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To answer this question we will look at two common misconceptions in relation to the definition of individuality in an Equal Money System and in general. Let’s first have a look at Equality and how it is currently defined.

What is Equality?

Equality does not mean that everyone is exactly the same and has to be treated as such. Equality means that we a here as equals. Equality is how everyone and everything on Earth essentially consist of the same molecules and the same atoms. Therefore we are all, by definition –and in the most practical sense – Equal. This does not mean that we in a system based on actual Equality must treat the rat the same as the pig or the mountains the same as the rainforest in order to “adhere” to this Equality.

Realize that; we already ARE equal by the fact that we ARE all Equally Here on this planet and that the Equality we live, as the wholeness of us all, is the oneness that is the entirety of life on earth.

Currently that Equality and Oneness – the “who we are” as a whole – is a world that is unequal, abusive, self-destructive and deceptive. Human beings reign though a self-delusion that they are superior beings and all other life-forms including the  animals has long been “bent” at our hands. So even though we are equal, we do not live as such. We live as  life  in competition with itself over who gets to be the dominant species or who gets to survive. And one only has to take one self-honest look at this world to realize that: no one wins.

The horse is one of the animals that has been the most “bent” in terms of how human beings have captured and bedridden it to be used for labor, transport and later leisure as well.  Horses subsequently have come to accept themselves as slaves or subjects to human beings. (To explain why horses do that, it is easy to imagine how life becomes more comfortable once one accept one’s situation as enslaved rather than continue to fight it with no hopes of getting free.)  So the horse accepts it and even goes to the length of supporting the human being unconditionally, of forming a sort of mutual relationship with the humans.

Now – the horse is still enslaved – this is the reality we must face and take responsibility for. They have as an entire race as a unique expression of life that is their “horse-ness” submitted themselves to human beings, believing and accepting themselves to be inferior. Thus Equality does not mean that we will suddenly let all the horses out of their stables and let them roam free. In fact it means to take all and everything into equal consideration where we consider how absolute Equality is possible from the perspective of establishing an equal relationship here that is best for all considering the current nature of reality.

We cannot expect that the horse can take equal responsibility for us immediately from the get-go. Its ability to respond within its current “state of nature” is simply not equipped for such a task. We, on the other hand, are able to consider both the horse and ourselves and we must thus begin considering everything from the horses height, weight, background and temper and look at how we can establish an equal relationship, from the perspective of how reality is here and now. Then it is simply a matter of seeing where and how we can stop existing in a relationship of enslavement, for example where we force the horse or whip it into obedience even though it is not necessary. Eventually the horse might simply follow us willingly through there being established a form of communication wherein both parties are equally participating. Yet this communication is still taking the current nature of reality into consideration.

This is why we at Desteni say that “We’re all equally fucked”. This refers to the fact that we’re all in the same boat so to speak – everyone is influenced by the actions of each other. If the Earth as a whole is in bad shape, because of what we as humans have allowed ourselves to create and exist as, it does in fact influence all of us, even though some are not directly experiencing the consequences at this current time. It also means that we are then all equally responsible for changing what is here. No parts are separate from the whole and so we walk a process of bring ourselves back to living as equals.

At the moment we cannot even comprehend the extent to which we have allowed our oneness and Equality that is this one earth and all the life on it and as it, to exist in and as inequality and separation. We cannot even comprehend what actual Equality means. Walking to a point of absolute Equality will take time within and as practically and physically changing what is here as relationships of separation into equal living expressions.

What is Individuality?

It is important to realize that the individuality that most people perceive to be “who”  they are as their “unique” personality, is in fact generic and pre-programmed patterns that we’ve copied from our parents as they have from theirs and more general physiological “profiles” of which there is a limited nr. This is why people often can meet others that seem like they have a similar mind-set. So – as we currently exist, there is no real individuality. There is however a mutual pre-programmed belief that we ARE individual, original and unique. However if one starts to investigate this, for example comparing one generation to another or one period in time to another, one will see that it is merely history repeating itself in various constellations. The individuality we perceive to be “who” we are is thus Impulsed into us by the very system, in which we are created and designed as generic copies. The system we speak of here is not specific individuals, but the actual system itself as it is manifested in and as this world as the collective agreement of all of us that we have given permission to manage our lives – the money-system.

We’ve created a reality of separation, where we exist as subjects to a competitive money-system, where all is supposed to fight each other to survive. We perceive ourselves as a-part from all other parts that is here as life and because we fear loosing ourselves, the system can keep feeding us  which we want to hear; that we are special, unique, “the one” and what cashes in: the system.

An example of “individuality” as it is perceived to exist:

Everyone buys their clothes in the same shops. There are huge chains like Top shop, GAP and H&M, where people go to “purchase their individuality” and as they walk around and try on the clothes, they perceive themselves as individuals expressing their unique point of views. But in the end everyone walks out of the store with the exact same clothes, yet everyone has a “feeling” that this represents “who” they are.

So we buy and shop and decorate our houses, our bodies, our children and our relationships, to display “our point of view” or “uniqueness”. We say stuff like; “in my opinion” or “everyone is special” all the while we don’t realize that we’re all being Impulsed to purchase “who we are” in fear of losing who we perceive ourselves to be.

The current money-system is thus – ironically – set up to support us to live like endless copies. Oneness becomes monopolies and Equality becomes that we are all consumers.

So – Will I lose my individuality in an Equal Money System – will everyone be the same?

In the Equal Money System, we will actually for the first time, regain a point of individual expression because who we are will not be determined by money. Through re-educating ourselves to understand the reality we’ve created for and as ourselves and to learn to take self-responsibility, we can actually start living as individual expressions – and discover who we really are, under the generic pre-programming to fit into and survive in the system of inequality.

The Equal Money System supports everyone equally and when each exists according to what is Best for All, it subsequently means that their life-experience is the best it can be as well. Therefore each will finally be able to do the things that we love the most.

Think of all the musicians and artists, who’s only dream is to do what they love all day, but who has been forced to do wage-labor to survive and has to settle to call their passion in life “a hobby” – they will finally be able to live out their dream. Because their basic needs will be cared for – by the equal system set up by all as a whole in agreement. They no longer have to fear for their survival or fight and compete with others to survive in this world. Others might even realize that they have other talents or dreams than they could have ever imagined about themselves. Because each finally has the opportunity to be self-honest and to start expressing oneself unconditionally without fear. THAT is real individuality. And it is facilitated by a system that is based on equal support of all.

So everyone will not be the same in an Equal Money System. In fact, everyone is the same now. They’ve simply diluted themselves into a collective agreement that everyone is unique, simply to keep the motors of the money-system running through their having to shop their personalities and individualities to “feel whole.”

In fearing to lose one’s individuality and thereby opposing an equal money system, one is in fact holding onto oneself as a copy and a slave to a one-dimensional system of inequality and abuse – one is in fact being a slave of fear and that is the “individuality” that one is trying to preserve. Have a look: it is all in reverse.

When we realize that we already are whole – that we have nothing to lose, that we cannot possibly lose ourselves, we can start exploring, discovering and expanding ourselves in actual individuality. As the horse has expression as “horse-ness”, each of us has an expression of “us-ness” and at the same time, all expressions are possible and available for us to “try on for size” – because in an Equal Money System, there is no longer categories that determine who get’s to do or be what. There are no longer unequal education systems, where some actually get an education and others get none. Everyone will have an equal starting-point of existing here valued and dignified as life.

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