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Neale Donald Welsh says: “We are here to experience any aspect of Divinity that we wish. That is what makes this a paradise.”

This statement would imply that there is some form of “higher power” or “divine core” at play that is essentially guiding and directing existence, almost as though we were inside a caring womb. In this we are walking a path that is carefully laid out for us with the love of our creator to ensure that we learn what we are supposed to learn. In this, we are safe, warm, cared for. In this everything happens for a reason and nothing happens without it being directed by “the divine principle” and therefore it is in itself essentially, ‘divine’.

Now – We exist and live together on a planet, where more than two billion people are existing in starvation and poverty. One billion of those people starve from the moment they are born until the day they die. These people are existing, side by side with us, on this very planet. There are wars for drugs, wars for money, wars for god and there are children that are being raped by their own parents. There are animals that are being tortured simply so that human beings can feel safe with their beauty products. There are entire species of animals that are going extinct for no apparent reason other than the human preoccupation of earth.

So – to claim that this is “paradise“, that “it happens for a reason” and that “there is a plan” – is not only delusional and self-deceptive – it is evil. Because who is it exactly who get to “experience any aspect of Divinity that we wish”? 

Only those who has enough money to not have to suffer and fight for their survival. Everyone else is stuck with what they got, forever conditioned – including their children and grandchildren – to exist in poverty, war and pain. They properly would disagreed with Neal that they are experiencing any aspect of Divinity  at all. They properly would simply like to live and exist without having to fear for their survival, without having to worry that their children will be raped by soldiers. They are properly too busy surviving to read Neal Donald Welsh’s books or to consider themselves lucky for the “opportunity to grow”.

Life is only divine if you can afford to buy a piece of heaven. And all that is in this world – is a temporary relief from suffering, from the hell that is here. A temporary dream state where you can meditate away into a delusional space of your mind where you lull yourself to believe that everything is A okay.

So the statement made here  by neal – is evil in nature – because within and as it – is a justification of the suffering of others, of those who do not have, within placing them into a scenario that makes sense, so that self can justify why self has money and others don’t.

This is not paradise – this is hell on earth. And we are all here to live it. Money cannot buy us out of this one and we better get our feet back on the ground so that we can sort out what is here in collective and equal support of all life. It is actually – literally and physically – possible to create heaven on earth, a virtual paradise. But it does not happen inside our heads or as a feeling – in which most people on earth are excluded.

It happens through us building it, creating it, creating ourselves as the custodians and inhabitants of it. It happens through using using our feet and hands to change this world on a practical, fundamental level – starting with stopping the delusions of mind that we’ve lulled ourselves into and as.

Vote for an Equal Money System – Vote for a Life that is Dignified for All.

Join Desteni as we embark on a Journey of a Life Time – The journey we don’t have to go anywhere to participate in, because it all happens right here.