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Today was my second whole day in Sweden after the move. I’ve started getting exhausted, more than usual and specifically towards the point of speaking and explaining myself. I realized that I had expected my “landing” here to be more smooth, because I am from the neighboring country and believed that I understood the language sufficiently enough to manage myself. I did also consider the point of how it is to move to another country and how many Danish people treat and see immigrants.

I often thought that those Danish people should experience what it is like to emigrate to a new country so that they could get the point placed into some common sense perspective. So now I am actually experiencing exactly that – the frustration with being unable to manage my own life, without requiring assistance from my partner, or feeling vulnerable within having to get to know an entirely different system of education, taxes, banks, traffic… everything!

With the language, I had planned to simply practice it – speak Swedish to whomever I met in shops and other places, but I have realized already that when I attempt to have an entire conversation in Swedish it takes at least twice the time, either because I cannot understand  them or they cannot understand me or because I don’t know the right words. So I quickly started simply speaking English.

All of this, as non-problematic as it was, considering the exhaustion I experienced later, made me consider how vulnerable one is when coming to a new country having to start all over. And many even move to countries of entirely different cultures, or with strange alphabets or they move simply because anywhere is better than where they come from.

The fact that we, as the most of humanity, are so inflexible and uninviting when moving beyond borders, is evident proof that we have not evolved and that we’re still living in fear of each other, creating one fence after the other to keep everyone else out.

It ought to be possible to move where ever, whenever and to be able to trust to be able to receive the same treatment everywhere. What should be common sense, is to have 1 system instead of 276 different ones, that supports everyone equally. What should be common sense, is to not have to move oneself or one’s children because of not having money enough to live and within that having to take every last crappy job with crappy pay that one can get.

This is but one of the reasons why I Support an Equal Money System – an entirely new political and monetary system, that exactly is founded in uniting everyone on earth in a system that cares for everyone equally.