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Open letter in Response to Zeitgeist’s recent Declaration of “Passive Resistance”.

Dear Zeitgeist.

You state in this video that passive resistance “is NOT FOR COWARDS” – that it takes  “COURAGE” and “TIME” and “PATIENCE”. . .

As you state your case for to world, you speak from within “the box” itself, not seeing beyond what we as humanity and as entire society have allowed ourselves to be and become.

Therefore, you are in your resistance – ironic as it is – speaking from an acceptance of the current state of the world and therefore in support of it. Thus – your message is in fact in support of violence and abuse.

The patience you advocate justifies the continuation of abuse.

The time you speak of, is already spent – too much time spent on waiting, wishing and hoping for change to happen.

Your message is one of Division and War –

as your words clearly show – encouraging people to stand up “to those who OPPPOSE you” and of “DEFEATING evil” – You even state that “Zeitgeist’s movements are directed AGAINST. . .”

In directing your movements “Against” something or someone, you’re not only abdicating SELF-RESPONSIBILITY for that which you place yourself against, (the system for example) but are also separating yourself from it, as a justification of your abdication and thereby dividing the world against itself and advocating WAR and VIOLENCE.

When you advocate “Non-Violence, you’re in fact supporting violence through the acceptance of violence having power over this world. Advocating Passive Resistance as “AVOIDING violence” is in fact allowing violence to continue to dictate the world.

“PASSIVE ”and “RESISTANCE” are not words that encourages COMMON SENSE ACTION in practicality for WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL. “Passive” is doing nothing as oppose to doing something and “Resistance” is defying the leading authority’s direction.

Yet you fail to realize that you, as co-responsible for the world, as Equally existing here – ARE the Authorities  Thus – Zeitgeist’s declaration of “Passive Resistance” is a declaration of self-abdication, abdicating not only self-responsibility, but also self-direction and self-authority.

You claim that Passive Resistance is a message of love, yet advocates resisting and fighting those you claim to love – It is not far fetched from the absurdity and abuse of the authority of parenthood justified as “love”. Finally you claim that “peace comes from contributing the best we have and all we are”. . .

Yet you fail to consider that what that is, is currently a

Human Race that is existing in opposition to and separation of itself and that we each – including you – require a complete re-education, before we’re even capable of considering actual Care for the World as a Whole.

Your message is coming from a starting-point of separating self from the system in abdicating self-responsibility for what is Here by creating an illusion of an “opponent”. Therefore this is the first step required – to realize that we are actually All in this together, One and Equal and it is as such, that we Change what is Here.

Let’s Stand Together in Equal and Mutual Self-Responsibility in a Declaration of Actively Changing what is Here, to a World where What is Best for All, is Considered and Cared for by All.

This is what we’re doing at Desteni, One Breath at a time and with the Equal Money System, with One Man, One Vote.

Join us and Give your Vote To World Equality and Give yourself the Gift of all times.