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I once heard a joke that went something like this: “A man died and went to heaven. As he knocked on the door to heaven, Sct. Peter opened the door and invited him in. Sct. Peter welcomed him to heaven and started showing him around. The man saw people sitting and drinking coffee and chatting, just like normal. They passed by a room and the man looked in. The people that was sitting in there waved hello The man thought that they looked perfectly normal. Sct. Peter said “oh yes, that is the muslims”. They continued down a hallway and came to a closed door. Sct. Peter said: “Listen, I am going to open this door and you can look in, but do UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES let the people know that you are there.” The man said: “why not?” and Sct. Peter replied: “Because they are Jehovah’s witnesses and they believe they are the only ones here.”

One of the primary beliefs of the Jehovah’s witnesses is the belief in armagedon as the end of the world as we know it. They also believe, hence the joke, that only those who give themselves to God (as the Jehovah’s witnesses) will be saved and be a part of a new world with heaven on Earth. The Jehovah’s witnesses outlook on the world is thus one of division, where there are only two kinds of people: the soon-to-be-saved people (themselves) and the profane and soon-to-be-doomed (everyone else).

In looking at why people subscribe to something like Jehovah’s witnesses, there are multiple and many complex, intersectional reasons – and at the same time, Jehovah’s witnesses are just like any other group or individual in the world that abdicates the total responsibility  for their lives by projecting it onto a elusive  creator-figure located in some ‘distant realm’ conveniently out of reach. Being a Jehovah’s witness makes the people that define themselves as “witnesses” feel safe. By belonging to a community such as the Jehovah’s witnesses, one does not have to be alone in the world and are supported  by the community to care for ones basic needs. If one however leave the community, one risk being ex-communicated and never again see one’s family or friends. By being a Jehovah’s witness, one  hand over one’s life to a “higher power” and through that never have to ask any questions or stand accountable for the consequences of their actions based on their beliefs. The same goes for the community ones live in.

These are then some of the primary reasons for why people participate in such communities –  however in the Jehovah’s witnesses community as also in other fundamentally religious communities and the 2012 movement, there is a further dimension of/as the belief in “the end of times” or armagedon. What this belief gives them, is a sense of “now” and an energetic excitement within knowing that the end is near. It is also because of the belief that the end is near, that they lay their life in the hands of god. Because, what do they have to lose? And ironically, the same goes the other way around – according to this belief, they have everything to lose if they did/do not subject themselves to god. Within the world constantly ending they can perceive what is here as unreal and irrelevant. They simply have to wait for the rest of the world to end and for them to ‘rise to the occasion.’

In an Equal Money System, there will be no Jehovah’s witnesses because in an Equal Money System there will be no reason to submit and subject ourselves to authorities outside, separate from ourselves. Our lives will not be so miserable that we literally have to hand ourselves over to a fictive savior-figure, to which the only security we have, is faith. Instead we will be supported – we will support ourselves – through a system of practical Equality, to stand up as self-authorities, as sovereign and equal citizens of Earth. The reason for this is that we in an Equal Money System, will be supported from the moment we are born with the basic necessities that each of us require; clean water, food, shelter and education.

Within this, we are all standing together as the point of support and self-authority. There is no need for ‘middle-men’ as God or church-leaders to decide who we are,  or where we are gonna go, because we have taken life into our own hands and stand together to ensure that what is best for all life, is implemented into and as our world-systems and societal institutions. Life is in our own hands and it is on our own feet that we will be walking a new world into manifestation, one step at a time. We do not require beliefs in armagedon or any other beliefs to fee alive or to postpone our self-responsibility for what is here – we are directing ourselves here and immediately take care of what is required to be done, so that all citizens, all Earthlings are ensured a life of dignity.

An Equal Money System will be the end of Jehovah’s witnesses because in an Equal Money System, we will simply all be witnesses of our own self-direction and self-creation of a world that is best for all. The people who were Jehovah’s witnesses because they did not know what else to do, because there were no alternatives, will simply be people, equally living here.