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Here we are looking at the Dark Side of the statement: “Your body is a temple”. The statement comes from the bible that in Corinthians 6:19-20, states:

“19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

According to this statement, are bodies are not our own and we ourselves exist, with our bodies as “purchases” with which we owe god our life. But who is this “god” we are worshiping, when we worship in the temple that is our bodies?

For a long time I have been fascinated by and interested in the RAW food movement and recently I decided to experiment with eating raw food myself. I decided not to go completely raw as I could see that my body requires a form of substantial food as well besides raw fruits and vegetables. I started out by reading about raw food and watching YouTube videos about the RAW food movement. Then I went to the supermarket and bought lots of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. It is winter here in Sweden and we do not have a lot of access to lots of different kinds of fruits and vegetables and as I left the supermarket I noticed how expensive this food was; for some of the foods I even had to drive to the other end of town to go to an Asian supermarket.

The food recommended by the RAW food movement is often not something we have easy access to where I live and as such is very expensive and this is one of the reasons why as I share later on, that it is evident that being a rawfoodists is elitist. From a certain perspective there is nothing shocking about this, as all of us who have access to internet, education, food and water, by definition forms part of the world elite. But for a rawfoodist or a vegan that have seen themselves as “pure”, this might be a somewhat bitter pill to swallow. Because it challenges our entire foundation of how we have defined and placed ourselves in the world and in our realities.

The reason why I wanted to eat differently is because I can see and feel that how my body has been responding to the food I have been eating, has not been cool. So I wanted to try out raw food to see if my body would be supported by it. Losing weight in the process would definitely not be unwelcome.

In experimenting with raw food, I have mostly been eating smoothies. My partner and I just got a new blender so it was a cool way to start using it. Besides this I have had a couple of eggs once in a while, rice cakes with peanut butter and coconut and then 1-2 daily meals with rice, stirred vegetables and chicken.

Generally my body has responded quite well to this new way of eating. I have added lots of green vegetables to the Smoothies and the first days I felt really great about eating all this “healthy food”. As I started digging deeper into the raw food recipes and seeing testimonials from people on YouTube, I started realizing that my version of the “raw food diet” was in fact a kiddie version that might be more supporting for my body than the food I had eaten before, but which was not the “real” raw food diet.

Going into a health food shop, can be a very luxurious experience and I often fantasized that if I had a lot of money I could shop all I wanted in a health food shop. There are rows and rows of special protein powders, seaweeds and seeds with names such as “Sun warrior liquid light” and “Incan golden berries”. It literally requires an entire education in nutrition to know what to buy and how to support one’s body.

One of the primary points that people living on a raw food diet take pride in, which is also one of the experiences that come with frequenting the health food shops is purity.

I remember when I had a lot of vegan friends that I was always fascinated and in awe of their self-discipline and how pure they seemed. I felt dirty in comparison. This have now turned into a (western) global movement. The entire principle of raw food has to do with purifying the body and in the raw food logic; to purify the earth. The desire for these people is to cleanse their bodies and ensure that they don’t get any toxins or parasites inside themselves. The food has to be organic, cruelty free and amongst vegans it is believed that eating animals is the same as eating fear, because of the horrendous conditions the animals have lived and died under.

It is by now well known that there are heavy metals and toxins in our food. Animals are fed with antibiotics which we then consume as we consume the animals. Food is transported across vast distances around the earth to provide all cities in the capitalistic system with an array of different nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit. In the RAW food movement original foods that previously have been withdrawn from the mainstream market are remerging (such as spelt or Irish moss), while foods that until now have been eaten only in the distant tribes of the rainforest of the east and south are brought to the supermarkets of the west and North (an example is the popular goji berries).

So what is the problem with eating RAW?

Through my research in the RAW food movement, I came across the term  “Orthorexia”.  It is a non-medical term for people who become so obsessed with eating natural and pure that they literally risk their own health to do so, often causing malnutrition and diseases. It is fascinating that people, in order to eat that which they believe is good, end up abusing themselves instead.

What is interesting about the RAW food movement in relation to this point is that it is generally supported by the exact same system that promotes and supports junk food. These are the two extreme polarities, where some people live their life eating food from McDonalds, while others rigorously stick to food from health food stores. Both points can be addictive and dangerous, because what one is supporting is an idea of what is best to eat rather than actually considering what will support the body in fact.

From a certain perspective, this entire world is toxic in the way we as human beings live together is toxic; in our relationships, family-structures and world-systems and most certainly in how we exist in our own minds.

There is no escaping that. No matter how raw you go, no matter how far “off the grid” you move, no matter how much love you channel – there is no escape from what is here.

And this is the real Dark Side of the RAW food movement: while individuals focus on purifying themselves through purchasing expensive products to cleanse their bodies, there is an entire world that is suffering and that is not being cared for in the same way these individuals “care” for their own bodies based on this principle.

We can have a look at it from another perspective: why is it so important to be pure? The direct answer is: to avoid death – to prolong death as long as it is possible and to avoid suffering on one’s own body. This is then made into a noble gesture towards supporting “mother nature”, while the starting-point is and have always been: self-preservation.

