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Have you also experienced that intense sting of jealousy or the pain in the stomach that feels like your entire body is about break into a thousand pieces? Or that experience of almost going insane and feeling out of control within being subjected to the irrational and emotional experience of jealousy? Would you like to never again experience jealousy? To never again experience  someone you care about being jealous and therefore not support you in what you are doing?

In this article we will have a look at exactly those questions as we will look at jealousy and how it exists in this current system. We will furthermore look at how it is possible to stop jealousy all together, not only within ourselves, but within the world as a whole with the solution of an Equal Money System.

“Never waste jealousy on a real man:

it is the imaginary man that supplants us all in the long run” – George Bernard Shaw

According to Wikipedia , the word Jealousy “stems from the French jalousie, formed from jaloux (jealous), and further from Low Latin zelosus (full of zeal), in turn from the Greek word ζήλος (zēlos), sometimes “jealousy”, but more often in a positive sense “emulation, ardour, zeal” (with a root connoting “to boilferment“; or “yeast”).” 

If we look at the two original definitions the newer being “full of zeal” and the older “to boil/ferment/yeast.”, the first exposes the fact that jealousy is an intense energetic experience, and the second the consequence of that experience as a literal deterioration of the physical as a process of fermenting. Those who have experienced intense jealousy, will recognize how there first is a surge of energy and thereafter, depending on ones level of possession, one will go into a constant state of jealousy where one becomes bitter and spiteful and one will literally start to ferment and deteriorate. It is interesting to note that the ‘yeast‘ symbolizes something that will grow through fermenting under the right conditions. The same is the case for jealousy. Under the right conditions jealousy will grow and keep growing.

And have you ever noticed how everyone gets jealous at each other?  What this shows, is that jealousy is a basic component of the competition between people and that everyone participates in. We compete and fight each other to survive, because we believe that we are separate and that there is only room for one of us — yet this is a delusion, because there is already only one of us: all of us – One Earth – One Life, One Whole.

So let’s have a look at how jealousy exists in the world:

I recommend these videos for a more extensive perspective on Jealousy from a Destonian perspective: Jealousy is Nasty – Love is NastierEvolution of JealousyThe design of jealousy  

Below is a list from Wikipedia describing the various contexts that jealousy can be experienced in/through Each specific context exemplifies why and how jealousy exists in the current system and further more consequently through which it can be seen how jealousy will not exist in an Equal Money System.

