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As heard on Facebook: “All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination.”

Common sense perspectives on imagination – there are no breaks waiting in the depth of our imagination – because all there is waiting in the depths of imagination, is for us to take ourselves on infinite rides on waves of fantasy, dreaming and hoping and scheming ourselves into magical futures, where all is suddenly sorted out, neat and perfect and shining. And so we daydream and dose off while we think about all the things we could do or all the things we could have been or we visualize our way into a fictive reality of abstract perfection, without the shameful density of the physical body and world.

All of this done, the inner imagery, so that we do not have to actually be and live Here – in this here reality, where the world is not pretty, where flowers wither and children starve. We do it deliberately so that we can cope with our experiences of ourselves in our daily lives and realities and so that we can manipulate ourselves to keep going in our lives because we hope that it will soon be our turn, that we will soon get our chance to shine. So we will create and conjure up these inner images as a way of creating an inner reality that can take us away from the actual reality of ourselves and of the world. Movies, science fiction novels, role playing and computer games are all created for this exact purpose. We believe that we are “taking a break” from reality – yet do not realize that we exist within and as that exact state of imagining every waking moment and even when we sleep and dream.

I have spent many hours and many large sums of money on visualization. I have visualized myself back to past selves in lives I never knew I had, from being a dragon hunter in some ancient civilization to the princess of Lemuria. I have visualized the colors of my chakras till I was blue in the face. I always thought that there was something wrong with me because I could not “see it” or any of these “images” and that I necessarily had to be “tainted” with/by the “dirt” of the world because my “vision was not clear enough”.

lol – I am using a hell of a lot of ironic brackets here, because it is an ironic topic – all of the brackets are indicating a delusion based on an illusory belief system where we try to become something that is not real. That is what I was trying to do, all those hours visualizing – becoming someone else, a better version of myself – a higher (version of) self.

The origin of the word Imagination comes from image (n.) Look up image at Dictionary.comc.1200, “piece of statuare; artificial representation that looks like a person or thing, ” from O.Fr. image “image, likeness; figure, drawing, portrait; reflection; statue,” earlier imagene(11c.), from L. imaginem (nom. imago) “copy, statue, picture,” figuratively “idea, appearance,” from stem of imitari “to copy, imitate” (see imitation). Meaning “reflection in a mirror” is early 14c. The mental sense was in Latin, and appears in English late 14c. Sense of “public impression” is attested in isolated cases from 1908 but not in common use until its rise in the jargon of advertising and public relations, c.1958http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=imagination

So – the act of imagining, which is thus something we actively do, is the act of creating mental images based on reflecting reality – and as described above, an image is defined as an “artificial representation that looks like a person or thing” and  as a “reflection in a mirror” both of which thus refers to an inner mental reflection of the actual physical world. What is interesting to note here is that a reflection in a mirror is showed in reverse – thus when we look in a mirror, we are looking back at ourselves in reverse. And an image as an artificial representation is based on a fantasy of what something or someone could look like. So when we imagine something, we are on one hand creating fantasies as artificial realities of what “could be” and at the same time doing so by reversing and inverting reality into and as ourselves.

This can assist us in understanding why we feel a need to create these mental fantasies of a better reality, a better us than who we are now, something more and bigger and meaningful than what is here as a way of trying to cope with our actual experiences in and as this world. Yet by fantasizing and imaging what “could be” we are ironically ignoring and disregarding what is here as the real hands-on, physical reality. So we are actually preventing ourselves from creating, experiencing and living-in the exact reality and self we dream of.

What is thus required, is that we stop imagining and stop waiting for a wonderful reality and a higher self to magically appear some day out of the blue, while we, in our actually reality here, are doing nothing but day-dreaming about what “could be”. What “could be” is never gonna come, if we do not actively and directly place-in the changes that are required for us to actually create the world we would like to live in and the self we would like to live as. We have to actively change ourselves for the world to change and to do that, we require to get back to earth and ground ourselves in self-honesty to SEE what is here and from there decide what is required to change.

To do this we propose an Equal Money System as an interim solution that can bring us back to a point of practical equilibrium, through ensuring that we earth ourselves as equals here in this world, so that we can face ourselves and each other, directly. At Desteni we face reality through facing ourselves. We walk a Process of deconstruction the delusion as illusion that we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be, become and exist within and as. Destonians are human beings that have decided to remove the veil of fantasy and imagination from our own eyes, to discontinue our inner realities so that we can start living and existing here together -in this one reality, on this one earth.