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Original Artwork by Anna Brix Thomsen

In this fascinating interview done by a female Atlantean that share the story of how Atlantis existed and how the beings there existed in a form of ‘Oneness’ with all of existence. It is fascinating to hear about pre-earth history when one has gotten used to a certain way of understanding the history of the universe, and it can seem “out there”, yet at the same time, once listening it is as though all the pieces to the puzzle of “who are we?” and “where did we come from?” falls into place in a way that is so familiar that it is undoubtedly certain that this really happened.

The way the Atlantean describe how they existed as Sound, as the very essence of Life-Substance is quite fascinating as well and the only way to be able to really Hear, is by being Here – letting go of precognition and preconceptions about science, nature and the history of the earth. What unfolds is an entirely new (yet familiar) perspective on existence and on the substance that is our lives and beingness. I listened to it while I was on the bus home from Pilates and while I was doing dishes on my telephone. I find it quite enjoyable to listen to interviews and recordings while I move myself physically.

If you have not yet listened to the interview, I suggest doing so as I will be basing this article on points mentioned in the interview. It is placed exclusively on Youtube for FREE here and you are welcome to download it as well.

So – what can we learn from the Atlanteans?

As I listened to the interview, there was particularly one point that stood out. That was when she spoke about how their very nature and existence within and as themselves consisted of and existed within honoring life, honoring all life-forms and beings, including themselves. She described how they exited in gratefulness to be here and within that enjoyed themselves as life.

To maintain this ‘harmony’, they stood as the ‘aligners’ if there were any discrepancies happening through-out existence, because as all of existence was connected in ‘oneness’, a discrepancy, however minute and subtle would or could create rippleffects (or consequences) through-out existence and the very substance of life.

So the Atlanteans stood as that point of alignment where they would bring a point back to equilibrium and they would do so in realizing and standing within self-responsibility in respect of life as themselves, in honor of life as themselves. To be able to continue living as such, in curiosity and wholeness, they made certain that all points were directed and solved immediately.

It is quite clear, when looking at humanity and how we currently exist, that we are not living as the Atlanteans. We do not direct our conflicts and discrepancies immediately, but instead we allow them to create ripple-effects that have massive consequences for ourselves, our relationships with other human beings and in the world as a whole. Why do wars exist? Why do people suddenly explode and kill each other in rage? Why are children being abused from an early age while no one intervenes before it is too late?

What we are doing is exactly not honoring the life that is ourselves and each other, realizing that if we want to live in a world of harmony, where everyone lives a dignified life in self-enjoyment, being able to explore themselves and what is here in curiosity. We are not grateful for being here – in fact many human beings experience and express the exact opposite as whining and complaining and gossiping to each other and within and as their own minds, being unsatisfied, yet not being willing to change themselves or what is here.

So this is what we can learn from the Atlanteans – that it IS possible to live in a way that is Best for All Life, Equal and One, if we honor ourselves as life and take Equal Self-Responsibility.

Now – this interview by the Atlanteans is the first, in which they share who they were and how they existed. As mentioned by the Being in the video, in the next interview she shares how what we now know as ourselves, as mankind was developed, exactly through allowing conflict to spread and create separation.

If we are serious about changing the world, within seeing that what is here now is unacceptable, we require SEEING in self-honesty who and what we are now and how we each participate in creating the whole that is here, but we also require to understand the process with and through which we got here – so that all parts can be brought up to the SURE-FACE and we can in fact direct ourselves and this world in a way where we again start honoring ourselves as Life.

Join Desteni as we embark on the journey that is discovering and unveiling ourselves as Life.

Participate in the movement for an Equal Money System, that through a practical and democratic  process will ensure that we bring back an equilibrium and harmony to the world – where all stand for life, as what is Best for All, Equal and One.

Thank you.

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