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In the Desteni I Process Course we work with a specific technique of releasing patterns/personalities/constructs within and as ourselves that we’ve accumulated through years of participating since childhood and/or patterns/personalities/constructs that we’ve transferred and that has been transferred from our parents and ancestors into and as us.

This is what we refer to as “writing mind-constructs”. It is a mapping out of  one or more patterns in its entirety so that we can understand how we have created ourselves and thus bring all points back to ourselves and from there stand up and change.

What is cool about writing mind-constructs is that we are using words as a form of math where we re-equate the equations we’ve equated ourselves into and as, but that we’ve miscalculated for and as ourselves. An example could be that I as a child was yelled at by my mother and because my mother represented my world and stood as a reflection of me, I did not only internalize the anger as my mother, but also started hating and judging myself because that was what my mother did. What I did then miscalculate was to take what another said/expressed/experienced personally, internalizing it into and as myself and from there literally building myself as a personally as someone to be yelled at/who exists in/as anger.

This could then accumulate into various points of fearing conflict or creating conflict myself  until this point of walking the Desteni I Process where I would the face myself through writing out this point in and as a mind-construct. So when I am writing the mind-construct out, I am taking the total accumulation of that point, from the initial trigger and all the dimensions of the mind that has resulted into layers and layers of information as thoughts/words/feelings/emotions and memories.

What is so cool about the mind-construct is that we unfold this entire “ball” of memories and lay them out flat in frontof us, not literally as a physical unfolding, but within the process of writing the point out in a specific structure that allows us to see all the minute details of how each point accumulated into the next.

From there we can then begin the process of untangling ourselves, because we have now brought back all the information in which the miscalculation and de-equilibration of ourselves occurred and we can start investigating the information to see exactly how we have created ourselves.

Imagine that our personalities, preferences, fears, desires and hopes are based on miscalculations we did when we did when we were children that we now keep miscalculating over and over again because we don’t understand how we have created ourselves. This is how we keep being addicted to certain substances or how we keep believing we are unworthy or keep falling in love with the same type of people that we know are not good for us, and how hard we try changing and how much we see the changes that are required, are unable to change.

This is because in our foundation of ourselves as personalities, there is a miscalculation and a point where we in that moment abdicated ourselves and that fear, desire or thought has now the full authority over and as us, because of our initial acceptance and allowance.

An example from a mind-construct I am working on right now about my relationship with my sister, I realized that all my experiences and issue I have had with my sister the last 20 years, has been based on me creating a false memory when I was a child because of an experience I did not want to face within and as myself. Only now, through writing the memory out in specificity specifically in relation to blaming myself within with false memory, did I realize that the memory was in fact false and the real memory revealed and opened up another point of self-deception that I had not realized for/within/as myself. So my entire relationship with my sister has been based on me misinterpreting a word and taking that personally and now I am finally able to bring it back to myself, take self-responsibility for it and let it go so that I can stand here as an equal to and with my sister.

When we then write out the mind-constructs and walk through a pattern and realize these miscalculations, we then require to re-equilibrate ourselves and walk backwards to the point we missed, similar to when one does calculus and keep getting the wrong result and have to go back over each calculation to see what went wrong. We then re-equate the point by bringing it back to ourselves, now in understanding of “what went wrong” in self-honesty and self-responsibility as the creators of and as ourselves – we give ourselves back the authority of having created and accepted ourselves to exist in separation of and from ourselves.

So using the example from before, I can now bring the point of anger back to myself, how I have lived and accepted myself within and as this point, forgive it and prepare the corrective action for myself, to when I am faced with these and similar situations, can stop, breathe and simply not participate, until I am no longer attached to or existent within and as that point. I can now realize that my mother’s anger was her experience and that it was by me internalizing it, that I accepted it as myself.
From there I can also start seeing and realizing how anger exists in this world, and how patterns are transferred from parents to children and from us as personalities to the world as a whole. I can start taking self-responsibility for the entities and events that are occurring in the world that has its root in this exact same pattern. And as such we can start untangling the entire mess of miscalculations that is this world, from tiny disagreements over misunderstandings to wars and the economic system.

It is all started with a miscalculation, a misconception, a dis-equilibration and the only way we can sort out what is here, is to walk back, each step we’ve taken, individually as well as collectively to understand how we have created and accumulated ourselves in, into and as this world and from there re-equilibrate a new way of living, a new way of living that takes all and everyone into equal consideration, so that all life is at all times what is best for all. That is when the equation equates itself and we can start anew and decide who and how we are going to live.

Join us at Desteni and the Desteni Forum as we unveil the world and untangle the mess that we’ve create ourselves into and as. Investigate the Desteni I Process for yourself and see the transformation that is possible to be walked and that has been walked by the Destonians walking-with so far by searching “Desteni timeline transformation” on Youtube. Participate in the making of the Equal Money System that will be a new start for humanity and the world and join us at the Destonian Network as we daily share our process of walking ourselves out of the mind, and into and as the Physical Reality that is Here.

Visit EQAFE where we share the material in the form of books, interviews, art and music to support ourselves in understanding and taking self-responsibility for what is here.

Enjoy and let’s Walk!