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Human Nature.

What comes up within us when looking at that — Human Nature?





The Fall of Grace?



It is interesting that when we as humans refer to “human nature”, it is often within explaining away our misdeeds by saying that it is “human nature” … or “I can’t help it, I am only human”. Or “human nature” refers to the distinction between humans and animals within a consideration of humans as ‘more evolved’, having undergone a process of elevating ourselves to moral and technological superiority.

However – when looking at human nature, simply as it is, based on the words we live, the actions we take and the consequences thereof in our surroundings as the earth and the inhabitants of it, it is clear that there is nothing “evolved” about human nature.

As it is, human nature means fighting all other life-forms to survive, to be the ones that win the “good life”, the ones on top of the food chain. So here we are, on the top of the food chain and what kind of world, what kind of human nature have we created?

It is a world of suffering, misery, decay and deceit. There is nothing humane about human nature. As it is being human is a Shame. Therefore human nature, as it exist – has to come to an end.

When we hear that human nature – that we as humans stand in front of an END-point, it is common to experience massive fear or an experience of an inner ‘jump’ as a reaction to the news of this pending END.

But this is exactly what will happen with the implementation of an Equal Money System. Human Nature – as we know it – will END. This is not bad or sad or something to fear, because all it means is that we are going to change.

The era of human nature is done and a new life as Earthlings in Equality is inevitable. Because the “evolution” and “progress”  humans are so proud of, is causing us to devolve. The “benevolence” of being “humane” is no where to be seen for the billions of animals brutally slaughtered every day in the name of technological development or the millions of people starving to death due to a capitalistic system of exploitation.

We are going to change so much that all that we have been up until now, that we perceive as our “Human Nature” – will literally END. The Humans we will become, the Earthlings of Equality – who knows what we will become? Time will not tell, because we will tell time what we will be and become, through our own walking of ourselves, everyday – the words we speak, the actions we take and the consequences thereof on our environment.

In voting for an Equal Money System, we are voting for a new way of life – a new way of living ourselves as human beings. and as such it will be the end of human nature as we know. By walking in equality we are walking a new way of living where all life is valued equally — anything less than that is unacceptable, because by wanting human nature to remain as it, we are voting for the continuation of abuse and inequality.