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EQUAL MONEY FAQ – The Prison Industry now and in an Equal Money System


“Wont the places where you keep offenders be a lot bigger than the rest of the population and who will watch over this? 


Firstly it is important to have a look at the context in and through which the question is asked, because that has a great impact on how the question will be answered. We shall present here two different perspectives on the context in which the question is asked and answer accordingly.

1. ) The person asking this question is picturing something in their mind largely based on having seen news about for example the regime of North Korea or memories of movies they’ve seen such as “Children of Men”, “I Robot”  and books such as “1984” – (of which all are excellent depictions of the extremity of where mankind has ‘evolved’ and is ‘evolving’ to.)

The person is imagining that the rules or laws in an Equal Money System will be so ‘strict’ that there will end up being more ‘offenders’ than active or legal citizens. Obviously if this was so and if the Equal Money System was a fascist regime, we could end up with a large population of “incarcerated” people. In a fascist regime they would most likely be sentenced to work camps where they would provide products for the “elite” minority population on the other side of the fence. This obviously has nothing to do with an Equal Money System and such a question is asked out of fear based on a reliance on the collective drive of fear through dependency on movies/media to interpret one’s reality.

2.) The question is based on not understanding that the Equal Money System is actually going to be an entirely new way of living, which means that we will also not act from within and as the same patterns as we are now. So for example regarding the question “Wont the places where you keep offenders be a lot bigger than the rest of the population and who will watch over this? ” – it is clear that this will not be relevant in an Equal Money System.

When people don’t have to fight each other to survive, when they don’t have to scheme and deceive each other, they commit a lots less crime. Most crime is in fact due to economic inequality, where those that do not have or who are excluded from the general participation in the system, will do what ever they can to get by, even if it means committing crimes. And ironically so, the people who do not understand this behavior or way of living, is in fact people who already has money.

Therefore people will not offend nearly to the same degree as they do not in an Equal Money System. Most that become criminal will then do so due to genetic dispositions that are effecting their mental states.  They will be supported to re-align themselves to live as equals and if not, they will be supported to live a dignified live within the frame of ensuring that they are of no harm to others.

When we look at the prison system, the way the prison system is currently existing, it is actually expanding exponentially especially in the US. According to a article from Global Research, “no other society in human history has imprisoned so many of its own citizens.” as the American and then increase in private prisons has gone up from only 5 private private prisons ten years ago to now being over 100. Why is this? Because someone is able to profit from the incarceration of others. Because prisoners provide as an almost  free workforce and the owners get tax subsidies and political support.

“The private contracting of prisoners for work fosters incentives to lock people up. Prisons depend on this income. Corporate stockholders who make money off prisoners’ work lobby for longer sentences, in order to expand their workforce. The system feeds itself…”

People make money on enslaving other people as they have been for thousands of years. This is what will change in an Equal Money System. This is exactly why we are pushing for an Equal Money System. So to ask if it will not be “worse” in an Equal Money System, if there will not be more offenders, shows that the person asking the question, has been effectively brainwashed to believe that was is here now is cool and should not be changed. Mean while, billions of people are suffering at the hands of other peoples greed.

We can clearly see that the scenario that was presented within the initial question directed towards an Equal Money System, is actually depicting exactly what is going on in our societies today. It is not the Equal Money System  we should fear as being fascist and locking people up with out just cause – it is the fact that we are already doing this, yet turning a blind eye to what is going on, right here, right now. What we fear, is what we are already living – yet it is also what we have separated ourselves from in abdication of self-responsibility – it is therefore we feel powerless and afraid of being “taken over”, yet not realizing that we already are.