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Here we are having a look at the statement: ”Everything is an Expression of Love”. In 2012 this statement have become the mantra of a new generation and is indicative, not only for where we are going as humanity on our journey through the universe, but also for who, what and where we are, right here, right now.

The following text was shared on here on Facebook and I use it as a platform to discuss some of the points that are revealed within this statement.

All negative thoughts and feelings are simply love under pressure.  Every action you take and every word you speak is an expression of love.  Anger, sadness, greed and guilt are just contracted forms of energy that originally came from love, yet were contorted by the mind.  If you look closely, you’ll find that everything in this Universe comes from love.  This may be a radical idea to digest and religiously implement in your personal belief system, yet I invite you to try on these new prescription “love glasses” for a week or two.  The slightest change in ones perspective can dramatically shift everything!

The Dark-Side of this belief is that it is used to justify and cover-up the suffering that is in and as this world, as children starving, wars, torture, rape and abuse against life in general. Because within this view, one has to “look closely” which means that if one does not see love in suffering, it is because one have not looked closely enough. Furthermore, when the text speaks about “the negative in this world”, it is only referring to emotions – emotions that are primarily privileged to the elite of this world, those of us who have money. Because those that are in-fact suffering don’t have time or energy to feel a lot of emotions – they are too busy surviving and experiencing actual physical pain. So when spiritual elitists speak about suffering, it is most often the Western mental (and self-inflicted) emotional pain they are referring to.

When I was practicing spirituality, this is what I used to say and believe. I believed that the core of the universe essentially consisted of love and that we had simply distilled ourselves from that to such an extent that we could not even remember that we once consisted of love.

People thus put on these “love-glasses” to in fact cover their eyes from seeing what is here. And sure enough, once one puts the love-glasses on, everything suddenly looks pink and shiny and filled with divine possibilities, but one just have to take the glasses of to see that they were just that; a view that one deliberately places in front of one’s eyes to magically contort reality to in-fact NOT SEE what is HERE.

 “He that sees the Self sees the Divine.  All that you see depends on the seer. Apart from the seer there is no seen.” ~Sri Ramana Maharshi

 Just imagine that from this day forth, every word you hear from another person is felt first by your new love filter.  Whenever someone speaks to you with judgment, criticism, resentment or disgust, you only hear the innocent love that is trying to get through beneath their words.  Everyone has a higher Self, which is always present (somewhere beneath the surface) and is always trying to communicate through to you.  Once you have the awareness to truly listen from this higher essence you won’t hear “negativity” anymore.  You’ll just hear the love.  You see, love is always in there, somewhere.  If you dive deep enough through a person’s words, to the root of their energy, you’ll find that at the very core is an infinite Source of love.  Just as all the colors of the rainbow stem from pure sunlight, the variety of thoughts, feelings and experiences you have radiate directly from love. 

This statement indicates that what is underneath is actually love coming through from a person’s higher self and when they judge or get angry it is actually their higher self that is trying to get through. Let’s look at what it actually is that is on the inside of human beings: thoughts, emotions, feelings and self-talk where we talk back to ourselves. As whom do we exist within our minds? As superheroes and victims and stars in the show that is ourselves.

The reality of self – that self which we really are is not beautiful or benevolent in any way. It is judgmental, spiteful and only concerned about its self-interest. The personality we however project outside ourselves, that we want everyone including ourselves to see us as, is this “higher self” that never gets mad, that feels unconditional love for everyone, so this point is actually in total reverse. One simply has to have a look inside oneself at the thoughts and judgments that one experience throughout a day, to see that it is so. What can love be under pressure from if all there exists is a divine expression of love?