  • Sibling rivalry – Sibling rivalry is a common form of family jealousy. Family jealousy can affect all ages and different members of any family. This jealousy can arise from lack of attention from a specific member in the family. More attention towards another member of the family can cause this emotion or the emotion can be seen through comparison to another member in the family. This type of jealousy is once again in result of losing some sort of attention or services that someone once had or that they believe that they had.
  • Workplace jealousy – Jealousy in the work place is not uncommon. People can experience jealousy of one another in practically any setting that one person feels like they are losing services from something or someone else. This type of jealousy is often seen between colleagues in similar job positions. If one worker receives positive feedback from the boss while the other employee feels like they deserved that, positive feedback jealousy can arise. Jealousy between colleagues can also arise if the employees are working for a raise or trying to outdo each other for similar job positions. Once again, the attention received towards one employee and not the other may cause intense emotions of jealousy to develop.
  • Romantic jealousy – Romantic jealousy can be experienced in long-term or short-term relationships. One partner can feel the emotion of jealousy arise if the other partner is paying more attention or time with someone else. To lose services from one partner and have their attention directed towards someone else does not have to be in a romantic way. One partner could be spending more time with a friend that no romantic feelings could ever develop.
  • Platonic jealousy – Platonic jealousy is a form of jealousy that is seen in friendships. Platonic jealousy is similar to romantic jealousy in the way that this type of relationship can lead to jealousy in result of fear of being replaced, having competition or being compared to a third party. For example, the intense emotion of jealousy can arise if two friends that are females decide that they like the same man and both want to possibly start a romantic relationship with him. Comparison and competition will more often than not lead to the two females experiencing the emotion of jealousy.
Sibling rivalry is a result of competition embedded into and existing as a part of family-construct that in turn is a crucial part of holding the world-system in place. Family is thus the incubator through which we eventually become the full-functional systems. (Read my article Fascist Family – The shocking truth for more perspectives on this point) Thus parents will literally play their sibling children out against each other through subtle manipulation and favoritism. According to  Bernard Poolman, Parents and Siblings are the Keepers of the Past and parents will encourage competition between siblings specifically to ensure that the strongest genes survives and carries the genetic legacy of the family through to the next generation. They will thus tend to support the child they see carry the strongest genes.
Now – workplace jealousy is based on the exact same point: competition, yet here it is a different way it is playing out as it also has to do with success, yet in work and career, the point of competition is much more directly playing out, since people are literally competing on life and death to be the ones in the best positions with the most money, knowledge, networks and power. Points like fashion and technology-hypes are direct derivatives from this point and lots of money is being made (obviously by people who wants to get to the top themselves) so that people can compete over who is the most modern or has the newest cell phone or watch.
This entire point is experienced so real for those participating, for example in the business sector that they don’t see that it is absolutely delusional. In their mind they are fighting for their life through keeping up to speed with trends. Jealousy obviously occur for those who fear losing what they have and that is literally everyone. So the point of jealousy in the workplace is instilled directly by the system itself and within that by people keeping the system in place through buying the “newest new”  and through the actual competition in the work environment for jobs and positions of power.
Romantic jealousy is one of the most common reasons for domestic violence and “crimes of passion”. It is also one of the contexts that we have discussed here where jealousy is more explicit and competition is more implicit based on the idea that the partners are equal and supposed to work in a team to win. However this is also what leads to the most intense experiences of jealousy as the fear of losing ones partner increases. Those who are single will be jealous of those who are in relationships who in turn will fear losing their partners.
Now – in an Equal Money System, jealousy will no longer exist. There are two reasons for this.
Firstly, we will, by removing the element of competition between us and the delusion that we require to fight each other to survive, remove jealousy as jealousy is, as we have seen, a direct result of competition. People will not require to buy the latest things to keep up appearances or to play their children out against each other in an attempt of ensuring the tribes survival. People will not go into relationships just to be competitive on the mating-market. They will not require a mate to exist and live a satisfying life.
Why people do all of this in the first place, is within a belief that we must fight to survive – this is so embedded within our lives and experiences that we are literally refusing to give it out out of fear that we will fall behind in the competition that we perceive life to be. It is because of this fear of losing, of dying, of not surviving, that we experience jealousy towards all and everyone.
The second reason is thus that we will re-educate ourselves to stop the delusion and existing in fear. We have become so used to existing in fear that it is not necessarily easy to give it up or to even see that literally all our motivation for the things we do in our lives is based in this exact fear. Therefore we require to support ourselves to stop all participation in jealousy and competition and fear of not surviving. One of the ways we can support ourselves is of course by giving everyone on Earth Equal Money.
As we establish this basic point of equality in our outer reality, we also establish a foundation for an inner reality, which we in turn require to transform our entire world and reality into and as a place where no one fear each other or perceive themselves as separate from the whole. The re-education back to equilibrium will take as long as it takes. By implementing an Equal Money System, we have
taken the first step to a world without jealousy, competition to survive and fear.
There will thus be no jealousy in an Equal Money System because there will be nothing to feel jealous about. We will have nothing to lose and we will not have to compete with others to survive  because all resources will be given to by ourselves equally.
That is the form of reality and world that we have all dreamed about, consciously or not, yet which no one have even believed to be possible. We will never have to feel or experience jealousy again, because we will have removed the basis for it, that is the delusion that we must fight each other to survive as manifested into and as our family-, work-, work- and money-systems. And we will begin the process of cleansing ourselves inside and out until we have established equilibrium, in our bodies, work places,  relationships and on the earth as the one whole it has always been. We experience jealousy because we believe ourselves to be separate, not only from each other, but from ourselves as well when in fact we are not and cannot be separate as we are all here as a whole.
Join us as we embark on a journey to discover life in equilibrium. Vote for Equal Money for All and Walk the Process of Bringing Breath back to Life.