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Destonians as Living Proof  – All Addictions are Created by ourselves and can be stopped as such

3 years ago, I stopped smoking weed after having smoked for 15 years when I found Desteni. Before that I had used all kinds of “supplements” to stop smoking, went to rehab and nothing worked. Every time I stopped, I experienced immense withdrawal where I would even vomit and get a fever.

When I found Desteni, I realized that everything I experienced was my own creation and that I was creating my experiences myself from within and as the mind.

So when I finally stopped smoking weed, there was no thoughts, no withdrawal of any kind – it was in one moment and I never again looked back – because I finally understood that I was the starting-point of my addiction and by directing and changing myself, I could stop any addiction.

Essentially all addictions are addictions to and off the mind – yet they’re infused into the physical where we use the physical “need” as an excuse for why we’re abdicating ourselves to the addiction. But the “need” is never real – because it is a not physical requirement but based on a mind-created “lack” that is not real.

As Destonians we are living proof that it is possible to stop all addictions through stopping the addiction to and as the mind – that we can in fact live here, directly in and as the physical without the mind as a “judge” or “referee” or “middleman” to direct and sort reality for us through memories, fears, desires, thoughts and experiences.

Join the Desteni I Processwhere we free ourselves from the reigns of our own minds. Everyone can participate regardless of prior education or economic situation – there is a solution for everyone.