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Have you ever seen those advertisements for retirement companies – you know, the ones that are showing happy men with silver stained hair and tanned with huge smiles standing on the golf course? Or the older couple sitting on a balcony in the sunset drinking margaritas and playing scrabble? Do you also dream that it will be you one day – walking barefoot in the sand with no worries and a loaded bank account?

Well, most likely that is never going to happen. And in this article, we are going to expose why – and how you can do something about it yourself, here and now, without having to slave away for years until you get the payoff of retirement.

Did you know that in order to even get a retirement fund, all you have to do is to work the next 20 – 40 years in a job you will most likely hate or change every couple of years for less pay as you wait for that retirement fund to kick in? All you have to do is to give 40 – 60 hours pr. week working and many more hours commuting in cramped subways or on packed highways for then to go home to sleep, only so that you can be ready to go to work again in the morning. You can then go out drinking in the weekends to get all the anger, that you’ve built up towards your boss, colleagues and yourself, ‘out of your system’. You can even go on holidays once in a while to ‘really reload’ so that you can manage to spend one or ten more years slaving away.

Is this really what we live for? What we give our lives for, each and every day slaving away in jobs, one more horrible than the next? We even make ourselves believe that what we are doing is wonderful and purposeful and satisfying, just so that we can push and force ourselves to keep going.

So – what if we did not have to work and live these exhausting lives where we have to lie to ourselves and everyone around us? Later we shall discuss how this is in fact possible.

An estimate from the European Union shows that the working population will fall by 50 million between 2008 and 2060, where the amount of people over 65 will have increased by 67 million. At the same time the fertility rate is decreasing, which means that the smaller younger generations will be responsible for caring for a large group of elderly people.

According to an analysis made by Russia Today, it is estimated that in Britain 7 out of 10 people cannot afford to retire on their pensions. And thus if the elderly are forced to remain on the job market because they cannot afford to retire, less young people are able to get into the job market. Subsequently there is in the US an estimated 24 % youth unemployment rate. This is the same country where the richest 400 Americans, has more money than the bottom 150 million people combined. The lucky few can obviously afford to retire whenever and wherever they wish to do so. Depending on our age, our income and where we live, you and I are more likely to have to work literally until we die. Of course none of this is even mentioning countries where there is no such thing as retirement and where people suffer in poverty from the moment they are born.

The solution is not to simply raise taxes for the rich as the problem is within the entirety of our systems and how we’ve allowed ourselves to exist and live accordingly. The problem is a system, where we accept and allow millions of elderly to suffer and die in poverty through the justification that the few who has all the money, has gotten to that position in life, fair and square and that we would do exactly the same, were we in their shoes, (which we properly would, but that does not justify the inequality we’ve allowed because of it). To support this belief, advertisements suggest that everyone can win a happy life on an exotic island somewhere, playing golf and sipping cocktails in the sunset if they just believe in it and work hard for it. Pension funds are created to further legitimize this belief and make it more probable than possible. The only problem is that, once we reach the age of 70 and realize that it was all one big scam, it is too late. There is no exotic island, just as not all little boys can become multi-million dollar soccer players or NFL stars. Yet these are the fantasies that are instilled and installed into us by the very system that we’ve created to manage ourselves and our lives.

We require an entire overhaul of our monetary and political systems, not to mention of our own outlook on the world and ourselves in it. We require overhauling how we have been romanticizing survival as a justification of inequality and suffering. We require to be self-honest about  how we have manipulated and deceived ourselves and each other to keep going with a smile on our faces, even though we are slaving ourselves day in and day out in jobs we hate.

Because if we don’t, it is the same bleak future we are promising our children and their children – a future with no pensions or retirement, yet with lots of hopeless fantasies instilled – where the majority work to die, essentially to ensure that that the system keeps going and remains unequal in its basic foundation.

Now – in an Equal Money System, retirement will not exist.  Why no one will retire in an equal money system, is because there is no requirement for retirement in a system where all life is supported equally and where each and every single human being has their life secured financially from the moment they are born.

The idea of retirement is a product of capitalism where middle class people were manipulated into believing that the system was doing them a favor, as supporting them and their children by placing in a social security system, yet as we can see, this system is not functioning in fact to the benefit of all and is largely placed-in to compensate for other costs and as such ensure the system profit.

In an Equal Money System, we don’t actually have to get tired and therefore require a re-tirement, because we can live our lives at our own pace, not rushing through trying to make ends meet to survive. We will not be competing and fighting against each other to be the one that wins a happy life on a paradise island – because first of all, we will all have woken up to realize that this was not real and that it was a fantasy that we’d instilled into and as ourselves to keep going in the delusion of the game-of-survival. Secondly, we will realize that in order to actually create paradise on Earth, we firstly have to take self-responsibility for what is already here, to face the world and the systems and ourselves and everything that is here, so that we can decide in clear assessment what kind of world we would like to live in and what is practically required to make that happen. If we want heaven on earth, we’ve got to create it for ourselves.

So – in an Equal Money System, which at this stage is as close as we get to heaven on earth, because it is a system that is based on what is best for all, everyone will from a certain perspective be retired all the time. Our entire lives will be more relaxed and enjoyable because we’ve dismantled the element of fighting to survive from our lives. We can still be busy and work hard, but it will be at our own accord and because we decide to do so in common sense consideration of what is best for all. It is quite astounding to realize that such a world and way of living is in fact possible, but it is even more astounding to realize that we’ve been chasing a fantasy of retirement while enslaving our entire lives to a system of suffering and inequality.

To realize this for ourselves is the first step to re-creating a new world on earth that is best for all life, equal and one. Because once we have realized this, that our entire motivation has been based on fear and delusional desires, we can start changing our starting-point within and as who and how we live and exist.

So – Where the ends meet is within the retirement of an outdated Money System and the beginning of an entirely new way of living on Earth, where all Life is cared for Equal and One. The solution is an Equal Money System.

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