 “Health is the greatest gift.  Happiness is the greatest wealth.  Enlightenment is the greatest bliss.”  ~Buddha

 Life is a radical and amazing experience when all that you see, hear and feel from people is the essence of love.  Each moment is an invitation to experience The Divine in others around you and within yourself.  People who are trapped in only expressing a contracted state of personality are simply uneducated.  They just don’t know how to dive deeper inside to find their loving center and express from this space in a relaxed and authentic way.  The love is already in their heart, yet it’s being expressed through the “complaint filter” their mother, father or grandfather handed down to them.  Drop the filter and you’ll find love.  Look past people’s falseness, beyond their games, facades, personalities, and peer deeper inside them, focusing on the Source where love is springing forth.  You’ll always find love at the innermost core.  The miracle is that by seeing it, you automatically ignite their awareness to seeing it too!  This chain reaction awakens the world so people can dismantle their walls, fears, illusions and resistance to love, and discover that the Source of love is always inside themselves and within you!

See how focus here is on “Experience”?  It indicates that there is a godly love at the bottom of the human being and that all we have to do is to open ourselves up to it. But when we do, what happens? We have experiences. It is not about practical living or about practically changing what is here as self and the world, but about “getting something out of it” – this clearly shows how spirituality is about intoxicating self on the spiritual feelings that self has accumulated and conjured up within the mind and in collaboration with others through words.

“Spirituality – spirit = intoxication (in its resonant expression it’s ‘intoxicating’ – the very essence of the energy is like thousands of knives jabbing into the physical that pain taking one into delirium as intoxication – completely annihilated from the physical) duality – the dual, the friction between physical and energy that self-manifest oneself as – so, spirituality is a constant continuous literal physical abuse for the sake of energy and the cost of life” – Sunette Spies

If the source of everything is love, why are people still starving? Why are billions of animals every day being kept, fed, produced and slaughtered in the most brutal way? Because we don’t know any better? Because such brutality is really a contorted expression of love? That is plain bullshit and anyone who has dared to take of the “love-classes” will be able to see this. It doesn’t require special glasses – all you need is your own physical eyes and in self-honesty push yourself to see what is actually here.

When having a look at this text, consider the resonant feeling that it accompanies: It is an excitement and a self-inflating mental stimulation of hope and mental masturbation, not unlike how people masturbate in their minds to fantasies for then to have an orgasm. It is simply energy – it is simply words that are meant to create and uphold a delusionary reality in one’s mind, that one project onto the actual physical world; a world that is trapped and miserable. This is not something “negative” – it is simply the reality of what is here. And in order to change that – to actually create a world where we don’t need “love-glasses” to see and experience the wonder of life – we require SEEING what is here in self-honesty and accordingly change ourselves.

“You were born with potential.  You were born with goodness and trust.  You were born with ideals and dreams.  You were born with greatness.  You were born with wings.  You are not meant for crawling, so don’t!  You have wings, learn to use them and fly!” ~Rumi

The reality of what, how and as who we were born, is that we are born into a pre-programmed existence, where our entire lives are determined by how much money and education the family in which we are born, have. No wings, no ideals, no greatness. Birds have wings and angels in people’s minds, ideals are socialized and forced into and as us and greatness is nowhere to be seen in this world and this reality. So when such statements are placed as mantras, they describe a reality that is only real within the minds of people that already have money and access to education. Because those are the only ones fortunate enough to be able to even put on “love-glasses” and NOT see what is in fact here – the despair, the misery, the suffering.

The acting of putting on “love-glasses” is thus an act of deliberate self-deception, where all that matters is one’s own experiences. There is absolutely no consideration for the practical situation of what is here on Earth. I know this, because I have worn those glasses for years. And the truth is that I wore them because it felt a hell of a lot better than to face what is here in self-honesty and realize that I was equally responsible for the mess that is here as this world and as myself.

To live as the source of love each day, it’s essential that you practice compassion for where people are at in their spiritual path.  This is the only way we can live in a truly harmonious world.  Simply recognize that we have come from one Source, which is love, and we are each on a specific journey to fully realize this Source.  There is no other journey we are on.  Everything is for our awakening process.  The loving Source is who you already are. 