Being a rawfoodist is elitist. The movement is emerged from the elite, it is only the elite that are interested in and can afford to live this lifestyle of purification. And that is what money buys: the illusion of freedom and happiness. The rest of the world has no choice but to eat what is available.

I have had many discussions with vegans about the starting-point for being a vegan. And often vegans (and other activists) will take it personally, when the point of self-interest is exposed: that “I do this, because it makes me look good in my mind’s eye and in the eyes of others. It makes me look like a good person that has self-discipline.” And even though most will not admit it, the fact that it is trendy to be a rawfoodist, is yet another sign that it is in fact elitist.

The point that can be so hard to realize for oneself in self-honesty, is that one is not who and what one had believed oneself to be, for example a pure, benevolent, tolerant, all-loving human being. To see that for oneself, one simply has to look inside one’s own mind at the thoughts that one participate in throughout one’s day, towards others as well as oneself.

Now, for those that have not encountered the RAW movement (or veganism) before, this might seem completely absurd, but it is in fact no different from other religions and activist groups, where the real motivation behind our participation is self-interest.

The starting-point of the deception of perceived “purity” and benevolence starts within the mind. We create these fantasies about who we are, where we are always, at all times the center of our own attention. We can twist and turn any information so that it fits the image we would like to have and hold about ourselves.

What is the true nature of rawfoodists for example? Exactly the same as everyone else now transfigured into a fancy (and politically correct) way of white-washing one’s hands off the blood that is shed as this world bleeds in pain. Everyone does whatever they can to escape facing the reality of what is here in self-responsibility. Otherwise, we would simply take that self-responsibility.

So while one is busy “purifying” one’s body, one still exists within a toxic and parasitic reality and state of self, where all that matters is one’s individual happiness and satisfaction – and because of this, this delusion – one is in fact NOT supporting one’s body or doing what is best for one’s body, because one is acting based on a personalized idea that has it’s starting-point in justifying the interest of self in the mind. Rawfoodism is thus a religion of self-interest, where the individual pretends to care about the whole, but in one’s deeds (including thoughts) are doing the exact opposite.

If we want to be Pure in fact, we got to start with stopping the parasitic and deceptive nature of self – where self has become a religion, which purpose is to “raise” the individual above the suffering that exists on earth. It is simply not possible. It is not possible through spiritualism and ascension and it is not possible through accumulating profit in the capitalistic system. It is also not possible through the raw movement that is in fact not purifying “mother earth”, but in fact supporting the status quo, in total self-deception.

To be pure, we got to make sure that all life is pure. This goes for the clean water we wish to drink, the plants and fruits we eat, we products we apply on our skin and the medicine we take when we are ill.

Through an Equal Money System, we CAN in fact make the entire world pure, from the perspective of living based on principle instead of profit, where the driving force of humanity is to support what is best for all life and not only self, in self’s little cocoon of a mental reality. This will ensure that all products and resources are carefully created, transported in consideration of what is in fact best for all life in the process. It is in fact the dawn of a new age where a live of purity in how we live with and on the Earth is practically possible.

Imagine if all the vegans and rawfoodists and animal rights activists saw the common-sense in what we are presenting: that the world that they have fought so hard for, is actually within reach – not as something that will happen by itself, but as something we directively can create for and as ourselves in this very life-time. Imagine how these activists could use and apply their knowledge and compassion in a way where they don’t have to “fight the system” to stay pure, but instead can focus on creating the very best solutions for all life.

Because afterall, the word RAW in reverse spells WAR and that is exactly what many of these activists have been doing: fighting the system, fighting the abuse and the toxins and parasites – without realizing that it is us ourselves that are the starting-point of the abuse and that are the original parasites on this earth.

There are no shortcuts. There is no “easy” way out. There is but one way and that is to face the fact that what is here on Earth is our own creation and that the starting-point for that exists within and as each of us, vegan or not vegan, spiritual or not. When everyone dare themselves to care – to face this point in self-honesty; that they too are responsible for what is here – it becomes evident that we cannot simply let the “ship sink” while we go living “off the grid” in some remote paradise (in our minds.) Because no matter where we go, we have the system with us, as us and as such it is only by transforming our very own human nature, that anything – ANYTHING – will change in this world.

An Equal Money System will provide for a basic platform from which we can begin doing that. We will reset the game of survival to an equilibrium that will ensure that the fight to survive at all costs and the fear of not surviving will stop – so that we finally can start living and breathing and face what is here as ourselves.

Being a rawfoodists or a vegan is cool if one does it from the starting-point of supporting one’s physical body. But when these and such points are turned into religions of self-interest, where all one cares about is one’s idea about how life should be, it becomes redundant and self-deceptive.

The “raw food good” is not pure or benevolent – in fact is the same god that owns all our lives: the good of money and mind through which we have purchased our “right to live” in survival, fighting each other in fear.

Instead of the body being a temple where we worship the “higher powers” of our own mind and wallet as god, let the body be that: a body, here, physically breathing, living, existing, equal and one with all that is here.

Documentaries about the RAW food movement and Orthorexia: