once again reveal a  Dark Side of 2012, an emerging trend that at first glance appears to be positive, yet which in-fact exposes humanity’s true nature. We are here looking at what it means to be a modern woman.

“Class, race, sexuality, gender and all other categories by which we categorize and dismiss each other need to be excavated from the inside.” –  Dorothy Allison

Countries like Sweden and Denmark are famous for being some of the most gender equal countries in the world, where the wage gap between men and women is the smallest and where women were the first to be sexually liberated and men take paternity leave. Lets have a look at a practical example of what the Scandinavian women have achieved in terms of  gender equality:

A recent newspaper article[1]  in a Danish paper exposed how female drivers are becoming more like men. Normally it is men that primarily get into traffic accidents and who drive while under the influence, but cases were more females drive hazardous is increasing.

While female drivers are often ridiculed as being bad drivers, what is in fact happening is that women have started to drive more like men, at least when it comes to speed.

John Schalets and Jesper Sølund from the traffic safety council in Denmark explains that “It gets more and more common to see female drunk drivers as the gender equality develops.” They furthermore expand that and say that:

“We have to act faster and more efficient in today’s society and as women get a stronger placement in the business community, it is not so odd that they get a traffic behavior that resembles the males. We will probably start seeing women driving in bigger cars that are stronger and more powerful.”

The gender ‘equality’ is here defined as women being able to do and act as men does and in this case it is the male way of driving hazardously that is considered a sign of liberation of the female.

Now – it is interesting that what is being equated as ‘equality’ is merely ‘being the same as’ while the fact that what is ‘valued’ within this ‘equality’ is completely overlooked.

So that women are becoming more like men is seen as a good thing, a liberating thing, whiles the fact that who they are becoming is irrelevant and ignored. This is however not a debate about who is best, men or women, but it is about the misconception about what equality is. ‘

Equality basically means ‘the same in value’ – but the important emphasis is on the entire paragraph, that the value is the same. In this context above the emphasis is merely placed on being ‘the same’, while the value of the equality women has ‘reached’ is disregarded.

Women drive faster because they need to be more like men, perhaps because they want to be more like men and it is clear that if they want to make it in the business world they have to drive fast to get to where they want to be in the world. They can’t care for such petty points as traffic and consideration of others in the traffic as that would merely slow them down. They need stronger and bigger cars so that they too can show off their wealth and status, exactly like the men does.

What values are implied here? And even more so, what exactly is it that is equal here? That we are all equal in being assholes? Is that a value in itself? That women are now able to be assholes too?

This is not even about men or women, but about the personality characteristics that have come to shape the definition of an effective and successful human being. This means that men are equally striving to become ‘a man’, a man that does whatever it takes to get the job done, a man that is willing to risk life and limbs for that career and this is how we measure the pinnacle of a successful life.

Why is it a good thing that women are driving more like men and consequently killing more people in traffic accidents? Is that the kind of ‘equality’ we want? Is that the equality women have been striving for? It appears so.

It seems like the classic bully in the school yard or the psychopath in the corner office have become the standard ideal for everyone to achieve, women and men alike.

Everyone wants to be the winner of the world, but those very few who actually stand in such positions of power, money and influence are doing so by standing on the backs of everyone else.

The capitalistic system in which we live is patriarchal from the perspective of it being values associated with being a male that is predominant. Males have learned generation after generation to march in tact as they walk firmly with a tunnel vision towards the ultimate goal of success, power and money. It is not who they really are and it is not who women really are either, but this ideal stereo type is what is dominating our societies. So as women become “liberated”, all they are liberated to is to be and act like men and first and foremost: make money.

In the course of what has been called the “liberation of women”, women were told that they in their newfound freedom would be able to live independently and live the live they choose. They can get abortions, be CEO’s or whatever they want to, as long as they remain within the ideal of what a real man either wants or is.

Traditional female features such as ‘empathy’ and ‘care’ are in equivalent of positions in the job market, still the lowest paying jobs. Mothers that work at home in making food and cleaning AFTER coming home from their job as CEO’s or lawyers or politicians, are still not getting paid or even credited for their double labor. Instead one is expected and is expecting of oneself, to be able to do it all, all at once.

It is a race to the finish line of a perfect career, body, house, kids and husband and the real truth is that that life doesn’t exist, for anyone. It simply doesn’t exist. A modern woman is thus a man – and not even that, is the projection of the characteristics of what a man supposedly is.

If equality means “the same in value” it is the value that determines what that equality is. What this means is that we require reconsidering what it is we have given value as being that all should be the same as.

The ‘equality’ as same-in-valueness that is presented in the patriarchal system in is predomination of the world is what creates wars, hunger, rape, porn and deceptive politics. It is through this that we as humans allow ourselves to justify why we are depleting the world of its resources and nurture and why we are forcing extinction on the animals.

It is not an equality that is best for all life. What is best for all life has nothing to do with gender. And if we as women (and men) SEE that a change is required in humanity and as such in ourselves to what is best for all, we got to stop trying to become like men, as they are presented in the world and start trusting ourselves to actually live in a way that is best for all.

In this text by Jack an extended perspective is given as support for why women have tried to become like men, showing the redundancy of that and that this is definitely not what equality is about.

Soon after the creation of man, women were told that men were the ‘stronger sex’. They appeared more muscular, athletic and well put together, able to do physical task with ease. Now millions of years later we have the most fascinating manifestations within the role of the woman coming forward. Firstly I would like to congratulate woman on behaving as if men have power over them, when in actuality nobody does.

I realize that you have been taught from a young age to bow down to men, but is it really who you are? Are you equality or are you slaves? So what I see when I look at woman has been my endless point of amusement for the last couple of weeks as I seek to understand what it is you’re doing.

Many women are currently busy with the application and manifestation of greed. Once men are out of the way a woman will steamroll others in her path to ‘get to the top’. This of course is my reference to the working class lady who has taken the micky out of dominating the work force, done by steam rolling everybody that dares put a foot in their direction.

Men understand that woman rule all over the capitalist work place and are dearly missing the days when their rule was final. Women are currently seizing everything from the ego that they perceive was taken from them when woman were enslaved to their rightful place at the top of every large industry. However, I laugh only due to how ridiculous it still makes you all feel. I look inside any power hungry woman and all I see is actual embarrassment. Some might even say that woman was never driven to become this, yet hundreds of years later woman are standing up to their enslavement yet it is not able to be further from who you are.

I understand that women are directing themselves, yet what is currently playing out is the overcompensation because no middle ground is seen, creating suppression of self. I will not tell you what your middle ground is, rather how you are able to direct yourself. Are you at least aware in your actions that you’re overcompensating from being submissive to over assertive? Nothing wrong with standing up as who you are and directing yourself, what I am talking about is when you realise that the only way to get some ‘respect’ is to force it down people’s throats.

Manifested behaviours exist within these women such as dominance and career driven obsessions. Manifestations of physicality’s such as enlarged muscles depicting strength, larger body shapes to ‘match’ that of the male build, more upright body posture to ensure the image of worth, and the list goes on. However tough this world may appear there does remain one basic understanding for us all.

Who you are, is direction, flow, participation, creation in every moment not because you’re molding yourself to the corporate image but rather because in essence you remain, therefore your likeness is not determined by male dominance or how you respond. Forgiveness here would give you the opportunity to realise who you are and assist you to ‘re-connect’ with yourself and understanding where you have compromised yourself. Realise you are feminine , as much as you are strength.”

Further perspectives are giving here on the male ego, the female ego and how “women’s liberation” is impulsed into our lives as a form of self-deception.

Join Desteni as we embark on the journey to discover what Self-Expression is in fact, when gender inequality is taken out of the equation of what equal value is – equal value as life, one and equal.

Investigate an Equal Money System – the first and only political initiative in the world that stands for what is in fact Best for All Life

“Everybody counts in applying democracy. And there will never be a true democracy until every responsible and law-abiding adult in it, without regard to race, sex, color or creed has his or her own inalienable and unpurchasable voice in government.” – Carrie Chapman Catt.