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Comment Approval on Youtube

Getting your kicks anonymously?

COMMENTS ON YOUTUBE – Abuse or ‘free speech’

Every day billions of videos are uploaded, downloaded and watched on YOUTUBE.

300 million people have accounts on YOUTUBE.

This makes YOUTUBE, as a community, equal to the size of U.S.A.

There are extensive amounts of abusive comments being approved on YOUTUBE, ranging from extreme sexual propositions to death-threats and hateful bullying

These comments are common all over YOUTUBE


Healthy community or ‘free-zone’ for abusers?

We are some Youtubers who has decided to not allow such comments, because we will not accept abuse to continue, anywhere in this world, towards anyone – therefore we start by not accepting abuse in our own areas,  such as our own YOUTUBE channels, Facebook pages and the like.

We therefore use the editing option called “comment with approval only” which means that we get to manage which comments we will accept and allow on our channels and which we will not. This way we make sure that we remain the directive principle of our channels and that no abuse is allowed.

We can then choose to allow comments that are based on common sense or wherein we see an opportunity for a cool discussion.

Now – there are YOUTUBE ABUSERS who’s reacted extensively to this and who has posted comments and even created blogs about how Desteni is ‘censoring’ and ‘anti-free-speech’ because we insist on comment approval.

This is what we’re going to discuss here.


3.1 Why is comment approval necessary?

3.2. What does it mean when those who abuse, specifically speak in favor of allowing all comments automatically.

3.1. YOUTUBE Allows haters and abusers to roam free and to not have to stand accountable for what they impulse and bring into the YOUTUBE community.

3.1.a. YOUTUBE allows for anonymous participation, which gives many people the incentive to behave in ways they would never do in their physical life. They do IN FACT let their ‘inner demons out’.

3.1.b. Comment approval is required due to the amount of hateful comments that is being posted, often by people who’s made hating on YOUTUBE their past-time hobby –

And who refuse to stand accountable for it, often ironically because they fear that “the internet is out to get you” and “big brother is watching”.

(By the way: What kind of big brother allows such extensive abuse to continue without lifting a finger to stop it?)

3.2.a. It is common that those who abuse on YOUTUBE, also are the ones who stand in favor of “free speech” and who speaks critically against comment approval. They thus hide behind ‘free speech’ as a justification of abuse and bullying.


This is not only common on YOUTUBE or on the internet as whole, but is a common argument to justify abuse – placing ‘free speech’ above anything else, ironically as though the amendment was created to support abusers and not to stop abuse.

So many people allow abusive comments simply because it is the “norm” – on YOUTUBE as well as in our physical societies – accepting and allowing Abuse, as long as it is done in the name of ‘free speech’ or one is being deceived into believing that standing up to Abuse, is to ‘oppress free speech. Thus, comment approval is important for us as YOUTUBERS to take self-responsibility and to say:

“Till Here – NO further!” to Abuse and bullying. We’ve gotta stop, forgive and change ourselves, cause no one else will do it for us.

Join us at Desteni – We Stand Accountable – Equal and One.


Vote for an Equal Money System – For an Equally responsible Humanity -To end Abuse once and for all.