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One of the most frequently asked questions about the Equal Money System is the question of how the system will be implemented. Indeed it can be difficult to see how an entirely new way of existing is and will be possible considering how we currently exist. What is important to realize and understand is that a new way of living will not suddenly come about by itself. So how we will get from where we are today, to an Equal Money System , is through practical changes accumulated step by step, through actions taken by directive groups and individuals advocating the Equal Money System.

For an Equal Money System to be implemented, we require a re-education of the group, as all of humanity. This is required because we, as we currently exist, are in no condition to take self-responsibility for the world as a whole. It is also required so that we can realize and understand that a different way of existing is even possible and from there, educate ourselves to be able to implement the changes required practically. Even though we can somewhat consider the notion of an Equal Money System, we have a long way ahead of us to learn how to live together in a way that is in fact best for all. What is further more required for an Equal Money System to be implemented, is that the group of people that are currently starving and suffering, which counts more than half of the world’s population get breathing-space as a “break” from having to exist within a fight to survive, so that they actually become able to even vote for an Equal Money System.

We thus require an intermediate relief of the most pressing suffering and inequality that human beings currently exist within and conditioned to.  Once this is in place as a basic system where all are given the necessities to live a dignified life, we have enable ourselves to practically stand together to implement an Equal Money System

This basic system is what is known as the BIG or Basic Income Grant or Guarantee system[1]. The basis of the system is to[2]:

  • Provide everyone with a minimum level of income,
  • Enable the nation’s poorest households to better meet their basic needs,
  • Stimulate equitable economic development,
  • Promote family and community stability, and
  • Affirm and support the inherent dignity of all.

This preliminary system will ensure a basic level of existing for all those countries participating where all citizens will be supported. It is from there that we can start implementing a fully functioning and Global Equal Money System. Once we get to this stage practically, we can start discussing and deciding how products are to be produced, how goods are stored and how work is going to be dispersed and all other questions pertaining to how to practically exist in a way that is best for all.

The first step in the implementation of an Equal Money System is thus a Basic Income Grant System and this will only be implemented as we re-educate ourselves to start caring about and understanding all life as equal to change our incentives within how we exist. We do this through changing ourselves and through exposing the system that is here for and as ourselves and each other, until we clearly see what is here for what it is and what are required to be done.

At Desteni, we encourage all to participate in the discussions on the forums to gain a practical understanding of what is required to be done and how we can each stand up to change the world. At The Equal Money Forum we discuss points specifically pertaining to the Equal Money System and at the Desteni Forum we come together to support ourselves to practically change and stand up as self-responsible, through writing ourselves to freedom in self-honesty and supporting each other to do the same.

We are active on Facebook and Youtube all year round, 24/7 as we participate from all areas of the world. Here we share links to relevant documentaries and news stories, personal experiences and realizations as well as music and videos. These is also available along with many products at the Destonians own shop EQAFE. Here we provide access to all the blog books written by Destonians as well as official books on the Equal Money System and exclusive interviews.

We encourage you to join us and begin the journey towards the making of a world that is Best for all, a world that is created from our very own hands, as we walk ourselves, step by step, breath by breath to self-honesty in self-responsibility for what is here. If we can do it, anyone can. And who will do it, if we don’t?