How can the source of a world that is based on suffering, deception and abuse, be love? If there is a “source of love”, why do we have to walk a “path” of realizing this source? Why is it not already self-realized? How can this loving source be who we already are, when who we already are, is preoccupied with petty judgments and self-deceptive beliefs that does everything but makes us face what and as who we are here on this very Earth?

These are questions that all spiritual seekers ought to be able to answer, but as with all spirituality, the beliefs are always exactly vague enough, so that no one really understands what they practically mean and thus always feel less than, as though there is something they are missing. What they are missing is self – here and the brutal and raw truth of how and as whom we exist.

The solutions presented by these beliefs, are based on “feeling it” – so if you don’t feel it, it is your own fault. There are no suggestions of practical application what so ever to change self or the world – which no one is seemingly questioning, because at the bottom of the pit that is their deceptive heart is the truth that people who have money, would like to remain in the position they are in and therefore come up with elaborate explanations to justify the abuse, suffering and inequality in the world – to make sure that they can wash the blood of their hands and not stand accountable in any way what so ever.

 Whenever you believe that we just  live in the world of duality, of opposing forces such as hot and cold, night and day, male and female, black and white etc….look a little deeper.  Gaze towards the Source where these ideas and experiences are coming from.  If your mind goes blank, great!  Keep diving, you’ll soon discover the multi-dimensionality found in every breathing moment of life stems from one perpetual effortless loving Source. 

The deepness that we are asked to look into, is not the deepness of what is here in fact or who we are here as in fact, but the deepness of the visualized experience and idea of love. So what we look for, we will find. And when we don’t find this deep source of love at the bottom of our souls we will believe that there is something wrong with us, that we are not getting it right, that we are not tuned into the right frequencies and so we try and try and try.

But at the end of the day, we simply cannot visualize a new world or a new self for ourselves. Because real change takes place in and through the physical – physically in fact changing ourselves and our participation in and as this reality. To do that, we got to be willing to SEE what is here. Otherwise all that is changing is one mind-perspective to another.

At Desteni, we have come down from the clouds in our minds as each of us who have walked the path of spirituality realized for themselves and no change will come about through imagining it and feeling it through the mind. No matter how much love we feel or how much we believe in the divine essence of love, it will not change the fact that three billion people currently are jobless, that two billion people exist for under two dollars a day and that one billion people starve from they are born until the day they die. Where is the divine essence of love for them? Would they rather have food or love?

So – a paradigm change is required, within us as well as without in the world as a whole, where we dare to remove the “love-glasses” from our eyes and start SEEING what is here. It is from there that we can begin the journey of bringing ourselves back on our own two feet and actually give ourselves the gift of self-directively – for the first time – be able to change ourselves in fact.

Then we don’t need any “love-glasses” to hide behind or to hide what is here. We don’t need any feelings of divine love, because we are simply here living, one and equal with all that is here.

Investigate Desteni – come down and join us on Earth, so that we can sort out what is here as ourselves and finally begin the journey of discovering what Life really is and can be, who we really are and who we can become through self-honesty, self-forgiveness in bringing ourselves back Here.

It is interesting that we as human beings believe that truth is a feeling and that each has their own truth, because looking at the world, it does not make sense practically speaking, for there to be 7 billion different truths. So instead we can consider that there is one truth and that that is simply the totality of what is here on this earth. I spent many years searching for “my truth” only to discover that it didn’t exist, because what was presented as true by all the spiritual books was in fact a lie used to cover-up what is here. What is required is therefore not for each to find their truth, but to see the truth of the reality we all share. Then it will not be a feeling, but simply a seeing of what is here in fact.

Dare to ask – have a self-honest look at ‘who’ self is within and as these spiritual beliefs and dare asking questions… even to that which seem divine. The Dawn of a New Age has come, as a new Day ready to embraced – to embrace it, all we gotta do is starting embracing ourselves in self-honesty.

Are you ready?