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“There is only one emotion, one energy, in the universe: the energy, the emotion, that we call Love. When you know this, everything changes” – Neale Donald Walsch

When I read this, I experienced a resonant reaction to that sentence “when you know this, everything changes“. It is this sort of exiting and tingling energy similar to the anticipation for a Christmas present.
What happens when we open a Christmas present? It becomes a thing, an everyday boring thing which value we quickly demote to nothing but yet another pair of socks in our drawer or yet another sweater in our closet.
But while it is sitting there, wrapped in pretty colors, it could be anything – it is a  magical piece of anticipation,  abundant with potential. Bringing the point back to the statement by Neale Donald Walsh, within looking at the world, obviously nothing changes when “realizing” this point – in fact all it does is support the status quo. There is nothing in that Christmas present of “realization“, besides what was here all along – and currently it is not pretty. Thus the anticipation of the abundant potential (Anti-SEE) IS the entire point. Now – let’s have a closer look at what this all means:
“There is only one emotion, one energy, in the universe: the energy, the emotion, that we call Love.”
If this was true, it would mean that child abuse, animal abuse, starvation and war constitutes as “love”. It would mean that the creation of child abuse, animal abuse, starvation and war is created from a starting-point of love. The essentials of this belief  – the belief that can explain everything that is here from a starting point of “love” – is that all of these experiences, from children being raped, to animals being vivisected, is not real and/or is a part of a “learning process” of “ascension”, where in we are not really here on Earth as the bodies we live and breathe in, because we are really “eternal souls” on a “journey home“.
This was what I believed when I was spiritual – and through this belief, I could explain to myself why people were starving in Africa. I could place the starving in Africa inside myself in a nice little space, where everything was okay and made sense and was in fact “meant to be“, love even  and not redundant suffering. So – I used this belief to justify why people are suffering, in a way so that I could feel okay about it, so that I did not have to feel bad about it or even concern myself with it, because I had deceived myself into believing that it was not really real, they were not really suffering, it was all part of the “divine plan”, they were simply “on a journey” – as were I.
Because of this belief, I could focus on other things than caring about what goes on in Africa. I believed and justified for myself that it did not “concern me”, because I was “on a different path“. And so I could spend my days going to spiritual seminars, going to clairvoyants and hearing about my amazing past lives, to DNA activation’s to raise my consciousness and buying gemstones to heal myself with.
What I did – when looking at it in common sense, was to remove myself from this Here reality – the only reality there is – slowly but surely wrap myself more and more into a delusion, like a soft rocking cradle, lulling me into a sweet dreamlike state. Why did I do this? Because I essentially did not want to face the situation in Africa, the in-fact people that are in-fact Suffering – for real. Because I did not want to face and realize that I am equally responsible for why these people are suffering – and that I with my “lifestyle” am literally and directly contributing to ensuring the suffering of others. I did not want to face that.
So I created and participated in this fairy tale belief – in a collective agreement with all the other spiritual middle-class people in the world, where I could hide and justify why I continued to live in complete self-abdication of responsibility for any aspect of this world, including myself. I was also running from my own personal experience of myself and soon I had created a double personality, where I would think about spirituality and how everything was essentially “love” and I would use this as a mantra for myself, while the other part of me existed in constant fear, competition, jealousy, greed, sadness and depression.
So all that changed when I “realized” that “There is only one emotion, one energy, in the universe: the energy, the emotion, that we call Love”, was that my separation of and from myself within to and as a separate mind-reality, became more extensive, more delusional, more self-deceptive. The worst part was that what I saw in the world and what I experienced inside myself was entirely the opposite, yet I had to constantly convince myself that it was not real, in order to keep up the “dam” of this belief in order to keep the “flood” out – as the actual realization that what is here on Earth IS what is real and that I am responsible for the existence, creation and continuation of and as it.
Everything only changed for, within and as me, when I found Desteni. Because finally someone said it like it is: we are fucked. They confirmed what I had already seen for myself yet refused to admit and realize for real. Now I can say with absolute clarity that spirituality exists to support the world to continue existing as it is and not to change it.  As Destonians we stand for what is best for all life – not as an idea or an ideal – but as a living physical and practical fact that is mathematically measurable. We stand for an Equal Money System which represents an entirely new way of living, where heaven on earth is made practically possible and within the reach of our own hands, and not as an elusive Christmas present than promises thin air for money.
Everything only changes, when we in fact, physically, practically and with our own changes, change ourselves. Changing mind-sets is simply like changing floors on an elevator – you have still not left the building.